Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 2

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
80046205 SystemAttributeMap SystemAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_DELETE_SYSTEM_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046204 UpdateAttributeMap UpdateAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_UPDATE_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046203 InvalidAttributeMap InvalidAttributeMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_INVALID_ATTRIBUTEMAP
80046202 SystemEntityMap SystemEntityMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_DELETE_SYSTEM_ENTITYMAP
80046201 UpdateEntityMap UpdateEntityMap Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_CANT_UPDATE_ENTITYMAP
80046200 NonMappableEntity NonMappableEntity Error Occurred IDS_ENTITYMAPPER_NON_MAPPABLE_ENTITY
80045f05 unManagedidsCalloutException Callout code throws exception IDS_CALLOUT_EXCEPTION
80045f04 unManagedidscalloutinvalidevent Invalid callout event IDS_CALLOUT_INVALID_EVENT
80045f03 unManagedidscalloutinvalidconfig Invalid callout configuration IDS_CALLOUT_INVALID_CONFIG
80045f02 unManagedidscalloutisvstop Callout ISV code stopped the operation IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_STOP
80045f01 unManagedidscalloutisvabort Callout ISV code aborted the operation IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_ABORT
80045f00 unManagedidscalloutisvexception Callout ISV code throws exception IDS_CALLOUT_ISV_EXCEPTION
8004590d unManagedidscustomentityambiguousrelationship More than one relationship between the requested entities exists. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_AMBIGUOUS_RELATIONSHIP
8004590c unManagedidscustomentitynorelationship No relationship exists between the requested entities. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NO_RELATIONSHIP
8004590b unManagedidscustomentityparentchildidentical The supplied parent and child entities are identical. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_PARENTCHILD_IDENTICAL
8004590a unManagedidscustomentityinvalidparent The supplied parent passed in is not a valid entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_PARENT
80045909 unManagedidscustomentityinvalidchild The supplied child passed in is not a valid entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_CHILD
80045908 unManagedidscustomentitywouldcreateloop This association would create a loop in the database. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_WOULD_CREATE_LOOP
80045907 unManagedidscustomentityexistingloop There is an existing loop in the database. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_EXISTING_LOOP
80045906 unManagedidscustomentitystackunderflow Custom entity MD stack underflow. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_STACK_UNDERFLOW
80045905 unManagedidscustomentitystackoverflow Custom entity MD stack overflow. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_STACK_OVERFLOW
80045904 unManagedidscustomentitytlsfailure Custom entity MD TLS not initialized. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_TLS_FAILURE
80045903 unManagedidscustomentityinvalidownership Custom entity ownership type mask is improperly set. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_INVALID_OWNERSHIP
80045902 unManagedidscustomentitynotinitialized Custom entity interface was not properly initialized. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NOT_INITIALIZED
80045901 unManagedidscustomentityalreadyinitialized Custom entity interface already initialized on this thread. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_ALREADY_INITIALIZED
80045900 unManagedidscustomentitynameviolation Supplied entity found, but it is not a custom entity. IDS_CUSTOMENTITY_NAME_VIOLATION
80045603 unManagedidscascadeunexpectederror Unexpected error occurred in cascading operation IDS_CASCADE_UNEXPECTED_ERROR
80045602 unManagedidscascadeemptylinkerror The relationship link is empty IDS_CASCADE_EMPTY_LINK_ERROR
80045601 unManagedidscascadeundefinedrelationerror Relationship type is not supported IDS_CASCADE_UNDEFINED_RELATION_ERROR
80045600 unManagedidscascadeinconsistencyerror Cascade map information is inconsistent. IDS_CASCADE_INCONSISTENCY_ERROR
80045317 MergeLossOfParentingWarning Merge warning: sub-entity might lose parenting IDS_MERGE_LOSS_OF_PARENTING_WARNING
80045316 MergeDifferentlyParentedWarning Merge warning: sub-entity will be differently parented. IDS_MERGE_DIFFERENTLY_PARENTED_WARNING
80045305 MergeEntitiesIdenticalError Merge cannot be performed on master and sub-entities that are identical. IDS_MERGE_ENTITIES_IDENTICAL_ERROR
80045304 MergeEntityNotActiveError Merge cannot be performed on entity that is inactive. IDS_MERGE_ENTITY_NOT_ACTIVE_ERROR
80045303 unManagedidsmergedifferentbizorgerror Merge cannot be performed on entities from different business entity. IDS_MERGE_DIFFERENT_BIZORG_ERROR
80045302 MergeActiveQuoteError Merge cannot be performed on sub-entity that has active quote. IDS_MERGE_ACTIVE_QUOTE_ERROR
80045301 MergeSecurityError Merge is not allowed: caller does not have the privilege or access. IDS_MERGE_SECURITY_ERROR
80045300 MergeCyclicalParentingError Merge could create cyclical parenting. IDS_MERGE_CYCLICAL_PARENTING_ERROR
80045100 unManagedidscalendarruledoesnotexist The calendar rule does not exist. IDS_CALENDAR_RULE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80044d00 unManagedidscalendarinvalidcalendar The calendar is invalid. IDS_CALENDAR_INVALID_CALENDAR
80044a08 AttachmentInvalidFileName Attachment file name contains invalid characters.
