Functional Architecture of a Generic Technology Connector

Generic technology connectors have the following features:

  • Features specific to the reconciliation module are:
    • Generic technology connector in trusted source reconciliation: A generic technology connector can be used for trusted source reconciliation. During reconciliation in trusted mode, if the reconciliation engine detects new target system accounts, then it creates corresponding OIM Users. If the reconciliation engine detects changes to existing target system accounts, then the same changes are made in the corresponding OIM Users.
    • Generic technology connector in account status reconciliation: User account status information is used to track whether or not the owner of a target system account is to be allowed to access and use the account. If the target system does not store account status information in the format in which it is stored in Oracle Identity Manager, then you can use the predefined Translation Transformation Provider to implement account status reconciliation.
    • Generic technology connector in full or incremental reconciliation: While creating a generic technology connector, you can specify that you want to use the connector for full or incremental reconciliation. In incremental reconciliation, only target system records that have changed after the last reconciliation run are reconciled (stored) into Oracle Identity Manager. In full reconciliation, all the reconciliation records are extracted from the target system.
    • Generic technology connector for batched reconciliation: To exercise more control over the reconciliation process, you can use the generic technology connector to specify a batch size for reconciliation. By doing this, you can break into batches the total number of records that the reconciliation engine fetches from the target system during each reconciliation run.
    • Generic technology connector in reconciliation of multivalued attribute data (child data) deletion: You can specify whether or not you want to reconcile into Oracle Identity Manager the deletion of multivalued attribute data on the target system.
    • Generic technology connector in failure threshold for stopping reconciliation: During reconciliation, Validation Providers can be used to run checks on target system data before it is stored in Oracle Identity Manager. You can set a failure threshold to automatically stop a reconciliation run if the percentage of records that fail the validation checks to the total number of records processed exceeds the specified threshold percentage.
  • Other features of generic technology connectors are:
    • Custom Providers: If the predefined providers shipped with Oracle Identity Manager do not address the transport, format change, validation, or transformation requirements of your operating environment, then you can create custom providers.
    • Multilanguage Support: Generic technology connectors can handle both ASCII and non-ASCII user data.
    • Custom Date Formats: While creating a generic technology connector, you can specify the format of date values in target system records that are extracted during reconciliation and the format in which date values must be sent to the target system during provisioning.
    • Propagation of Changes in OIM User Attributes to Target Systems: While creating a generic technology connector, you can enable the automatic propagation of changes in OIM User attributes to the target system.

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