Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 3

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
0041d60 BusinessUnitIsNotDisabledAndCannotBeDeleted Not disabled business unit cannot be deleted.
80041d61 BusinessUnitHasChildAndCannotBeDeleted Business unit has a child business unit and cannot be deleted.
80041d62 BusinessUnitDefaultTeamOwnsRecords Business unit default team owns records. Business unit cannot be deleted.
80041d63 RootBusinessUnitCannotBeDisabled Root Business unit cannot be disabled.
80042000 unManagedidspropbagpropertynotfound The specified property was not found in the property bag. IDS_PROPBAG_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND
80041d40 ReadOnlyUserNotSupported The read-only access mode is not supported IDS_BIZMGMT_READONLY_USER_NOT_SUPPORTED
80041d41 SupportUserCannotBeCreateNorUpdated The support user cannot not be updated
80041d51 CannotAssignRolesToSupportUser The support user are read-only, which cannot be assigned with other roles
80041d39 CannotMakeSelfReadOnlyUser You cannot make yourself a read only user IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MAKE_SELF_READONLY_USER
80041d38 CannotMakeReadOnlyUser A user cannot be made a read only user if they are the last non read only user that has the System Administrator Role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MAKE_READONLY_USER
80041d36 unManagedidsbizmgmtcantchangeorgname The organization name cannot be changed. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANT_CHANGE_ORGNAME
80041d35 MultipleOrganizationsNotAllowed Only one organization and one root business are allowed. IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_MULTI_ORG
80041d34 UserSettingsInvalidAdvancedFindStartupMode Invalid advanced find startup mode. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_INVALID_ADVANCEDFIND_STARTUP_MODE
80041d33 CannotModifySpecialUser No modifications to the ‘SYSTEM’ or ‘INTEGRATION’ user are permitted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MODIFY_SPECIALUSER
80041d32 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotaddlocaluser A local user cannot be added to the CRM. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_ADD_LOCALUSER
80041d31 CannotModifySysAdmin The System Administrator Role cannot be modified. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_MODIFY_SYSADMIN
80041d43 CannotModifySupportUser The Support User Role cannot be modified.
80041d44 CannotAssignSupportUser The Support User Role cannot be assigned to a user.
80041d45 CannotRemoveFromSupportUser A user cannot be removed from the Support User Role.
80041d46 CannotCreateFromSupportUser Cannot create a role from Support User Role.
80041d47 CannotUpdateSupportUser Cannot update the Support User Role.
80041d30 CannotRemoveFromSysAdmin A user cannot be removed from the System Administrator Role if they are the only user that has the role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_REMOVE_SYSADMIN
80041d2f CannotDisableSysAdmin A user cannot be disabled if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DISABLE_SYSADMIN
80041d2e CannotDeleteSysAdmin The System Administrator Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SYSADMIN
80041d42 CannotDeleteSupportUser The Support User Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SUPPORTUSER
80041d4a CannotDeleteSystemCustomizer The System Customizer Role cannot be deleted. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_DELETE_SYSTEMCUSTOMIZER
80041d4b CannotCreateSyncUserObjectMissing This is not a valid Microsoft Online Services ID for this organization.
80041d4c CannotUpdateSyncUserIsLicensedField The property IsLicensed cannot be modified.
80041d4d CannotCreateSyncUserIsLicensedField The property IsLicensed cannot be set for Sync User Creation.
80041d4e CannotUpdateSyncUserIsSyncWithDirectoryField The property IsSyncUserWithDirectory cannot be modified.
80041d2d unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotreadaccountcontrol Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your System Administrator. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_READ_ACCOUNT_CONTROL
80041d2c UserAlreadyExists The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041d2b unManagedidsbizmgmtusersettingsnotcreated The specified user’s settings have not yet been created. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_NOT_CREATED
80041d2a ObjectNotFoundInAD The object does not exist in active directory.
80041d37 GenericActiveDirectoryError Active Directory Error.
