Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 4

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
80040489 SnapshotReportNotReady The selected report is not ready for viewing. The report is still being created or a report snapshot is not available.
80040488 ExistingExternalReport The report could not be published for external use because a report of the same name already exists. Delete that report in SQL Server Reporting Services or rename this report, and try again.
80040487 ParentReportNotSupported Parent report is not supported for the type of report specified. Only SQL Reporting Services reports can have parent reports.
80040486 ParentReportDoesNotReferenceChild Specified parent report does not reference the current one. Only SQL Reporting Services reports can have parent reports.
80040485 MultipleParentReportsFound More than one report link found. Each report can have only one parent.
80040484 ReportingServicesReportExpected The report is not a Reporting Services report.
80040389 InvalidTransformationParameter A parameter for the transformation is either missing or invalid.
80040388 ReflexiveEntityParentOrChildDoesNotExist Either the parent or child entity does not exist
80040387 EntityLoopBeingCreated Creating this parental association would create a loop in this entity hierarchy.
80040386 EntityLoopExists Loop exists in this entity hierarchy.
80040385 UnsupportedProcessCode The process code is not supported on this entity.
80040384 NoOutputTransformationParameterMappingFound There is no output transformation parameter mapping defined. A transformation mapping must have atleast one output transformation parameter mapping.
80040383 RequiredColumnsNotFoundInImportFile One or more source columns used in the transformation do not exist in the source file.
80040382 InvalidTransformationParameterMapping The transformation parameter mapping defined is invalid. Check that the target attribute name exists.
80040381 UnmappedTransformationOutputDataFound One or more outputs returned by the transformation is not mapped to target fields.
80040380 InvalidTransformationParameterDataType The data type of one or more of the transformation parameters is unsupported.
8004037f ArrayMappingFoundForSingletonParameter An array transformation parameter mapping is defined for a single parameter.
8004037e SingletonMappingFoundForArrayParameter A single transformation parameter mapping is defined for an array parameter.
8004037d IncompleteTransformationParameterMappingsFound One or more mandatory transformation parameters do not have mappings defined for them.
8004037c InvalidTransformationParameterMappings One or more transformation parameter mappings are invalid or do not match the transformation parameter description.
8004037b GenericTransformationInvocationError The transformation returned invalid data.
8004037a InvalidTransformationType The specified transformation type is not supported.
80040379 UnableToLoadTransformationType Unable to load the transformation type.
80040378 UnableToLoadTransformationAssembly Unable to load the transformation assembly.
80040377 InvalidColumnMapping ColumnMapping is Invalid. Check that the target attribute exists.
80040376 CannotModifyOldDataFromImport The corresponding record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more recent data, so this record was ignored.
80040375 ImportFileTooLargeToUpload The import file is too large to upload.
80040374 InvalidImportFileContent The content of the import file is not valid. You must select a text file.
80040373 EmptyRecord The record is empty
80040372 LongParseRow The row is too long to import
80040371 ParseMustBeCalledBeforeTransform Cannot call transform before parse.
80040370 HeaderValueDoesNotMatchAttributeDisplayLabel The column heading does not match the attribute display label.
80040369 InvalidTargetEntity The specified target record type does not exist.
80040368 NoHeaderColumnFound A column heading is missing.
80040367 ParsingMetadataNotFound Data required to parse the file, such as the data delimiter, field delimiter, or column headings, was not found.