80044a07 unManagedidsattachmentcannottruncatetempfile Cannot truncate temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_TRUNCATE_TEMPFILE
80044a06 unManagedidsattachmentcannotunmaptempfile Cannot unmap temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_UNMAP_TEMPFILE
80044a05 unManagedidsattachmentcannotcreatetempfile Cannot create temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_CREATE_TEMPFILE
80044a04 unManagedidsattachmentisempty Attachment is empty. IDS_ATTACHMENT_IS_EMPTY
80044a03 unManagedidsattachmentcannotreadtempfile Cannot read temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_READ_TEMPFILE
80044a02 unManagedidsattachmentinvalidfilesize Attachment file size is too big. IDS_ATTACHMENT_INVALID_FILESIZE
80044a01 unManagedidsattachmentcannotgetfilesize Cannot get temporary attachment file size. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_GET_FILESIZE
80044a00 unManagedidsattachmentcannotopentempfile Cannot open temporary attachment file. IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_OPEN_TEMPFILE
80044700 unManagedidscustomizationtransformationnotsupported Transformation is not supported for this object. IDS_CUSTOMIZATION_TRANSFORMATION_NOTSUPPORTED
80044414 ContractDetailDiscountAmountAndPercent Both ‘amount’ and ‘percentage’ cannot be set.
80044413 ContractDetailDiscountAmount The contract’s discount type does not support ‘percentage’ discounts.
80044412 ContractDetailDiscountPercent The contract’s discount type does not support ‘amount’ discounts.
80044411 IncidentIsAlreadyClosedOrCancelled Already Closed or Canceled IDS_INCIDENT_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED_OR_CANCELLED
80044410 unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactnotpresent You should specify a parent contact or account. IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_NOT_PRESENT
8004440f unManagedidsincidentparentaccountandparentcontactpresent You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both. IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_PRESENT
8004440e IncidentCannotCancel The incident can not be cancelled because there are open activities for this incident. IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CANCEL
8004440d IncidentInvalidContractLineStateForCreate The case can not be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is cancelled or expired. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_LINE_STATE_FOR_CREATE
8004440c IncidentNullSpentTimeOrBilled The timespent on the Incident is NULL or IncidentResolution Activity’s IsBilled is NULL. IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_SPENT_TIME
8004440b IncidentInvalidAllotmentType The allotment type for the contract is invalid. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ALLOTMENT_TYPE
8004440a unManagedidsincidentcannotclose The incident can not be closed because there are open activities for this incident. IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CLOSE
80044409 IncidentMissingActivityRegardingObject The incident id is missing. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_REGARDING_OBJECT
80044408 unManagedidsincidentmissingactivityobjecttype Missing object type code. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_OBJECTTYPE
80044407 unManagedidsincidentnullactivitytypecode The activitytypecode can’t be NULL. IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_ACTIVITYTYPECODE
80044406 unManagedidsincidentinvalidactivitytypecode The activitytypecode is wrong. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ACTIVITYTYPECODE
80044405 unManagedidsincidentassociatedactivitycorrupted The activity associated with this case is corrupted. IDS_INCIDENT_ASSOCIATED_ACTIVITY_CORRUPTED
80044404 unManagedidsincidentinvalidstate Incident state is invalid. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_STATE
80044403 IncidentContractDoesNotHaveAllotments The contract does not have enough allotments. The case can not be created against this contract. IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_ALLOTMENTS
80044402 unManagedidsincidentcontractdetaildoesnotmatchcontract The contract line item is not in the specified contract. IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DETAIL_DOES_NOT_MATCH_CONTRACT
80044401 IncidentMissingContractDetail The contract detail id is missing. IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_CONTRACT_DETAIL
80044400 IncidentInvalidContractStateForCreate The case can not be created against this contract because of the contract state. IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_STATE_FOR_CREATE
80044200 DisabledCRMGoingOffline Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available while Offline Synchronization is occuring
80044201 DisabledCRMGoingOnline Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available while Online Synchronization is occuring
80044202 DisabledCRMAddinLoadFailure An error occurred loading Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Try restarting Outlook. Contact your system administrator if errors persist.
80044203 DisabledCRMClientVersionLower The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook needs to be upgraded before it can be used. Contact your system administrator for upgrade instructions.
80044204 DisabledCRMClientVersionHigher The Microsoft Dynamics CRM server needs to be upgraded before Microsoft Dynamics CRM client can be used. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
80044205 DisabledCRMPostOfflineUpgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality is not available until the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client is taken back online
80044206 DisabledCRMOnlineCrmNotAvailable Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is not available
80044220 GoOfflineMetadataVersionsMismatch Client and Server metadata versions are different due to new customization on the server. Please try going offline again.