80041d29 unManagedidsbizmgmtnoparentbusiness The specified business does not have a parent business. IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_PARENTBUSINESS
80041d27 ParentUserDoesNotExist The parent user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d26 ChildUserDoesNotExist The child user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d25 UserLoopBeingCreated You cannot set the selected user as the manager for this user because the selected user is either already the manager or is in the user’s immediate management hierarchy. Either select another user to be the manager or do not update the record. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041d24 UserLoopExists A manager for this user cannot be set because an existing relationship in the management hierarchy is causing a circular relationship. This is usually caused by a manual edit of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. To fix this, the hierarchy in the database must be changed to remove the circular relationship. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_EXISTS
80041d23 ParentBusinessDoesNotExist The parent business Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d22 ChildBusinessDoesNotExist The child businesss Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041d21 BusinessManagementLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041d20 BusinessManagementLoopExists Loop exists in the business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_EXISTS
80041d1f BusinessManagementInvalidUserId The user Id is invalid. IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_USERID
80041d1e unManagedidsbizmgmtuserdoesnothaveparent This user does not have a parent user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_PARENT
80041d1d unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenableprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_PROVISION
80041d1c unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotenablebusiness This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_BUSINESS
80041d1b unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisableprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_PROVISION
80041d1a unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdisablebusiness This business unit cannot be disabled. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_BUSINESS
80041d19 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeleteprovision This is a provisioned root-business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_PROVISION
80041d18 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotdeletebusiness This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete this sub-business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_BUSINESS
80041d17 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotremovepartnershipdefaultuser The default user of a partnership can not be removed. IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_PARTNERSHIP_DEFAULTUSER
80041d16 unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipnotinpendingstatus The partnership has been accepted or declined. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_NOT_IN_PENDING_STATUS
80041d15 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinpartnerbusiness The default user is not from partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d14 unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinpartnerbusiness The caller is not from partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d13 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinprimarybusiness The default user is not from primary business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d12 unManagedidsbizmgmtcallernotinprimarybusiness The caller is not from primary business. IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d11 unManagedidsbizmgmtpartnershipalreadyexists A partnership between specified primary business and partner business already exists. IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041d10 unManagedidsbizmgmtprimarysameaspartner The primary business is the same as partner business. IDS_BIZMGMT_PRIMARY_SAME_AS_PARTNER
80041d0f unManagedidsbizmgmtmisspartnerbusiness The partnership partner business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARTNER_BUSINESS
80041d0e unManagedidsbizmgmtmissprimarybusiness The partnership primary business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PRIMARY_BUSINESS
80041d0b MissingTeamName The team name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_NAME
80041d0a TeamAdministratorMissedPrivilege The team administrator does not have privilege read team.
80041d07 UserNotInParentHierarchy The user is not in parent user’s business hierarchy. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_PARENT_HIERARCHY
80041d06 unManagedidsbizmgmtusercannotbeownparent The user can not be its own parent user. IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_CAN_NOT_BE_OWN_PARENT
80041d05 unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser unManagedidsbizmgmtcannotmovedefaultuser IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_MOVE_DEFAULTUSER
80041d04 unManagedidsbizmgmtbusinessparentdiffmerchant The business is not in the same merchant as parent business. IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT
80041d03 unManagedidsbizmgmtdefaultusernotinbusiness The default user is not in the business. IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_BUSINESS
80041d02 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissparentbusiness The parent business was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARENT_BUSINESS
80041d01 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissuserdomainname The user’s domain name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_USER_DOMAINNAME
80041d00 unManagedidsbizmgmtmissbusinessname The business name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_BUSINESS_NAME
80041a08 unManagedidsxmlinvalidread A field that is not valid for read was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_READ
80041a07 unManagedidsxmlinvalidfield An invalid value was passed in for a field IDS_XML_INVALID_FIELD
80041a06 unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityattributes Invalid attributes IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_ATTRIBUTES
80041a05 unManagedidsxmlunexpected An unexpected error has occurred IDS_XML_UNEXPECTED
80041a04 unManagedidsxmlparseerror A parse error was encountered in the XML IDS_XML_PARSE_ERROR
80041a03 unManagedidsxmlinvalidcollectionname The collection name specified is incorrect IDS_XML_INVALID_COLLECTION_NAME
80041a02 unManagedidsxmlinvalidupdate A field that is not valid for update was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_UPDATE
80041a01 unManagedidsxmlinvalidcreate A field that is not valid for create was specified IDS_XML_INVALID_CREATE
80041a00 unManagedidsxmlinvalidentityname The entity name specified is incorrect IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_NAME
80041704 unManagedidsnotesnoattachment The specified note has no attachments. IDS_NOTES_NO_ATTACHMENT
80041703 unManagedidsnotesloopbeingcreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy. IDS_NOTES_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80041702 unManagedidsnotesloopexists A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy. IDS_NOTES_LOOP_EXISTS
80041701 unManagedidsnotesalreadyattached The specified note is already attached to an object. IDS_NOTES_ALREADY_ATTACHED
80041700 unManagedidsnotesnotedoesnotexist The specified note does not exist. IDS_NOTES_NOTE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
8004140f DuplicatedPrivilege Privilege {0} is duplicated.