80040366 EmptyHeaderRow The first row of the file is empty.
80040365 EmptyContent The file is empty.
80040364 InvalidIsFirstRowHeaderForUseSystemMap The first row of the file does not contain column headings.
80040363 InvalidGuid The globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is invalid
80040362 GuidNotPresent The required globally unique identifier (GUID) in this row is not present
80040361 OwnerValueNotMapped The owner value is not mapped
80040360 PicklistValueNotMapped The record could not be processed as the Option set value could not be mapped.
8004035a ErrorInDelete The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be deleted
80040359 ErrorIncreate The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be created
80040358 ErrorInUpdate The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be updated
80040357 ErrorInSetState The status or status reason of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be set
80040356 InvalidDataFormat The source data is not in the required format
80040355 InvalidFormatForDataDelimiter Mismatched data delimiter: only one delimiter was found.
80040354 CRMUserDoesNotExist No Microsoft Dynamics CRM user exists with the specified domain name and user ID
80040353 LookupNotFound The lookup reference could not be resolved
80040352 DuplicateLookupFound A duplicate lookup reference was found
80040351 InvalidImportFileData The data is not in the required format
80040350 InvalidXmlSSContent The file could not be uploaded because the file format is not valid. Save the file in the XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml) format and then upload.
80040349 InvalidImportFileParseData Field and data delimiters for this file are not specified.
80040348 InvalidValueForFileType The file type is invalid.
80040347 EmptyImportFileRow Empty row.
80040346 ErrorInParseRow The row could not be parsed. This is typically caused by a row that is too long.
80040345 DataColumnsNumberMismatch The number of fields differs from the number of column headings.
80040344 InvalidHeaderColumn The column heading contains an invalid combination of data delimiters.
80040343 OwnerMappingExistsWithSourceSystemUserName The data map already contains this owner mapping.
80040342 PickListMappingExistsWithSourceValue The data map already contains this list value mapping.
80040341 InvalidValueForDataDelimiter The data delimiter is invalid.
80040340 InvalidValueForFieldDelimiter The field delimiter is invalid.
8004033f PickListMappingExistsForTargetValue This list value is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
8004033e MappingExistsForTargetAttribute This attribute is mapped more than once. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
8004033d SourceEntityMappedToMultipleTargets This source entity is mapped to more than one Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity. Remove any duplicate mappings, and then import this data map again.
8004033c AttributeNotOfTypePicklist This attribute is not mapped to a drop-down list, Boolean, or state/status attribute. However, you have included a ListValueMap element for it. Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
80040390 AttributeNotOfTypeReference This attribute is not mapped as a reference attribute. However, you have included a ReferenceMap for it. Fix this inconsistency, and then import this data map again.
80040391 TargetEntityNotFound The file specifies an entity that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040392 TargetAttributeNotFound The file specifies an attribute that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040393 PicklistValueNotFound The file specifies a list value that does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
80040394 TargetAttributeInvalidForMap This attribute is not valid for mapping.
80040395 TargetEntityInvalidForMap The file specifies an entity that is not valid for data migration.
80040396 InvalidFileBadCharacters The file could not be uploaded because it contains invalid character(s)
8004034a ErrorsInImportFiles Invalid File(s) for Import
8004033a InvalidOperationWhenListIsNotActive List is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
8004033b InvalidOperationWhenPartyIsNotActive The party is not active. Cannot perform this operation.
80040339 AsyncOperationSuspendedOrLocked >A background job associated with this import is either suspended or locked. In order to delete this import, in the Workplace, click Imports, open the import, click System Jobs, and resume any suspended jobs.
80040338 DuplicateHeaderColumn A duplicate column heading exists.
80040337 EmptyHeaderColumn The column heading cannot be empty.
80040336 InvalidColumnNumber The column number specified in the data map does not exist.
80040335 TransformMustBeCalledBeforeImport Cannot call import before transform.
80040334 OperationCanBeCalledOnlyOnce The specified action can be done only one time.
80040333 DuplicateRecordsFound A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists.
80040331 CampaignActivityClosed This Campaign Activity is closed or canceled. Campaign activities cannot be distributed after they have been closed or canceled.
80040330 UnexpectedErrorInMailMerge There was an unexpected error during mail merge.
8004032f UserCancelledMailMerge The mail merge operation was cancelled by the user.
8004032e FilteredDuetoMissingEmailAddress This customer is filtered due to missing email address.
8004032b CannotDeleteAsBackgroundOperationInProgress This record is currently being used by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and cannot be deleted. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.
