Fusion Middle ware – SOA Host and Port Changes

When additional SOA nodes are added or removed, perform this procedure to change the SOA host and port :

To change the SOA host and port:

 Login to Enterprise Manager by using the following URL when the WebLogic Administrative Server and Oracle Identity Manager managed servers, at least one of the servers in case of a clustered deployment, are running:

  1. http://ADMIN_SERVER/em
  2. Navigate to Identity and Access, oim.
  3. Right-click oim, and navigate to System MBean Browser.
  4. Under Application Defined MBeans, navigate to oracle.iam, Application:oim, XMLConfig, Config, XMLConfig.SOAConfig, SOAConfig.
  5. Change the values of the Rmiurl and Soapurl attributes, and click Apply to save the changes.

    The Rmiurl attribute is used for accessing SOA EJBs deployed on SOA managed servers. This is the application server URL. For a clustered deployment of Oracle Identity Manager, it is a comma-separated list of all the SOA managed server URLs. Example values for this attribute can be:




    The Soapurl attribute is used for accessing SOA Web services deployed on SOA managed servers. This is the Web server and load balancer URL for a SOA cluster front-ended with Web server and load balancer. It can be application server URL for a single SOA server.

    The example values for this attribute can be:



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