Apple Watch – Glance Interface Guidelines

Glance Interface Guidelines

Xcode provides fixed layouts for arranging the contents of your glance. After choosing a layout that works for your content, use the following guidelines to fill in that content:

  • Design your glance to convey information quickly. Do not display a wall of text. Make appropriate use of graphics, colors, and animation to convey information.

  • Focus on the most important data. A glance is not a replacement for your WatchKit app. Just as your WatchKit app is a trimmed down version of its containing iOS app, a glance is a trimmed down version of your WatchKit app.

  • Do not include interactive controls in your glance interface. Interactive controls include buttons, switches, sliders, and menus.

  • Avoid tables and maps in your glance interface. Although they are not prohibited, the limited space makes tables and maps less useful.

  • Be timely with the information you display. Use all available resources, including time and location to provide information that matters to the user. And remember to update your glance to account for changes that occur between the time your interface controller is initialized and the time it is displayed to the user.

  • Use the system font for all text. To use custom fonts in your glance, you must render that text into an image and display the image.

Because an app has only one glance interface controller, that one controller must be able to display the data you want.

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