80044221 GoOfflineGetBCPFileException CRM server was not able to process your request. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044222 GoOfflineDbSizeLimit You have exceeded the storage limit for your offline database. You must reduce the amount of data to be taken offline by changing your Local Data Groups.
80044223 GoOfflineServerFailedGenerateBCPFile CRM server was not able to generate BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044224 GoOfflineBCPFileSize Client was not able to download BCP file. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044225 GoOfflineFailedMoveData Client was not able to download data. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044226 GoOfflineFailedPrepareMsde Prepare MSDE failed. Contact your system administrator for assistance and try going offline again.
80044227 GoOfflineFailedReloadMetadataCache The Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook was unable to go offline. Please try going offline again.
80044228 DoNotTrackItem Selected item will not be tracked. IDS_DO_NOT_TRACK
80044229 GoOfflineFileWasDeleted Data file was deleted on server before it was sent to client.
80044230 GoOfflineEmptyFileForDelete Data file for delete is empty.
80044159 OrganizationUIDeprecated The OrganizationUI entity is deprecated. It has been replaced by the SystemForm entity.
80044151 unManagedidssqltimeouterror SQL timeout expired. IDS_SQL_TIMEOUT_ERROR
80044150 unManagedidssqlerror Generic SQL error. IDS_SQL_ERROR
8004410d unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidfiltererror Invalid filter specified. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_FILTER_ERROR
80044111 unManagedidsrcsyncnotprimary Cannot sync: not the primary OutlookSync client. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_NOTPRIMARY
80044112 unManagedidsrcsyncnoprimary No primary client exists. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_NOPRIMARY
80044113 unManagedidsrcsyncnoclient Client does not exist. IDS_RCSYNC_OUTLOOKSYNC_INVALID_CLIENT
8004410f unManagedidsrcsyncfilternoaccess Cannot go offline: missing access rights on required entity. IDS_RCSYNC_FILTER_NO_ACCESS
8004410e InvalidOfflineOperation Operation not valid when offline. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_OFFLINE_OPERATION
80044110 unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlgenericerror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_GENERIC_ERROR
8004410c unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlpausederror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_PAUSED_ERROR
8004410b unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror unManagedidsrcsyncsqlstoppederror IDS_RCSYNC_SQL_STOPPED_ERROR
8004410a unManagedidsrcsyncsubscriptionowner The caller id does not match the subscription owner id. Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations. IDS_RCSYNC_SUBSCRIPTION_OWNER
80044109 unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsubscription The specified subscription does not exist. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION
80044108 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapparseerror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_PARSE_ERROR
80044107 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapreaderror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_READ_ERROR
80044106 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapfaulterror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_FAULT_ERROR
80044105 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror unManagedidsrcsyncsoapservererror IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SERVER_ERROR
80044104 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapsendfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_SEND_FAILED
80044103 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapconnfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_CONN_FAILED
80044102 unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed unManagedidsrcsyncsoapgenfailed IDS_RCSYNC_SOAP_GEN_FAILED
80044101 unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed unManagedidsrcsyncmsxmlfailed IDS_RCSYNC_MSXML_FAILED
80044100 unManagedidsrcsyncinvalidsynctime The specified sync time is invalid. Sync times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous sync. Please reinitialize your subscription. IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SYNCTIME
80043e09 AttachmentBlocked The attachment is either not a valid type or is too large. It cannot be uploaded or downloaded.
80043e07 unManagedidsarticletemplateisnotactive KB article template is inactive. IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_IS_NOT_ACTIVE
80043e06 unManagedidsfulltextoperationfailed Full text operation failed. IDS_FULLTEXT_OPERATION_FAILED
80043e05 unManagedidsarticletemplatecontainsarticles Cannot change article template because there are knowledge base articles using it. IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_CONTAINS_ARTICLES
80043e04 unManagedidsqueueorganizationidnotmatch Callers’ organization Id does not match businessunit’s organization Id. IDS_QUEUE_ORGANIZATIONID_NOT_MATCH
80043e03 unManagedidsqueuemissingbusinessunitid Missing businessunitid. IDS_QUEUE_MISSING_BUSINESSUNITID
80043e02 SubjectDoesNotExist Subject does not exist. IDS_SUBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043e01 SubjectLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Subjects hierarchy. IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043e00 SubjectLoopExists Loop exists in the subjects hierarchy. IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_EXISTS
80048dff InvalidSubmitFromUnapprovedArticle You are trying to submit an article that has a status of unapproved. You can only submit an article with the status of draft. IDS_INVALID_SUBMIT_UNAPPROVED_ARTICLE
80048dfe InvalidUnpublishFromUnapprovedArticle You are trying to unpublish an article that has a status of unapproved. You can only unpublish an article with the status of publish. IDS_INVALID_UNPUBLISH_UNAPPROVED_ARTICLE
80048dfd InvalidApproveFromDraftArticle You are trying to approve an article that has a status of draft. You can only approve an article with the status of unapproved. IDS_INVALID_APPROVE_DRAFT_ARTICLE
80048dfc InvalidUnpublishFromDraftArticle You are trying to unpublish an article that has a status of draft. You can only unpublish an article with the status of published. IDS_INVALID_UNPUBLISH_DRAFT_ARTICLE
80048dfb InvalidApproveFromPublishedArticle You are trying to approve an article that has a status of published. You can only approve an article with the status of unapproved. IDS_INVALID_APPROVE_PUBLISHED_ARTICLE
80048dfa InvalidSubmitFromPublishedArticle You are trying to submit an article that has a status of published. You can only submit an article with the status of draft. IDS_INVALID_SUBMIT_PUBLISHED_ARTICLE
80048d00 QuoteReviseExistingActiveQuote Quote cannot be revised as there already exists another quote in Draft/Active state and with same quote number.
