Installing and Configuring MySQL in Windows environment


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This document contains

1. Instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring MySQL in Windows

2. Instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring the Java jar file that
contains the driver that interfaces with the MySQL database, including setting the
environment variable Classpath.

3. Simple Java Page example to test interfacing with MySQL, including reference to
sample database, user name and password, turning on MySQL as a service as well
as Apache Tomcat server, and simple SQL query to database.

4. Interfacing with the MySQL database from the command prompt using the mysql
program, navigating to the correct directory, notations for providing user name
and password.

5. Examples of mysql SQL commands used with a sample database provided with
the installation package.

6. How to change the user password.

7. Installing and using the MySQL GUI tool MySQLQueryBrowser.

8. Java Servlets application with MySQL

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