Common Console Errors – OpenAM

Could not create identity object. User does not have sufficient access.

Permissions prevented the operation.

Action: Perform the operation as a user with sufficient access, or have an administrator grant you sufficient access.

Invalid user’s start location. Please contact your administrator.

The Administrator DN is no longer valid.

Action: Edit the User service to use the proper value for the Administrator DN.

Size limit exceeded.

Your search returned more entries that the data store allows.

Action: Refine your search, or increase Maximum Results Returned from a Search in the Administration service.

Time limit exceeded.

Your search took more time to search the data store than was allowed.

Action: Refine your search, or increase Timeout for Search in the Administration Service.

There are no attributes to display.

No user-editable attributes are defined for the selected object.

There are no entities.

What you are searching for did not match anything in the data store.

Action: Refine your search.

Unable to get attribute from data store.

Occurs when a profile has been modified concurrently by another user.

Action: Refresh the display.

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