Apple Watch Programming Guide

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Interface Navigation 33
Implementing a Page-Based Interface 33
Implementing a Hierarchical Interface 34
Presenting Interface Controllers Modally 35
Interface Objects 36
Creating an Interface Object 36
Configuring Your Interface at Design Time 38
Changing Your Interface at Runtime 39
Responding to User Interactions 40
Hiding Interface Objects 41
Text and Labels 42
Using Fonts 42
Managing Text Input 43
Internationalizing Your Text Code 45
Images 46
Specifying Your Image Assets 46
Using Named Images to Improve Performance 46
Caching Images on the Device 47
Tables 48
Configuring Row Controllers 48
Configuring the Table’s Contents at Runtime 51
Handling Row Selections 52
Context Menus 53
Designing Your Menu Items 53
Adding a Context Menu to an Interface Controller 54
Handling Taps in a Menu Item 55
Settings 56
Creating Your WatchKit Settings Bundle 56
Enabling Access to Preference Values for Your WatchKit Extension 57
Accessing Settings at Runtime 57
Glances 58
Glance Essentials 59
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ContentsThe Glance Life Cycle 59
Glance Interface Guidelines 60
Managing Your Glance Interface 61
Adding a Glance Interface to Your App 61
Implementing a Glance Interface Controller 62
Customizing App Launch From Your Glance 62
Notifications 64
Notification Essentials 65
The Short-Look Interface 66
The Long-Look Interface 67
Adding Action Buttons to Notifications 69
Responding to Taps in Action Buttons 70
Managing a Custom Long Look Interface 71
Adding a Custom Notification Interface to Your App 72
Configuring the Category of a Custom Interface 73
Configuring the Static Notification Interface 74
Configuring the Dynamic Notification Interface 75
Designing Your Dynamic Interface 76
Configuring Your Dynamic Interface at Runtime 76
Testing Your Custom Interface 7

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