8004140e MemberHasAlreadyBeenContacted This marketing list member was not contacted, because the member has previously received this communication. IDS_USER_ALREADY_CONTACTED_FILTERED
8004140d TeamInWrongBusiness The team belongs to a different business unit than the role.
8004140c unManagedidsrolesdeletenonparentrole Cannot delete a role that is inherited from a parent business. IDS_ROLES_DELETE_NONPARENT_ROLE
8004140b InvalidPrivilegeDepth Invalid privilege depth. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_DEPTH
8004140a unManagedidsrolesinvalidrolename The role name is invalid. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_NAME
80041409 UserInWrongBusiness The user belongs to a different business unit than the role. IDS_ROLES_USER_IN_WRONG_BIZ
80041408 unManagedidsrolesmissprivid The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_PRIVID
80041407 unManagedidsrolesmissrolename The role name was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLE_NAME
80041406 unManagedidsrolesmissbusinessid The role’s business unit ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_BUSINESSID
80041405 unManagedidsrolesmissroleid The role ID was unexpectedly missing. IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLEID
80041404 unManagedidsrolesinvalidtemplateid Invalid role template ID. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_TEMPLATE_ID
80041403 RoleAlreadyExists A role with the specified name already exists. IDS_ROLES_ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS
80041402 unManagedidsrolesroledoesnotexist The specified role does not exist. IDS_ROLES_ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041401 unManagedidsrolesinvalidroleid Invalid role ID. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_ID
80041400 unManagedidsrolesinvalidroledata The role data is invalid. IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_DATA
80041138 QueryBuilderSerializationInvalidIsQuickFindFilter The only valid values for isquickfindfields attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041137 QueryBuilderAttributeCannotBeGroupByAndAggregate An attribute can either be an aggregate or a Group By but not both
80041136 SqlArithmeticOverflowError A SQL arithmetic overflow error occurred
80041135 QueryBuilderInvalidDateGrouping An invalid value was specified for dategrouping.
80041134 QueryBuilderAliasRequiredForAggregateOrderBy An alias is required for an order clause for an aggregate Query.
80041133 QueryBuilderAttributeRequiredForNonAggregateOrderBy An attribute is required for an order clause for a non-aggregate Query.
80041132 QueryBuilderAliasNotAllowedForNonAggregateOrderBy An alias cannot be specified for an order clause for a non-aggregate Query. Use an attribute.
80041131 QueryBuilderAttributeNotAllowedForAggregateOrderBy An attribute cannot be specified for an order clause for an aggregate Query. Use an alias.
80041130 QueryBuilderDuplicateAlias FetchXML should have unique aliases.
8004112F QueryBuilderInvalidAggregateAttribute Aggregate SUM, MIN, MAX and AVG can only be used with integer, float, money and decimal type attributes.
8004112E QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidGroupBy The only valid values for groupby attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
8004112C QueryBuilderNoAttrsDistinctConflict The no-attrs tag cannot be used in conjuction with Distinct set to true.
8004112A QueryBuilderInvalidPagingCookie Invalid page number in paging cookie. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_PAGING_COOKIE
80041129 QueryBuilderPagingOrderBy Order by columns do not match those in paging cookie. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_PAGING_ORDERBY
80041128 QueryBuilderEntitiesDontMatch The entity name specified in fetchxml does not match the entity name specified in the Entity or Query Expression.
80041126 QueryBuilderLinkNodeForOrderNotFound Converting from Query to EntityExpression failed. Link Node for order was not found.
80041125 QueryBuilderDeserializeNoDocElemXml Document Element can’t be null.
80041124 QueryBuilderDeserializeEmptyXml Xml String can’t be null.
80041123 QueryBuilderElementNotFound A required element was not specified.
80041122 QueryBuilderInvalidFilterType Unsupported filter type. Valid values are ‘and’, or ‘or’.
80041121 QueryBuilderInvalidJoinOperator Unsupported join operator.
80041120 QueryBuilderInvalidConditionOperator Unsupported condition operator. IDS_INVALID_CONDITION_OP
8004111f QueryBuilderInvalidOrderType A valid order type must be set in the order before calling this method.
8004111e QueryBuilderAttributeNotFound A required attribute was not specified.
