Installation Flow for Identity Management LCM Tools

Screen Description and Action Required
Welcome Review the information on the Welcome page, and click Next.
Specify Inventory Directory This screen appears if this is the first time you are installing Oracle software on a UNIX host or if you installed software previously on the UNIX host, but did not create a central inventory. The Inventory Directory is used to keep track of all Oracle products installed on this host.

For the purposes of this guide:

  1. Click OK to accept the default location of the Inventory Directory and the default Operating System Group Name for the directory.
  2. In the Inventory Location Confirmation dialog box, select Continue Installation with local inventory.

If you want to create a central Inventory Directory or learn about the advantages of doing so, see Section 2.8.3.

Prerequisite Checks On this screen, verify that checks complete successfully, then click Next.
Specify Install Location On the Specify Install Location page, enter the following information:

  1. Oracle Middleware Home – This is the parent directory of the directory where the Identity and Access Management Lifecycle Tools will be installed. For example:
  2. Oracle Home Directory – The Oracle home a subdirectory of the Oracle Middleware Home for the LCM Tools.


    In the this guide, this subdirectory is referred to as the Identity and Access Management Life Cycle Management Oracle home (IDMLCM_HOME.)

Click Next.

Installation Summary Verify the information on this screen, then click Install to begin the installation.
Installation Progress This screen shows the progress of the installation.

When the progress shows 100% complete, click Next to continue

Installation Complete On the Installation Complete page, click Finish.

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