8004032a FilteredDuetoInactiveState This customer is filtered due to inactive state.
80040329 MissingBOWFRules Bulk Operation related workflow rules are missing.
80040327 CannotSpecifyOwnerForActivityPropagation Cannot specify owner on activity for distribution
80040326 CampaignActivityAlreadyPropagated This campaign activity has been distributed already. Campaign activities cannot be distributed more than one time.
80040325 FilteredDuetoAntiSpam This customer is filtered due to AntiSpam settings. IDS_ANTISPAM_FILTERED
80040324 TemplateTypeNotSupportedForUnsubscribeAcknowledgement This template type is not supported for unsubscribe acknowledgement.
80040323 ErrorInImportConfig Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration has some errors.
80040322 ImportConfigNotSpecified Cannot process with Bulk Import as Import Configuration not specified.
80040321 InvalidActivityType An invalid object type was specified for distributing activities.
80040320 UnsupportedParameter A parameter specified is not supported by the Bulk Operation
8004031f MissingParameter A required parameter is missing for the Bulk Operation
8004031e CannotSpecifyCommunicationAttributeOnActivityForPropagation Cannot specify communication attribute on activity for distribution
8004031d CannotSpecifyRecipientForActivityPropagation Cannot specify a recipient for activity distribution.
8004031c CannotSpecifyAttendeeForAppointmentPropagation Cannot specify an attendee for appointment distribution.
8004031b CannotSpecifySenderForActivityPropagation Cannot specify a sender for appointment distribution
8004031a CannotSpecifyOrganizerForAppointmentPropagation Cannot specify an organizer for appointment distribution
80040319 InvalidRegardingObjectTypeCode The regarding Object Type Code is not valid for the Bulk Operation.
80040318 UnspecifiedActivityXmlForCampaignActivityPropagate Must specify an Activity Xml for CampaignActivity Execute/Distribute
80040317 MoneySizeExceeded Supplied value exceeded the MIN/MAX value of Money Type field.
80040316 ExtraPartyInformation Extra party information should not be provided for this operation.
80040315 NotSupported This action is not supported.
80040314 InvalidOperationForClosedOrCancelledCampaignActivity Can not add items to closed (cancelled) campaignactivity.
80040313 InvalidEmailTemplate Must specify a valid Template Id
80040312 CannotCreateResponseForTemplate CampaignResponse can not be created for Template Campaign.
80040311 CannotPropagateCamapaignActivityForTemplate Cannot execute (distribute) a CampaignActivity for a template Campaign.
80040310 InvalidChannelForCampaignActivityPropagate Cannot distribute activities for campaign activities of the specified channel type.
8004030f InvalidActivityTypeForCampaignActivityPropagate Must specify a valid CommunicationActivity
8004030e ObjectNotRelatedToCampaign Specified Object not related to the parent Campaign
8004030d CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaignActivity Specified Object Type not supported
8004030c CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignResponse Parent campaign is not updatable.
8004030b CannotUpdateCampaignForCampaignActivity Parent campaign is not updatable.
8004030a CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignResponse RegardingObjectId is a required field.