80048cff BaseCurrencyNotDeletable The base currency of an organization cannot be deleted.
80048cfe CannotDeleteBaseMoneyCalculationAttribute The base money calculation Attribute is not valid for deletion
80048cfd InvalidExchangeRate The exchange rate is invalid.
80048cfc InvalidCurrency The currency is invalid.
80048cfb CurrencyCannotBeNullDueToNonNullMoneyFields The currency cannot be null.
80048cfa CannotUpdateProductCurrency The currency of the product cannot be updated because there are associated price list items with pricing method percentage.
80048cf9 InvalidPriceLevelCurrencyForPricingMethod The currency of the price list needs to match the currency of the product for pricing method percentage.
80048cf8 DiscountTypeAndPriceLevelCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the discount needs to match the currency of the price list for discount type amount.
80048cf7 CurrencyRequiredForDiscountTypeAmount The currency cannot be null for discount type amount.
80048cf6 RecordAndPricelistCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cf5 ExchangeRateOfBaseCurrencyNotUpdatable The exchange rate of the base currency cannot be modified.
80048cf4 BaseCurrencyCannotBeDeactivated The base currency cannot be deactivated.
80048cf3 DuplicateIsoCurrencyCode Cannot insert duplicate currency record. Currency with the same currency code already exist in the system.
80048cf2 InvalidIsoCurrencyCode Invalid ISO currency code.
80048cf1 PercentageDiscountCannotHaveCurrency Currency cannot be set when discount type is percentage.
80048cef RecordAndOpportunityCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cee QuoteAndSalesOrderCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048ced SalesOrderAndInvoiceCurrencyNotEqual The currency of the record does not match the currency of the price list.
80048cec BaseCurrencyOverflow The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is larger than the maximum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
80048ceb BaseCurrencyUnderflow The exchange rate set for the currency specified in this record has generated a value for {0} that is smaller than the minimum allowed for the base currency ({1}).
80048cea CurrencyNotEqual The currency of the {0} does not match the currency of the {1}.
80043b26 UnitNoName The unit name cannot be null.
80043b25 unManagedidsinvoicecloseapideprecated The Invoice Close API is deprecated. It has been replaced by the Pay and Cancel APIs. IDS_INVOICE_CLOSE_API_DEPRECATED
80043b24 ProductDoesNotExist The product does not exist. IDS_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b23 ProductKitLoopBeingCreated Using this product would create a loop in the kit hierarchy. IDS_PRODUCT_KIT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043b22 ProductKitLoopExists Loop exists in the kit hierarchy. IDS_PRODUCT_KIT_LOOP_EXISTS
80043b21 DiscountPercent The discount type does not support ‘amount’ discounts. IDS_DISCOUNT_PERCENT
80043b20 DiscountAmount The discount type does not support ‘percentage’ discounts. IDS_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT
80043b1f DiscountAmountAndPercent Both ‘amount’ and ‘percentage’ cannot be set. IDS_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT_AND_PERCENT
80043b1e EntityIsUnlocked This entity is already unlocked. IDS_ENTITY_IS_UNLOCKED
80043b1d EntityIsLocked This entity is already locked. IDS_ENTITY_IS_LOCKED
80043b1c BaseUnitDoesNotExist The base unit does not exist. IDS_BASEUNIT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b1b UnitDoesNotExist The unit does not exist. IDS_UNIT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043b1a UnitLoopBeingCreated Using this base unit would create a loop in the unit hierarchy. IDS_UNIT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80043b19 UnitLoopExists Loop exists in the unit hierarchy. IDS_UNIT_LOOP_EXISTS
80043b18 QuantityReadonly Do not modify the Quantity field when you update the primary unit. IDS_QUANTITY_READONLY
80043b17 BaseUnitNotNull Do not use a base unit as the value for a primary unit. This value should always be null. IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_NULL
80043b16 UnitNotInSchedule The unit does not exist in the specified unit schedule. IDS_UNIT_NOT_IN_SCHEDULE
80043b15 MissingOpportunityId The opportunity id is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_OPPORTUNITYID
80043b14 ProductInvalidUnit The specified unit is not valid for this product. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_UNIT
80043b13 ProductMissingUomSheduleId The unit schedule id of the product is missing. IDS_PRODUCT_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID
80043b12 MissingPriceLevelId The price level id is missing. IDS_MISSING_PRICELEVELID
80043b11 MissingProductId The product id is missing. IDS_MISSING_PRODUCTID
