Dell Hardware Error Codes

Reference Number Related Article Manufacture/Model Found
Resolved Issue Description
1049804 KB83703 Dell Latitude Exx50 7.1.0 Dell Issue: Fatal ERROR 0xEE800004 or 0XEE020006 (displayed during preboot on Dell Latitude Exx50)
Resolution: Dell is providing (since April 20, 2015) BIOS updates on their public download pages at
791201 DELL 990 7.1.0 Dell Issue: Out-of-band emergency boot does not work under Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) on DELL 990.
789762 KB76801 Latitude E651,
E6420, E6410-ATG
7.1.0 Dell Issue: These models require a firmware update to support remote-remediation under BIOS boot.
Resolution: Contact Dell Technical Support to obtain a BIOS update.
797616 Latitude E6520 7.1.0 Dell Issue: The DELL PBADRV.SYS driver might cause logon issues with DE 7.1. This causes a blank screen when you press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to resume the system from hibernation.
KB81357 Venue 11 Tablet 7.1.0 Dell Issue: DELL On Screen Keyboard (OSK) will not accept any input during preboot authentication.
Resolution: Contact Dell for assistance to allow the Absolute Pointer Protocol (APP) to be available during preboot after normal boot-up operation. DELL needs to make a change to their BIOS/Firmware to ensure this protocol is available during
Latitude E6420 7.1.0 Dell Issue: Stops responding after providing credentials at PreBoot authentication (PBA) after migrating from v5.
Resolution: Upgrade to the latest DELL Latitude E6420 BIOS.
Dell Hardware
Reference Number Related Article Manufacture/Model Found
Issue Description
1052002 KB85076 Dell 3340 7.1.0 7.1.3
Issue: With this model, after activation, the system boots to black screen before the PreBoot authentication (PBA) screen can be displayed.

Workaround: After installing DE 7.1.3, the system will be identified as incompatible, which will prevent the system from being activated and negate the need to perform a recovery. This issue will be fully resolved in a future
release or patched version of the product.
Resolution: DE 7.1 Patch 3 Hotfix 1087719 (build resolves this issue, and is available by having your case escalated and referencing KB85076.

KB82876 Dell Latitude E5440 7.1.0 7.1.3 This model fitted with an Opal drive, after successfully activating and encrypting the hard disk, on the first system restart the system shows the following error on a black screen:
Fatal Error: [0xEE7F0001] Failed to Connect. This occurred because on this model the disk is on Port 1 instead of the more usual Port 0 of the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI).
NOTE: Previously resolved by DE 7.1 Patch 1 Hotfix 1005393 (Build, which is no longer available.
1036688 KB84494  Alienware 17 7.1.1 7.1.3 Issue: System will not boot when this model is encrypted by DE. System becomes unresponsive at preboot.
Resolution: Required the default IRQ handlers to be disabled at PBA to support systems that use aligned memory. Fix included in the DE Compatibility XML Version 11.
962183 XPS 13 7.1.0 7.1.3 Issue: When in legacy BIOS mode the internal mouse does not work after a warm restart.
NOTE: Previously resolved by  DE 7.1 Patch 1 Hotfix 977150 (Build:, which is no longer available.
1006343 KB84552 Dell Venue 11 7.1.0 7.1.3 Issue: When attempting to authenticate at preboot on this model, multiple characters are displayed in the authentication field when pressing a single key via the On Screen Keyboard (OSK) when multiple USB devices are attached.
923842 Latitude 10 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: System becomes unresponsive for approximately 10 minutes during preboot authentication when using a USB token (for example an etoken Pro 72k)
904073 Latitude E6510 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: After entering your credentials when booting from a DETech Standalone media, you will see the error
Please insert your smart card.
926898 Latitude E6410 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: On Windows 8 X64 UEFI systems, users will see this message during preboot:
Please insert your smartcard.
Latitude ST Tablet 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: System becomes unresponsive during the Windows loading screen, after selecting the option
Always enable pre-boot USB Support.
Latitude XT3 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: The following error is shown after booting the system from a DETech USB media, successfully authenticating, selecting File authentication, and providing the correct recovery file for the platform:
Failed to retrieve key check from the primary disk.
The problem can be avoided by creating a bootable DETech CD.
920537 Optiplex 990, 755. 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: A compatibility issue exists with the listed models Master Boot Record (MBR) BIOS, which causes the systems to fail to boot using a standalone DETech USB recovery media.
Optiplex 990 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: System can fail to boot to the PBA screen if set in ATA mode.
Workaround: Use AHCI mode; in some BIOS editions, the code path for ATA/AHCI travels through different code segments and exhibits different outcomes.
904075 Latitude E6420 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: After entering your credentials when booting from a DETech Standalone media, you will see the error
Please insert your smart card.
Resolution: Under investigation.
811780 Latitude E6420, E6520 7.1.0 Investigating Issue: When performing the Remove DE action using DETech (Standalone) booted from USB stick might show the following error while the system is decrypting or while deactivation is in progress:
[EE020001 Error Reading Disk Sector.

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