8004111d QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidUtcOffset The utc-offset attribute is not supported for deserialization.
8004111c QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNode The element node encountered is invalid.
8004111b QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidGetMinActiveRowVersion The only valid values for GetMinActiveRowVersion attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
8004111a QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidAggregate An error occurred while processing Aggregates in Query
80041119 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDescending The only valid values for descending attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041118 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidNoLock The only valid values for no-lock attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041117 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidLinkType The only valid values for link-type attribute are ‘natural’, ‘inner’, and ‘outer’.
80041116 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidMapping The only valid values for mapping are ‘logical’ or ‘internal’ which is deprecated.
80041115 QueryBuilderDeserializeInvalidDistinct The only valid values for distinct attribute are ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘1’, and ‘0’.
80041114 QueryBuilderSerialzeLinkTopCriteria Fetch does not support where clause with conditions from linkentity.
80041113 QueryBuilderColumnSetVersionMissing The specified columnset version is invalid.
80041112 QueryBuilderInvalidColumnSetVersion The specified columnset version is invalid.
80041111 QueryBuilderAttributePairMismatch AttributeFrom and AttributeTo must be either both specified or both omitted.
80041110 QueryBuilderByAttributeNonEmpty QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty attribute array.
8004110f QueryBuilderByAttributeMismatch QueryByAttribute must specify a non-empty value array with the same number of elements as in the attributes array.
8004110e QueryBuilderMultipleIntersectEntities More than one intersect entity exists between the two entities specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_MULTIPLE_INTERSECT_ENTITIES
8004110d QueryBuilderReportView_Does_Not_Exist A report view does not exist for the specified entity. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_REPORTVIEW_DOES_NOT_EXIST
8004110c QueryBuilderValue_GreaterThanZero A value greater than zero must be specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_VALUE_GREATERTHANZERO
8004110b QueryBuilderNoAlias No alias for the given entity in the condition was found. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOALIAS
8004110a QueryBuilderAlias_Does_Not_Exist The specified alias for the given entity in the condition does not exist. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ALIAS_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80041109 QueryBuilderInvalid_Alias Invalid alias for aggregate operation. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_ALIAS
80041108 QueryBuilderInvalid_Value Invalid value specified for type. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_VALUE
80041107 QueryBuilderAttribute_With_Aggregate Attributes can not be returned when aggregate operation is specified. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ATTRIBUTE_WITH_AGGREGATE
80041106 QueryBuilderBad_Condition Incorrect filter condition or conditions. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_BAD_CONDITION
80041103 QueryBuilderNoAttribute The specified attribute does not exist on this entity. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOATTRIBUTE
80041102 QueryBuilderNoEntity The specified entity was not found. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOENTITY
80041101 QueryBuilderUnexpected An unexpected error occurred. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_UNEXPECTED
80041100 QueryBuilderInvalidUpdate An attempt was made to update a non-updateable field. IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALIDUPDATE
800410fe QueryBuilderInvalidLogicalOperator Unsupported logical operator: {0}. Accepted values are (‘and’, ‘or’).
80040e02 unManagedidsmetadatanorelationship The relationship does not exist IDS_METADATA_NORELATIONSHIP
80040e01 MetadataNoMapping The mapping between specified entities does not exist IDS_METADATA_NOMAPPING
80040e03 MetadataNotSerializable The given metadata entity is not serializable IDS_METADATA_NOT_SERIALIZABLE
80040e00 unManagedidsmetadatanoentity The specified entity does not exist IDS_METADATA_NOENTITY
80040b08 unManagedidscommunicationsnosenderaddress The sender does not have an email address on the party record IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDERADDRESS
80040b07 unManagedidscommunicationstemplateinvalidtemplate The template body is invalid IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_TEMPLATE_INVALIDTEMPLATE
80040b06 unManagedidscommunicationsnoparticipationmask Participation type is missing from an activity IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTICIPATIONMASK
80040b05 unManagedidscommunicationsnorecipients At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NORECIPIENTS
80040b04 EmailRecipientNotSpecified The e-mail must have at least one recipient before it can be sent
80040b02 unManagedidscommunicationsnosender No email address was specified, and the calling user does not have an email address set IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDER
80040b01 unManagedidscommunicationsbadsender More than one sender specified IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_BADSENDER
80040b00 unManagedidscommunicationsnopartyaddress Object address not found on party or party is marked as non-emailable IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTYADDRESS
80040809 unManagedidsjournalingmissingincidentid Incident Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_INCIDENT_ID
80040808 unManagedidsjournalingmissingcontactid Contact Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_CONTACT_ID
80040807 unManagedidsjournalingmissingopportunityid Opportunity Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_OPPORTUNITY_ID
80040806 unManagedidsjournalingmissingaccountid Account Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_ACCOUNT_ID
80040805 unManagedidsjournalingmissingleadid Lead Id missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_LEAD_ID
80040804 unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventtype Event type missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_TYPE
80040803 unManagedidsjournalinginvalideventtype Invalid event type. IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_EVENT_TYPE
80040802 unManagedidsjournalingmissingeventdirection Event direction code missed. IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_DIRECTION
80040801 unManagedidsjournalingunsupportedobjecttype Unsupported type of objects passed in operation. IDS_JOURNALING_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT_TYPE
80040800 SdkEntityDoesNotSupportMessage The method being invoked does not support provided entity type. IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_RECIPIENT_TYPE
8004051a OpportunityAlreadyInOpenState The opportunity is already in the open state. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ALREADY_IN_OPEN_STATE
80040519 LeadAlreadyInClosedState The lead is already closed. IDS_LEAD_ALREADY_IN_CLOSED_STATE
80040518 LeadAlreadyInOpenState The lead is already in the open state. IDS_LEAD_ALREADY_IN_OPEN_STATE
80040517 CustomerIsInactive An inactive customer cannot be set as the parent of an object. IDS_CUSTOMER_IS_INACTIVE
80040516 OpportunityCannotBeClosed The opportunity cannot be closed. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_CANNOT_BE_CLOSED
80040515 OpportunityIsAlreadyClosed The opportunity is already closed. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED
80040514 unManagedidscustomeraddresstypeinvalid Invalid customer address type. IDS_CUSTOMERADDRESS_TYPE_INVALID
80040513 unManagedidsleadnotassignedtocaller The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance. IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_CALLER
80040512 unManagedidscontacthaschildopportunities The Contact has child opportunities. IDS_CONTACT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES
80040511 unManagedidsaccounthaschildopportunities The Account has child opportunities. IDS_ACCOUNT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES
80040510 unManagedidsleadoneaccount A lead can be associated with only one account. IDS_LEAD_ONE_ACCOUNT
8004050f unManagedidsopportunityorphan Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ORPHAN
8004050e unManagedidsopportunityoneaccount An opportunity can be associated with only one account. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ONE_ACCOUNT
8004050d unManagedidsleadusercannotreject The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance. IDS_LEAD_USER_CANNOT_REJECT
8004050c unManagedidsleadnotassigned The lead has not been assigned. IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED
8004050b unManagedidsleadnoparent The lead does not have a parent. IDS_LEAD_NO_PARENT
8004050a ContactLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Contacts hierarchy. IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80040509 ContactLoopExists Loop exists in the contacts hierarchy. IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_EXISTS
80040508 PresentParentAccountAndParentContact You can either specify a contacts parent contact or its account, but not both. IDS_PRESENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT
80040507 AccountLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Accounts hierarchy. IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED
80040506 AccountLoopExists Loop exists in the accounts hierarchy. IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_EXISTS
80040505 unManagedidsopportunitymissingparent The parent of the opportunity is missing. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_MISSING_PARENT
80040504 unManagedidsopportunityinvalidparent The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_INVALID_PARENT
80040503 ContactDoesNotExist Contact does not exist. IDS_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040502 AccountDoesNotExist Account does not exist. IDS_ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040501 unManagedidsleaddoesnotexist Lead does not exist. IDS_LEAD_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040500 unManagedidsopportunitydoesnotexist Opportunity does not exist. IDS_OPPORTUNITY_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040499 ReportDoesNotExist Report does not exist.
80040498 ReportLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in Reports hierarchy.
80040497 ReportLoopExists Loop exists in the reports hierarchy.
80040496 ParentReportLinksToSameNameChild Parent report already links to another report with the same name.
80040495 DuplicateReportVisibility A ReportVisibility with the same ReportId and VisibilityCode already exists. Duplicates are not allowed.
80040494 ReportRenderError An error occurred during report rendering.
80040493 SubReportDoesNotExist Subreport does not exist.
80040492 SrsDataConnectorNotInstalled MSCRM Data Connector Not Installed
80040491 InvalidCustomReportingWizardXml Invalid wizard xml
80040490 UpdateNonCustomReportFromTemplate Cannot update a report from a template if the report was not created from a template

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