Enabling SSO for ADF application using OAM 11g

single sign-on (SSO) solution must provide a standard way for applications to login and logout users. After successful authentication, the SSO service is responsible to redirect the user to the appropriate URL.

The Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) SSO Framework provides a way to integrate applications in a domain with an SSO solution. Specifically, it provides applications with a common set of APIs across SSO products to handle login, auto login, and logout.

The Oracle Application Developer Framework (ADF) and applications that are coded to Oracle ADF standards interface with the OPSS SSO Framework. For more information about Oracle ADF, see “Oracle Application Developer Framework”.

The Oracle Access Manager SSO solution is available out-of-the-box and provides the following to applications that are coded to Oracle ADF standards and the OPSS SSO Framework:

Login (application-driven): Upon accessing a part of a secured artifact that requires authentication, the application triggers authentication and redirects the user to be authenticated by the appropriate solution.

Auto login: A user who has initially accessed an application anonymously registers an account with the application (Oracle Identity Manager, for instance); upon a successful registration, the user is redirected to the authentication URL; the user can also be automatically logged in without being prompted.

Global logout: When a user logs out of one application, the logout propagates across to any other application that is enabled by the solution.

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