error : INST-6193: – Check the SOA version comparability – 11g R2

Error While Configuring Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 – error : INST-6193: The attribute JpsContextName in MBean,name=ServerConfig


Solution: This error can be fixed by applying the OIM 11g R2 mandatory patches.

Also, make sure that ORACLE_HOME pointing to the module where the patch is being applied .

In this case, use : export ORACLE_HOME=<MW_HOME>/Oracle_SOA1


Reference from Oracle Document :

In an Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2 ( deployment that has been upgraded from 11g Release 2 (, SOA email notification does not work.

To workaround this issue:

  1. Apply patch 16366204.
  2. Start Admin and SOA Server.
  3. Update the JpsContextName MBean. To do so:
    1. Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager.
    2. On the left pane, expand Weblogic Domain.
    3. Right-click WLS_DOMAIN, and select System MBeans Browser.
    4. Go to Application Defined MBeans,, Server: soa_server1, Application:usermessagingserver,SDPMessagingServerConfig, ServerConfig, JpsContextName.
    5. Enter oim as the value, and click Apply.
  4. Restart the SOA Server.


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