80043b10 InvalidPricePerUnit The price per unit is invalid. IDS_INVALID_PRICEPERUNIT
80043b0f PriceLevelNameExists The name already exists. IDS_PRICELEVEL_NAMEEXISTS
80043b0e PriceLevelNoName The name can not be null. IDS_PRICELEVEL_NONAME
80043b0d MissingUomId The unit id is missing. IDS_MISSING_UOMID
80043b0c ProductInvalidPriceLevelPercentage The pricing percentage must be greater than or equal to zero and less than 100000. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_PRICE_LEVEL_PERCENTAGE
80043b0b InvalidBaseUnit The base unit does not belong to the schedule. IDS_INVALID_BASE_UNIT
80043b0a MissingUomScheduleId The unit schedule id is missing. IDS_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID
80043b09 ParentReadOnly The parent is read only and cannot be edited. IDS_PARENT_READ_ONLY
80043b08 DuplicateProductPriceLevel This product and unit combination has a price for this price list. IDS_DUPLICATE_PRODUCT_PRICE_LEVEL
80043b07 ProductInvalidQuantityDecimal The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid. IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL
80043b06 ProductProductNumberExists The product number already exists. IDS_PRODUCT_PRODUCTNUMBEREXISTS
80043b05 ProductNoProductNumber The product number can not be null. IDS_PRODUCT_NOPRODUCTNUMBER
80043b04 unManagedidscannotdeactivatepricelevel The price level cannot be deactivated because it is the default price level of an account, contact or product. IDS_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PRICE_LEVEL
80043b03 BaseUnitNotDeletable The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted. IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_DELETABLE
80043b02 DiscountRangeOverlap The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities. IDS_DISCOUNT_RANGE_OVERLAP
80043b01 LowQuantityGreaterThanHighQuantity Low quantity should be less than high quantity. IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_GREATER_THAN_HIGH_QUANTITY
80043b00 LowQuantityLessThanZero Low quantity should be greater than zero. IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_LESS_THAN_ZERO
80043aff InvalidSubstituteProduct A product cannot be a substitute of itself. IDS_INVALID_SUBSTITUTE_PRODUCT
80043afe InvalidKitProduct The product cannot be added to itself. IDS_INVALID_KIT_PRODUCT
80043afd InvalidKit The product is not a kit. IDS_INVALID_KIT
80043afc InvalidQuantityDecimalCode The quantity decimal code is invalid. IDS_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL_CODE
80043afb CannotSpecifyBothProductAndProductDesc You cannot set both ‘productid’ and ‘productdescription’ for the same record. IDS_CANNOT_SPECIFY_BOTH_PRODUCT_AND_PRODUCTDESC
80043afa CannotSpecifyBothUomAndProductDesc You cannot set both ‘uomid’ and ‘productdescription’ for the same record. IDS_CANNOT_SPECIFY_BOTH_UOM_AND_PRODUCTDESC
80043af9 unManagedidsstatedoesnotexist The state is not valid for this object. IDS_STATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043809 FiscalSettingsAlreadyUpdated Fiscal settings have already been updated. They can be updated only once. IDS_SALESPEOPLE_FISCALSETTINGS_ALREADY_UPDATED
80043808 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalcalendartype Invalid fiscal calendar type IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALCALENDAR_TYPE
80043807 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidfiscalperiodindex Invalid fiscal period index IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALPERIOD_INDEX
80043805 SalesPeopleManagerNotAllowed Territory manager cannot belong to other territory IDS_SALESPEOPLE_MANAGER_NOT_ALLOWED
80043804 unManagedidssalespeopleinvalidterritoryobjecttype Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_TERRITORY_OBJECT_TYPE
80043803 SalesPeopleDuplicateCalendarNotAllowed Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_NOT_ALLOWED
80043802 unManagedidssalespeopleduplicatecalendarfound Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_FOUND
80043801 SalesPeopleEmptyEffectiveDate Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_EFFECTIVEDATE
80043800 SalesPeopleEmptySalesPerson Parent salesperson cannot be empty IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_SALESPERSON
80043700 InvalidNumberGroupFormat Invalid input string for numbergroupformat. The input string should contain an array of integers. Every element in the value array should be between one and nine, except for the last element, which can be zero.
80043810 BaseUomNameNotSpecified baseuomname not specified
80043518 InvalidActivityPartyAddress One or more activity parties have invalid addresses.
80043517 FaxNoSupport The fax cannot be sent because this type of attachment is not allowed or does not support virtual printing to a fax device.
