Identity attributes supported by the SPML implementation in Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2

SPML Attribute Name Syntax Description LDAP Mapping (Oracle Internet Directory)
ID String, Read-Only, Required, Single The identifier used to identify a user for modify request. orclUserV2: orclguid
activeEndDate Timestamp, Single Termination time and date for the user orclUserV2: orclActiveEndDate
activeStartDate Timestamp, Single Activation time and date for the user orclUserV2: orclActiveStartDate
commonName String,


The common names of the person, typically the person’s full name and any variations of the same. person: cn
countryName String, Single The business country of the person, expressed as a two-letter [ISO3166] country code. orclUserV2: c
departmentNumber String, Single Codes for the departments within an organization to which this person belongs. This can be strictly numeric or alphanumeric. inetOrgPerson: departmentNumber
description String, Single Human-readable descriptive phrases about the person. person: description
displayName String, Single, MLS The preferred name to use when displaying an entry for the person.

Provides MultiLingual Support (MLS) and also accepts language values for locale, for example “en” and “fr”.

inetOrgPerson: displayName
employeeNumber String, Single Numeric or alphanumeric identifier assigned to a person, typically based on order of hire or association with an organization. inetOrgPerson: employeeNumber
employeeType String, Single Identifies the type of employee. For the list of valid values seeĀ Table 32-12. inetOrgPerson: employeeType
facsimileTelephoneNumber String, Single Telephone numbers for the person’s business facsimile (FAX) terminals. organizationalPerson: facsimileTelephoneNumber
generationQualifier String, Single Name strings that are typically the suffix part of the person’s name (e.g. “III”, “3rd”, “Jr.”). N/A
givenName String, Single Name strings that are part of a person’s name that is not their surname (for example, first name). inetOrgPerson: givenName
hireDate Timestamp, Single Date of hire. orclUserV2: orclHireDate
homePhone Single, String Home telephone numbers associated with the person. inetOrgPerson:homePhone
homePostalAddress Single, String The home postal addresses of the person. inetOrgPerson: homePostalAddress
initials String, Single Some or all of an individual’s names, except the surname(s) inetOrgPerson: initials
localityName Single, String Names of a business locality or place, such as a city, county, or other geographic region. N/A
mail Single, String Business Internet mail addresses of the person in Mailbox [RFC2821] form. inetOrgPerson: mail
manager Single, String The manager of the person. N/A
middleName String, Single The middle names of the person. orclUserV2: middleName
mobile Single, String Mobile telephone numbers associated with the person. inetOrgPerson: mobile
organization String, Single Name of an organizationā€”for example, my_company. organization
organizationUnit String, Single Name of a unit within an organization, for example, IT Support. organizationalUnitName
pager Single, String The business pager telephone numbers of the person. inetOrgPerson: pager
password String, Single Password of the user. person: userPassword
postalAddress String, Single Business addresses used by a Postal Service to perform services for the person. organizationalPerson: postalAddress
postalCode String, Single Codes used by a Postal Service to identify postal service zones of the person’s business. organizationalPerson: postalCode
postOfficeBox String, Single Postal box identifiers that a Postal Service uses when a customer arranges to receive mail at a box on the premises of the Postal Service. organizationalPerson: postOfficeBox
preferredLanguage String, Single The preferred written or spoken language for the person. This is useful for international correspondence or human-computer interaction. Values for this attribute type MUST conform to the definition of the Accept-Language header field defined in [RFC2068] with one exception: the sequence “Accept-Language” “:” should be omitted. inetOrgPerson: preferredLanguage
state String, Single Full names of business states or provinces of the person. organizationalPerson: st
street String, Single Site information from a business postal address (that is, the street name, place, avenue, and the house number) of the person. organizationalPerson: street
surname String, Single Name strings for the family names (last name) of the person. person: sn
telephoneNumber String, Single Business telephone number of the person organizationalPerson: telephoneNumber
title String, Single Title of the person in their organizational context. organizationalPerson: title
username String, Single Computer system login names associated with the person. uid
userType String, Single The type of user. This attribute is used to provide Design Console access to the end-users. The allowed values are true and false.

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