80040309 CampaignNotSpecifiedForCampaignActivity RegardingObjectId is a required field.
80040307 CannotRelateObjectTypeToCampaign Specified Object Type not supported
80040306 CannotCopyIncompatibleListType Cannot copy lists of different types.
80040305 InvalidActivityTypeForList Cannot create activities of the specified list type.
80040304 CannotAssociateInactiveItemToCampaign Cannot associate an inactive item to a Campaign.
80040303 InvalidFetchXml Malformed FetchXml.
80040302 InvalidOperationWhenListLocked List is Locked. Cannot perform this action.
80040301 UnsupportedListMemberType Unsupported list member type.
80040267 CannotMoveDisabledUser Disabled users cannot be moved to a different business unit. IDS_CANNOT_MOVE_DISABLED_USER
80040266 InvalidPrimaryKey Invalid primary key. IDS_INVALID_KEY
80040265 IsvAborted ISV code aborted the operation. IDS_ISV_ABORTED
80040264 CannotAssignOutlookFilters Cannot assign outlook filters
80040263 CannotCreateOutlookFilters Cannot create outlook filters
80040268 CannotGrantAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot grant access to outlook filters
80040269 CannotModifyAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot modify access for outlook filters
80040270 CannotRevokeAccessToOutlookFilters Cannot revoke access for outlook filters
80040271 CannotGrantAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot grant access to offline filters
80040272 CannotModifyAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot modify access for offline filters
80040273 CannotRevokeAccessToOfflineFilters Cannot revoke access for offline filters
80040274 DuplicateOutlookAppointment The Appointment being promoted from Outlook is already tracked in CRM
80040275 AppointmentScheduleNotSet Scheduled End and Scheduled Start must be set for Appointments in order to sync with Outlook.
80040276 PrivilegeCreateIsDisabledForOrganization Privilege Create is disabled for organization.
80040277 UnauthorizedAccess Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
80040278 InvalidCharactersInField The field ‘{0}’ contains one or more invalid characters.
80040279 CannotChangeStateOfNonpublicView Only public views can be deactivated and activated.
8004027a CannotDeactivateDefaultView Default views cannot be deactivated.
8004027b CannotSetInactiveViewAsDefault Inactive views cannot be set as default view.
8004027c CannotExceedFilterLimit Cannot exceed synchronization filter limit.
8004027d CannotHaveMultipleDefaultFilterTemplates Cannot have multiple default synchronization templates for a single entity.
80040262 CrmConstraintParsingError Crm constraint parsing error occurred.
80040261 CrmConstraintEvaluationError Crm constraint evaluation error occurred.
80040260 CrmExpressionEvaluationError Crm expression evaluation error occurred.
8004025f CrmExpressionParametersParsingError Crm expression parameters parsing error occurred.
8004025e CrmExpressionBodyParsingError Crm expression body parsing error occurred.
8004025d CrmExpressionParsingError Crm expression parsing error occurred.
8004025c CrmMalformedExpressionError Crm malformed expression error occurred.
8004025b CalloutException Callout Exception occurred.
8004025a DateTimeFormatFailed Failed to produce a formatted datetime value.
80040259 NumberFormatFailed Failed to produce a formatted numeric value.
80040258 InvalidRestore RestoreCaller must be called after SwitchToSystemUser.
80040257 InvalidCaller Cannot switch ExecutionContext to system user without setting Caller first.
80040256 CrmSecurityError A failure occurred in CrmSecurity.
80040255 TransactionAborted Transaction Aborted.
80040254 CannotBindToSession Cannot bind to another session, session already bound.
80040253 SessionTokenUnavailable Session token is not available unless there is a transaction in place.
80040252 TransactionNotCommited Transaction not committed.
80040251 TransactionNotStarted Transaction not started.
80040250 MultipleChildPicklist Crm Internal Exception: Picklists with more than one childAttribute are not supported.
8004024f InvalidSingletonResults Crm Internal Exception: Singleton Retrieve Query should not return more than 1 record.
8004024e FailedToLoadAssembly Failed to load assembly
8004024d CrmQueryExpressionNotInitialized The QueryExpression has not been initialized. Please use the constructor that takes in the entity name to create a correctly initialized instance
8004024c InvalidRegistryKey Invalid registry key specified.
8004024b InvalidPriv Invalid privilege type.
8004024a MetadataNotFound Metadata not found.
80040249 InvalidEntityClassException Invalid entity class.
80040248 InvalidXmlEntityNameException Invalid Xml entity name.
80040247 InvalidXmlCollectionNameException Invalid Xml collection name.
80040246 InvalidRecurrenceRule Error in RecurrencePatternFactory.
80040245 CrmImpersonationError Error occurred in the Crm AutoReimpersonator.
80040244 ServiceInstantiationFailed Instantiation of an Entity failed.
80040243 EntityInstantiationFailed Instantiation of an Entity instance Service failed.
80040242 FormTransitionError The import has failed because the system cannot transition the entity form {0} from unmanaged to managed. Add at least one full (root) component to the managed solution, and then try to import it again.