80043516 FaxNoData The fax cannot be sent because there is no data to send. Specify at least one of the following: a cover page, a fax attachment, a fax description.
80043515 InvalidPartyMapping Invalid party mapping.
80043514 InvalidActivityXml Invalid Xml in an activity config file.
80043513 ActivityInvalidObjectTypeCode An Invalid type code was specified by the throwing method
80043512 ActivityInvalidSessionToken An Invalid session token was passed into the throwing method
80043511 FaxServiceNotRunning The Microsoft Windows fax service is not running or is not installed.
80043510 FaxSendBlocked The recipient is marked as “Do Not Fax”.
8004350f NoDialNumber There is no fax number specified on the fax or for the recipient.
8004350e TooManyRecipients Sending to multiple recipients is not supported.
8004350d MissingRecipient The fax must have a recipient before it can be sent.
8004350b unManagedidsactivitynotroutable This type of activity is not routable IDS_ACTIVITY_NOT_ROUTABLE
8004350a unManagedidsactivitydurationdoesnotmatch Activity duration does not match start/end time IDS_ACTIVITY_DURATION_DOES_NOT_MATCH
80043509 unManagedidsactivityinvalidduration Invalid activity duration IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_DURATION
80043508 unManagedidsactivityinvalidtimeformat Invalid activity time, check format IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TIME_FORMAT
80043507 unManagedidsactivityinvalidregardingobject Invalid activity regarding object, it probably does not exist IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_REGARDING_OBJECT
80043506 ActivityPartyObjectTypeNotAllowed Cannot create activity party of specified object type. IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED
80043505 unManagedidsactivityinvalidpartyobjecttype Activity party object type is invalid IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE
80043504 unManagedidsactivitypartyobjectidortypemissing Activity party object Id or type is missing IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING
80043503 unManagedidsactivityinvalidobjecttype Activity regarding object type is invalid IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE
80043502 unManagedidsactivityobjectidortypemissing Activity regarding object Id or type is missing IDS_ACTIVITY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING
80043501 unManagedidsactivityinvalidtype Invalid activity type code IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TYPE
80043500 unManagedidsactivityinvalidstate Invalid activity state IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_STATE
80043218 ContractInvalidDatesForRenew The start date / end date of this renewed contract can not overlap with any other invoiced / active contracts with the same contract number. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATESFORRENEWEDCONTRACT
80043217 unManagedidscontractinvalidstartdateforrenewedcontract The start date of the renewed contract can not be earlier than the end date of the originating contract. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTDATEFORRENEWEDCONTRACT
80043216 unManagedidscontracttemplateabbreviationexists The value for abbreviation already exists. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_ABBREVIATIONEXISTS
80043215 ContractInvalidPrice The price is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_PRICE
80043214 unManagedidscontractinvalidtotalallotments The totalallotments is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_TOTALALLOTMENTS
80043213 ContractInvalidContract The contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACT
80043212 unManagedidscontractinvalidowner The owner of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_OWNER
80043211 ContractInvalidContractTemplate The contract template is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACTTEMPLATE
80043210 ContractInvalidBillToCustomer The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_CUSTOMER
8004320f ContractInvalidBillToAddress The bill-to address of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_ADDRESS
8004320e ContractInvalidServiceAddress The service address of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_SERVICE_ADDRESS
8004320d ContractInvalidCustomer The customer of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CUSTOMER
8004320c ContractNoLineItems There are no contract line items for this contract. IDS_CONTRACT_NOLINEITEMS
8004320b ContractTemplateNoAbbreviation Abbreviation can not be NULL. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_NOABBREVIATION
8004320a unManagedidscontractopencasesexist There are open cases against this contract line item. IDS_CONTRACT_OPENCASESEXIST
80043208 unManagedidscontractlineitemdoesnotexist The contract line item does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_LINEITEM_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043207 unManagedidscontractdoesnotexist The contract does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043206 ContractTemplateDoesNotExist The contract template does not exist. IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80043205 ContractInvalidAllotmentTypeCode The allotment type code is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDALLOTMENTTYPECODE
80043204 ContractLineInvalidState The state of the contract line item is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_LINE_INVALIDSTATE
80043203 ContractInvalidState The state of the contract is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTATE
80043202 ContractInvalidStartEndDate Start date / end date or billing start date / billing end date is invalid. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATE
80043201 unManagedidscontractaccountmissing Account is required to save a contract. IDS_CONTRACT_ACCOUNTMISSING
80043200 unManagedidscontractunexpected An unexpected error occurred in Contracts. IDS_CONTRACT_UNEXPECTED
80042c4c unManagedidsevalerrorformatlookupparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_LOOKUP parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_LOOKUP_PARAMETER
80042c4b unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter unManagedidsevalerrorformattimezonecodeparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_TIMEZONECODE_PARAMETER
