Facebook API Back End Error Codes

Facebook API Back End Error Codes :

Error Code Error Name Note
1150 API_EC_PAYMENTS_UNKNOWN Unknown error
1151 API_EC_PAYMENTS_APP_INVALID Application is not enabled for using Facebook Credits.
1152 API_EC_PAYMENTS_DATABASE A database error occurred.
1153 API_EC_PAYMENTS_PERMISSION_DENIED Permission denied to check order details.
1154 API_EC_PAYMENTS_APP_NO_RESPONSE Payments callback to the application failed.
1155 API_EC_PAYMENTS_APP_ERROR_RESPONSE Payments callback to the application received error response.
1156 API_EC_PAYMENTS_INVALID_ORDER The supplied order ID is invalid.
1157 API_EC_PAYMENTS_INVALID_PARAM One of the Payments parameters is invalid.
1158 API_EC_PAYMENTS_INVALID_OPERATION The operation is invalid.
1159 API_EC_PAYMENTS_PAYMENT_FAILED Failed in processing the payment.
1160 API_EC_PAYMENTS_DISABLED Facebook Credits system is disabled.
1162 API_EC_PAYMENTS_EXCEED_CREDIT_BALANCE_LIMIT Exceed credit balance limit.
1163 API_EC_PAYMENTS_EXCEED_CREDIT_DAILY_PURCHASE_LIMIT Exceed daily credit purchase limit.
1164 API_EC_PAYMENTS_EXCEED_CREDIT_DAILY_SPEND_LIMIT Exceed daily credit spend limit.
1166 API_EC_PAYMENTS_INVALID_FUNDING_AMOUNT Credits purchased from funding source do not match the spend order amount.
1167 API_EC_PAYMENTS_NON_REFUNDABLE_PAYMENT_METHOD The funding source is a non-refundable payment method.
1168 API_EC_PAYMENTS_USER_THROTTLED Application is configured to throttle some users.
1169 API_EC_PAYMENTS_LOGIN_REQUIRED User is not logged in.
1170 API_EC_APP_INFO_FETCH_FAILURE Error retrieving application information.
1171 API_EC_INVALID_APP_INFO Invalid application information returned.
1172 API_EC_PAYMENTS_APP_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE Application has insufficient balance (app2user).

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