80040241 UserTimeConvertException Failed to convert user time zone information.
80040240 UserTimeZoneException Failed to retrieve user time zone information.
8004023f InvalidConnectionString The connection string not found or invalid. IDS_INVALIDCONNSTRING
8004023e OpenCrmDBConnection Db Connection is Open, when it should be Closed.
8004023d UnpopulatedPrimaryKey Primary Key must be populated for calls to platform on rich client in offline mode.
8004023c InvalidVersion Unhandled Version mismatch found. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_OUTLOOK_FILTERS
8004023b InvalidOperation Invalid Operation performed. IDS_CANNOT_CREATE_OUTLOOK_FILTERS
8004023a InvalidMetadata Invalid Metadata. IDS_TRANSACTION_TEST_FAIL
80040239 InvalidDateTime The date-time format is invalid, or value is outside the supported range. IDS_INVALIDDATETIME
80040238 unManagedidscannotdefaultprivateview Private views cannot be default. IDS_CANNOT_DEFAULT_PRIVATE_VIEW
80040237 DuplicateRecord Operation failed due to a SQL integrity violation. IDS_DUPLICATE_RECORD
80040236 unManagedidsnorelationship No relationship exists between the objects specified. IDS_NO_RELATIONSHIP
80040235 MissingQueryType The query type is missing. IDS_MISSING_QUERY_TYPE
80040234 InvalidRollupType The rollup type is invalid. IDS_INVALID_ROLLUP_TYPE
80040233 InvalidState The object is not in a valid state to perform this operation. IDS_INVALID_STATE
80040232 unManagedidsviewisnotsharable The view is not sharable. IDS_VIEW_IS_NOT_SHARABLE
80040231 PrincipalPrivilegeDenied Target user or team does not hold required privileges. IDS_PRINCIPAL_PRIVILEGE_DENIED
80040230 CannotUpdateObjectBecauseItIsInactive The object cannot be updated because it is inactive. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_INACTIVE
8004022f CannotDeleteCannedView System-defined views cannot be deleted. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_CANNED_VIEW
8004022e CannotUpdateBecauseItIsReadOnly The object cannot be updated because it is read-only. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY
8004022d InvalidCustomer The customer is invalid. IDS_INVALID_CUSTOMER
8004022c unManagedidsdataoutofrange Data out of range IDS_DATA_OUTOFRANGE
8004022b unManagedidsownernotenabled The specified owner has been disabled. IDS_OWNER_NOT_ENABLED
8004022a BusinessManagementObjectAlreadyExists An object with the specified name already exists. IDS_AD_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS
80040229 InvalidOwnerID The owner ID is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_OWNERID
80040228 CannotDeleteAsItIsReadOnly The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY
80040227 CannotDeleteDueToAssociation The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted. IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_OF_ASSOTIATION
80040226 unManagedidsanonymousenabled The logged-in user was not found in the Active Directory. IDS_ANONYMOUS_ENABLED
80040225 unManagedidsusernotenabled The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit. IDS_USER_NOT_ENABLED
8004032c BusinessNotEnabled The specified business unit is disabled. IDS_BUSINESS_NOT_ENABLED
8004032d CannotAssignToDisabledBusiness The specified business unit cannot be assigned to because it is disabled. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_DISABLED_BUSINESS
80040224 IsvUnExpected An unexpected error occurred from ISV code. IDS_ISV_UNEXPECTED
80040223 OnlyOwnerCanRevoke Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner’s access to that object. IDS_ONLY_OWNER_CAN_REVOKE
80040222 unManagedidsoutofmemory Out of memory. IDS_OUTOFMEMORY
80040221 unManagedidscannotassigntobusiness Cannot assign an object to a merchant. IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_BUSINESS