80042c4a unManagedidsevalerrorformatdecimalparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DECIMAL parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_DECIMAL_PARAMETER
80042c49 unManagedidsevalerrorformatintegerparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_INTEGER parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_INTEGER_PARAMETER
80042c48 unManagedidsevalerrorobjecttype Error happens when evaluating WFPM_GetObjectType parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_OBJECT_TYPE
80042c47 unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter unManagedidsevalerrorqueueidparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_QUEUE_ID_PARAMETER
80042c46 unManagedidsevalerrorformatpicklistparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_PICKLIST parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_PICKLIST_PARAMETER
80042c45 unManagedidsevalerrorformatbooleanparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_BOOLEAN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_BOOLEAN_PARAMETER
80042c44 unManagedidsevalerrorformatdatetimeparameter Error happens when evaluating WFPM_FORMAT_DATETIME parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_FORMAT_DATETIME_PARAMETER
80042c43 unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter unManagedidsevalerrorisnulllistparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ISNULL_LIST_PARAMETER
80042c42 unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter unManagedidsevalerrorinlistparameter IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_LIST_PARAMETER
80042c41 unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorsetactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SET_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c40 unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorremovefromactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_REMOVEFROM_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c3f unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty unManagedidsevalerrorappendtoactivityparty IDS_EVAL_ERROR_APPENDTO_ACTIVITYPARTY
80042c3e unManagedidsevaltimererrorcalculatescheduletime Failed to calculate the schedule time for the timer action. IDS_EVAL_TIMER_ERROR_CALCULATE_SCHEDULE_TIME
80042c3d unManagedidsevaltimerinvalidparameternumber Invalid parameters for Timer action. IDS_EVAL_TIMER_INVALID_PARAMETER_NUMBER
80042c3c unManagedidsevalcreateshouldhave2parameters Create action should have 2 parameters. IDS_EVAL_CREATE_SHOULD_HAVE_2_PARAMETERS
80042c3b unManagedidsevalerrorcreate Error in create update. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE
80042c3a unManagedidsevalerrorcontainparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_CONTAIN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CONTAIN_PARAMETER
80042c39 unManagedidsevalerrorendwithparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_END_WITH parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_END_WITH_PARAMETER
80042c38 unManagedidsevalerrorbeginwithparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BEGIN_WITH parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BEGIN_WITH_PARAMETER
80042c37 unManagedidsevalerrorstrlenparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_STRLEN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_STRLEN_PARAMETER
80042c36 unManagedidsevalerrorsubstrparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBSTR parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBSTR_PARAMETER
80042c35 unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidrecipient Invalid email recipient. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_RECIPIENT
80042c34 unManagedidsevalerrorinparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_PARAMETER
80042c33 unManagedidsevalerrorbetweenparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BETWEEN_PARAMETER
80042c32 unManagedidsevalerrorneqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NEQ_PARAMETER
80042c31 unManagedidsevalerroreqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EQ_PARAMETER
80042c30 unManagedidsevalerrorleqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LEQ_PARAMETER
80042c2f unManagedidsevalerrorltparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LT_PARAMETER
80042c2e unManagedidsevalerrorgeqparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GEQ parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GEQ_PARAMETER
80042c2d unManagedidsevalerrorgtparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GT_PARAMETER
80042c2c unManagedidsevalerrorabsparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ABS_PARAMETER
80042c2b unManagedidsevalerrorinvalidparameter Invalid parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
80042c2a unManagedidsevalgenericerror Evaluation error. IDS_EVAL_GENERIC_ERROR
80042c29 unManagedidsevalerrorincidentqueue Failed to evaluate INCIDENT_QUEUE. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INCIDENT_QUEUE
80042c28 unManagedidsevalerrorhalt Error in action halt. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HALT
80042c27 unManagedidsevalerrorexec Error in action exec. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EXEC
80042c26 unManagedidsevalerrorposturl Error in action posturl. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_POSTURL
80042c25 unManagedidsevalerrorsetstate Error in action set state. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SETSTATE
80042c24 unManagedidsevalerrorroute Error in action route. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ROUTE
80042c23 unManagedidsevalerrorupdate Error in action update. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UPDATE
80042c22 unManagedidsevalerrorassign Error in action assign. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ASSIGN
80042c21 unManagedidsevalerroremailtemplate Error in action email template. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EMAIL_TEMPLATE
80042c20 unManagedidsevalerrorsendemail Error in action send email. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SEND_EMAIL
80042c1f unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleincident Error in action unhandle incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_INCIDENT
