Facebook API – Front End Error Codes

Facebook API Front End Error Codes


Error_code Error_message Note
1383001 Unknown Facebook system issue.
1383002 InvalidParameters Developer called with the incorrect parameters.
1383003 PaymentFailure Processor decline.
1383004 InvalidOperation Developer attempted an operation Facebook does not allow.
1383005 PermissionDenied Facebook system issue.
1383006 DatabaseError Facebook system issue.
1383007 InvalidApp App is not whitelisted. Or while in test mode, Developer attempted to debit a user that was not whitelisted.
1383008 AppNoResponse App is not responding; perhaps a server timeout issue.
1383009 AppErrorResponse App responded to Facebook with an error code.
1383010 UserCanceled User explicitly cancelled out of flow.
1383011 Disabled Facebook system issue.
1383013 OrderFailureAfterPurchaseCredit Facebook system issue.
1383014 DisputeFlow Facebook system issue.
1383015 AccountNotCharged Your application cancelled the order.
1383017 ExceedCreditBalanceLimit Reached maximum number of credits the user is allowed to keep as a stored balance. This is a Facebook controlled limit and can vary from user to user.
1383018 ExceedCreditDailyPurchaseLimit Occurs when a user has reached a predefined daily maximum
1383019 ExceedCreditDailySpendLimit Occurs when the credit amount user spends in a single day exceeds a pre-defined threshold.
1383040 UserThrottled Application Temporarily Unavailable
1383041 BuyerPaymentFailure User’s financial instrument could not be charged.
1383042 LoggedOutUser Login Required
1383043 AppInfoFetchFailure Facebook system error.
1383044 InvalidAppInfo Application needs to have a valid callback url.
1383045 AppInvalidEncodedResponse The application didn’t return a valid json encoded response..
1383046 AppInvalidDecodedResponse The application return value was invalid after json_decoding the return value.
1383047 AppInvalidMethodResponse The application response contains a ‘method’ parameter that didn’t match the request.
1383048 AppMissingContentResponse The application response didn’t contain the ‘content’ field.
1383049 AppUnknownResponseError The application returned an unknown response.
1383050 AppUserValidationFailedResponse Failure to verify the user when sending application callback.
1383051 AppInvalidItemParam The application is sending invalid item parameters (For example, price or quantity of the items is invalid).
1383052 EmptyAppId Empty App ID.

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