80040220 PrivilegeDenied The user does not hold the necessary privileges. IDS_PRIVILEGE_DENIED
8004021f InvalidObjectTypes Invalid object type. IDS_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE
8004021e unManagedidscannotgrantorrevokeaccesstobusiness Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a merchant. IDS_CANNOT_GRANT_OR_REVOKE_ACCESS_TO_BUSINESS
8004021d unManagedidsinvaliduseridorbusinessidorusersbusinessinvalid One of the following occurred: invalid user id, invalid business id or the user does not belong to the business. IDS_INVALID_USERID_OR_BUSINESSID_OR_USERS_BUSINESS_INVALID
8004021c unManagedidspresentuseridandteamid Both the user id and team id are present. Only one should be present. IDS_PRESENT_USERID_AND_TEAMID
8004021b MissingUserId The user id or the team id is missing. IDS_MISSING_USERID_OR_TEAMID
8004021a MissingBusinessId The business id is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_BUSINESSID
80040219 NotImplemented The requested functionality is not yet implemented. IDS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
80040218 InvalidPointer The object is disposed. IDS_INVALID_POINTER
80040217 ObjectDoesNotExist The specified object was not found. IDS_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST
80040216 UnExpected An unexpected error occurred. IDS_UNEXPECTED
80040215 MissingOwner Item does not have an owner. IDS_MISSING_OWNER
80040214 CannotShareWithOwner An item cannot be shared with the owning user. IDS_CANNOT_SHARE_OBJECT_WITH_OWNER
80040213 unManagedidsinvalidvisibilitymodificationaccess User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item. IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY_MODIFICATION_ACCESS
80040212 unManagedidsinvalidowninguser Item does not have an owning user. IDS_INVALID_OWNINGUSER
80040211 unManagedidsinvalidassociation Invalid association. IDS_INVALID_ASSOCIATION
80040210 InvalidAssigneeId Invalid assignee id. IDS_INVALID_ASSIGNEEID
8004020f unManagedidsfailureinittoken Failure in obtaining user token. IDS_FAILURE_INITTOKEN
8004020e unManagedidsinvalidvisibility Invalid visibility. IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY
8004020d InvalidAccessRights Invalid access rights. IDS_INVALID_ACCESSRIGHTS
8004020c InvalidSharee Invalid share id. IDS_INVALID_SHAREEID
8004020b unManagedidsinvaliditemid Invalid item id. IDS_INVALID_ITEMID
8004020a unManagedidsinvalidorgid Invalid organization id. IDS_INVALID_ORGID
80040209 unManagedidsinvalidbusinessid Invalid business id. IDS_INVALID_BUSINESSID
80040208 unManagedidsinvalidteamid Invalid team id. IDS_INVALID_TEAMID
80040207 unManagedidsinvaliduserid The user id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_USERID
80040206 InvalidParentId The parent id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PARENTID
80040205 InvalidParent The parent object is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PARENT
80040204 InvalidUserAuth User does not have the privilege to act on behalf another user. IDS_INVALID_USERAUTH
80040203 InvalidArgument Invalid argument. IDS_INVALIDARG
80040202 EmptyXml Empty XML. IDS_EMPTY_XML
80040201 InvalidXml Invalid XML. IDS_INVALID_XML
80040200 RequiredFieldMissing Required field missing. IDS_REQUIREDFIELDMISSING
800401ff SearchTextLenExceeded Search Text Length Exceeded. IDS_SEARCHTXTLENEXCEEDED
800404ff CannotAssignOfflineFilters Cannot assign offline filters
800404fe ArticleIsPublished The article cannot be updated or deleted because it is in published state IDS_ARTICLE_IS_PUBLISHED
800404fd InvalidArticleTemplateState The article template state is undefined IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_STATE