80042c1e unManagedidsevalerrorhandleincident Error in action handle incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_INCIDENT
80042c1d unManagedidsevalerrorcreateincident Error in action create incident. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_INCIDENT
80042c1c unManagedidsevalerrornoteattachment Error in action note attachment. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NOTE_ATTACHMENT
80042c1b unManagedidsevalerrorcreatenote Error in action create note. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_NOTE
80042c1a unManagedidsevalerrorunhandleactivity Error in action unhandle activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_ACTIVITY
80042c19 unManagedidsevalerrorhandleactivity Error in action handle activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_ACTIVITY
80042c18 unManagedidsevalerroractivityattachment Error in action activity attachment. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ACTIVITY_ATTACHMENT
80042c17 unManagedidsevalerrorcreateactivity Error in action create activity. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_ACTIVITY
80042c16 unManagedidsevalerrordividedbyzero Divided by zero. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVIDED_BY_ZERO
80042c15 unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUR parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETER
80042c14 unManagedidsevalerrormodulusparameters Modulus parameter can have only two subparameters. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETERS
80042c13 unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETER
80042c12 unManagedidsevalerrordivisionparameters Division parameter can have only two subparameters. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETERS
80042c11 unManagedidsevalerrormultiplicationparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MULTIPLICATION_PARAMETER
80042c10 unManagedidsevalerrorsubtractionparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBTRACTION_PARAMETER
80042c0f unManagedidsevalerroraddparameter Error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter. IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ADD_PARAMETER
80042c0e unManagedidsevalmissselectquery Missing the query subparameter in a select parameter. IDS_EVAL_MISS_SELECT_QUERY
80042c0d unManagedidsevalchangetypeerror Change type error. IDS_EVAL_CHANGE_TYPE_ERROR
80042c0c unManagedidsevalallcompleted Evaluation completed and stop further processing. IDS_EVAL_ALLCOMPLETED
80042c0b unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotmatchquery The specified refattributeid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_MATCH_QUERY
80042c0a unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitynotmatchquery The specified refentityid does not the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_NOT_MATCH_QUERY
80042c09 unManagedidsevalpropertyisnull The required property of the object was not set. IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_IS_NULL
80042c08 unManagedidsevalmetabaseattributenotfound The specified metabase attribute does not exist. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND
80042c07 unManagedidsevalmetabaseentitycompoundkeys The specified metabase object has compound keys. We do not support compound-key entities yet. IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_COMPOUND_KEYS
80042c06 unManagedidsevalpropertynotfound The required property of the object was not found. IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND
80042c05 unManagedidsevalobjectnotfound The required object does not exist. IDS_EVAL_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND
80042c04 unManagedidsevalcompleted Evaluation completed. IDS_EVAL_COMPLETED
80042c03 unManagedidsevalaborted Evaluation aborted. IDS_EVAL_ABORTED
80042c02 unManagedidsevalallaborted Evaluation aborted and stop further processing. IDS_EVAL_ALLABORTED
80042c01 unManagedidsevalassignshouldhave4parameters Assign action should have 4 parameters. IDS_EVAL_ASSIGN_SHOULD_HAVE_4_PARAMETERS
80042c00 unManagedidsevalupdateshouldhave3parameters Update action should have 3 parameters. IDS_EVAL_UPDATE_SHOULD_HAVE_3_PARAMETERS
80042903 unManagedidscpdecryptfailed Decryption of the password failed. IDS_CP_DECRYPT_FAILED
80042902 unManagedidscpencryptfailed Encryption of the supplied password failed. IDS_CP_ENCRYPT_FAILED
80042901 unManagedidscpbadpassword Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user. IDS_CP_BAD_PASSWORD
80042900 unManagedidscpuserdoesnotexist The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect. IDS_CP_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80042300 unManagedidsdataaccessunexpected Unexpected error in data access. DB Connection may not have been opened successfully. IDS_DATAACCESS_UNEXPECTED
8004203f unManagedidspropbagattributealreadyset One of the attributes passed has already been set IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_ALREADY_SET
8004203e unManagedidspropbagattributenotnullable One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_NULLABLE
8004203d unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfoalreadyset The DB info for the recordset property bag has already been set. IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_ALREADY_SET
8004203c unManagedidsrspropbagdbinfonotset The DB info for the recordset property bag has not been set. IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_NOT_SET
8004201e unManagedidspropbagcolloutofrange The bag index in the collection was out of range. IDS_PROPBAGCOLL_OUT_OF_RANGE
80042002 unManagedidspropbagnullproperty The specified property was null in the property bag. IDS_PROPBAG_NULL_PROPERTY
80042001 unManagedidspropbagnointerface The property bag interface could not be found. IDS_PROPBAG_NO_INTERFACE
80042003 unManagedMissingObjectType Object type must be specified for one of the attributes. IDS_PROPBAG_MISSING_OBJECT_TYPE
80042004 unManagedObjectTypeUnexpected Object type was specified for one of the attributes that does not allow it. IDS_PROPBAG_OBJECT_TYPE_UNEXPECTED
80041d59 BusinessUnitCannotBeDisabled Business unit cannot be disabled: no active user with system admin role exists outside of business unit subtree.

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