Getting Started with Passbook – IOS 6


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Introduced in iOS 6, Passbook is the simplest way for users to store all their passes in one place.
Passes allow users to scan their iPhone or iPod touch to perform actions in the physical world.
Examples include:
• Boarding passes
• Event tickets
• Retail coupons
• Store cards
Passbook is time and location enabled, so passes can be configured to display on the user’s
Lock Screen at the appropriate time and place — such as when the user reaches the airport or
walks into a store. Each time the user wakes their device, Passbook will quickly check the
relevance of passes and any that are now relevant will be displayed on the Lock Screen. The
user can simply slide to view the pass for quick access.
The Passbook app is where passes are stored. The front of a pass contains the most important
and relevant information, typically including a barcode that can be scanned at a merchant,
event, or location. Passes can be updated dynamically by way of the Apple Push Notification
service which lets you easily notify the user of important updates, like when a gate changes at
the airport or when the balance on a gift card changes. And passes are pushed to all of a user’s
devices by iCloud.
Passes can be distributed via email, the web, or directly from an app. Passes can be highly
personalized with information specific to a single user or they can be generic for any user.

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