800404fc InvalidArticleStateTransition This article state transition is invalid because of the current state of the article IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_STATE_TRANSITION
800404fb InvalidArticleState The article state is undefined IDS_INVALID_ARTICLE_STATE
800404fa NullKBArticleTemplateId The kbarticletemplateid cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_KB_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_ID
800404f9 NullArticleTemplateStructureXml The article template structurexml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_STRUCTURE_XML
800404f8 NullArticleTemplateFormatXml The article template formatxml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_FORMAT_XML
800404f7 NullArticleXml The article xml cannot be NULL IDS_NULL_ARTICLE_XML
800404f6 InvalidContractDetailId The Contract detail id is invalid IDS_INVALID_CONTRACT_DETAIL_ID
800404f5 InvalidTotalPrice The total price is invalid IDS_INVALID_TOTAL_PRICE
800404f4 InvalidTotalDiscount The total discount is invalid IDS_INVALID_TOTAL_DISCOUNT
800404f3 InvalidNetPrice The net price is invalid IDS_INVALID_NET_PRICE
800404f2 InvalidAllotmentsRemaining The allotments remaining is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_REMAINING
800404f1 InvalidAllotmentsUsed The allotments used is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_USED
800404f0 InvalidAllotmentsTotal The total allotments is invalid IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_TOTAL
800404ef InvalidAllotmentsCalc Allotments: remaining + used != total IDS_INVALID_ALLOTMENTS_CALC
8004051b CannotRouteToSameQueue The queue item cannot be routed to the same queue IDS_CANNOT_ROUTE_TO_SAMEQUEUE
8004051c CannotAddSingleQueueEnabledEntityToQueue The entity record cannot be added to the queue as it already exists in other queue. IDS_CANNOT_ADD_SINGLE_Q_ENTITY
8004051d CannotUpdateDeactivatedQueueItem This item is deactivated. To work with this item, reactivate it and then try again. IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_DEACTIVATED_QUEUEITEM
8004051e CannotCreateQueueItemInactiveObject Deactivated object cannot be added to queue. IDS_CANNOT_CREATE_QUEUEITEM_INACTIVE_OBJECT
80040520 InsufficientPrivilegeToQueueOwner The owner of this queue does not have sufficient privileges to work with the queue.
80040521 NoPrivilegeToWorker You cannot add items to an inactive queue. Select another queue and try again.
80040522 CannotAddQueueItemsToInactiveQueue The selected user does not have sufficient permissions to work on items in this queue.
80040523 EmailAlreadyExistsInDestinationQueue You cannot add this e-mail to the selected queue. A queue item for this e-mail already exists in the queue. You can delete the item from the queue, and then try again.
80040524 CouldNotFindQueueItemInQueue Could not find any queue item associated with the Target in the specified SourceQueueId. Either the SourceQueueId or Target is invalid or the queue item does not exist.
80040525 MultipleQueueItemsFound This item occurs in more than one queue and cannot be routed from this list. Locate the item in a queue and try to route the item again.
80040526 ActiveQueueItemAlreadyExists An active queue item already exists for the given object. Cannot create more than one active queue item for this object.
80040527 CannotRouteInactiveQueueItem You can’t route a queue item that has been deactivated.
80040528 QueueIdNotPresent You must enter the target queue. Provide a valid value in the Queue field and try again.
80040529 QueueItemNotPresent You must enter the name of the record that you would like to put in the queue. Provide a valid value in the Queue Item field and try again.
800404ee CannotUpdatePrivateOrWIPQueue The private or WIP Bin queue is not allowed to be updated or deleted IDS_CANNOT_UPDATE_PRIVATE_OR_QUEUE
800404ec CannotFindUserQueue Cannot find user queue IDS_CANNOT_FIND_USER_QUEUE
800404eb CannotFindObjectInQueue The object was not found in the given queue IDS_CANNOT_FIND_OBJECT_IN_QUEUE
800404ea CannotRouteToQueue Cannot route to Work in progress queue IDS_CANNOT_ROUTE_TO_QUEUE
800404e9 RouteTypeUnsupported The route type is unsupported IDS_ROUTE_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED
800404e8 UserIdOrQueueNotSet Primary User Id or Destination Queue Type code not set IDS_USER_ID_OR_QUEUE_NOT_SET
800404e7 RoutingNotAllowed This object type can not be routed. IDS_ROUTING_NOT_ALLOWED
80044900 CannotUpdateMetricOnChildGoal You cannot update metric on a child goal.
80044901 CannotUpdateGoalPeriodInfoChildGoal You cannot update goal period related attributes on a child goal.
80044902 CannotUpdateMetricOnGoalWithChildren You cannot update metric on a goal which has associated child goals.
80044903 FiscalPeriodGoalMissingInfo For a goal of fiscal period type, the fiscal period attribute must be set.
80044904 CustomPeriodGoalHavingExtraInfo For a goal of custom period type, fiscal year and fiscal period attributes must be left blank.
80044905 ParentChildMetricIdDiffers The metricid of child goal should be same as the parent goal.
80044906 ParentChildPeriodAttributesDiffer The period settings of child goal should be same as the parent goal.
80044907 CustomPeriodGoalMissingInfo For a goal of custom period type, goalstartdate and goalenddate attributes must have data.
80044908 GoalMissingPeriodTypeInfo Goal Period Type needs to be specified when creating a goal. This field cannot be null.
80044909 ParticipatingQueryEntityMismatch The entitytype of participating query should be the same as the entity specified in fetchxml.
80044910 CannotUpdateGoalPeriodInfoClosedGoal You cannot change the time period of this goal because there are one or more closed subordinate goals.
80044911 CannotUpdateRollupFields You cannot write on rollup fields if isoverride is not set to true in your create/update request.
80044800 CannotDeleteMetricWithGoals This goal metric is being used by one or more goals and cannot be deleted.
80044801 CannotUpdateRollupAttributeWithClosedGoals The changes made to the roll-up field definition cannot be saved because the related goal metric is being used by one or more closed goals.
80044802 MetricNameAlreadyExists A goal metric with the same name already exists. Specify a different name, and try again.
80044803 CannotUpdateMetricWithGoals The changes made to this record cannot be saved because this goal metric is being used by one or more goals.
80044804 CannotCreateUpdateSourceAttribute Source Attribute Not Valid For Create/Update if Metric Type is Count.
80044805 InvalidDateAttribute Date Attribute specified is not an attribute of Source Entity.
80044806 InvalidSourceEntityAttribute Attribute {0} is not an attribute of Entity {1}.
80044807 GoalAttributeAlreadyMapped The Metric Detail for Specified Goal Attribute already exists.
80044808 InvalidSourceAttributeType Source Attribute Type does not match the Amount Data Type specified.
8004480a MaxLimitForRollupAttribute Only three metric details per metric can be created.
8004480b InvalidGoalAttribute Goal Attribute does not match the specified metric type.
8004480c CannotUpdateParentAndDependents Cannot update metric or period attributes when parent is being updated.
8004480d UserDoesNotHaveSendAsAllowed User does not have send-as privilege
8004480e CannotUpdateQuoteCurrency The currency cannot be changed because this quote has Products associated with it. If you want to change the currency please delete all of the Products and then change the currency or create a new quote with the appropriate currency.
8004480f UserDoesNotHaveSendAsForQueue You do not have sufficient privileges to send e-mail as the selected queue. Contact your system administrator for assistance.
80044810 InvalidSourceStateValue The source state specified for the entity is invalid.
80044811 InvalidSourceStatusValue The source status specified for the entity is invalid.
80044812 InvalidEntityForDateAttribute Entity For Date Attribute can be either source entity or its parent.
80044813 InvalidEntityForRollup The entity {0} is not a valid entity for rollup.
80044814 InvalidFiscalPeriod The fiscal period {0} does not fall in the permitted range of fiscal periods as per organization’s fiscal settings.

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