Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 5

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
800404e6 unManagedchildentityisnotchild The child entity supplied is not a child. IDS_INVALID_CHILD_ENTITY
800404e5 unManagedmissingparententity The parent entity could not be located. IDS_PARENT_NOT_FOUND
800404e4 unManagedunablegetexecutioncontext Failed to retrieve execution context (TLS). IDS_UNEXPECTED_EXEC_CONTEXT
800404e3 unManagedpendingtrxexists A pending transaction already exists. IDS_PENDING_TRX
800404e2 unManagedinvalidtrxcountforcommit The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to commit. IDS_TRX_INVALID_COMMIT_COUNT
800404e1 unManagedinvalidtrxcountforrollback The transaction count was expected to be 1 in order to rollback. IDS_TRX_INVALID_ROLLBACK_COUNT
800404e0 unManagedunableswitchusercontext Cannot set to a different user context. IDS_CANNOT_SWITCH_USER_CONTEXT
800404df unManagedmissingdataaccess The data access could not be retrieved from the ExecutionContext. IDS_MISSING_DATA_ACCESS
800404de unManagedinvalidcharacterdataforaggregate Character data is not valid when clearing an aggregate. IDS_INVALID_CHAR_DATA
800404dd unManagedtrxinterophandlerset The TrxInteropHandler has already been set. IDS_TRXINTEROPHANDLER_SET
800404dc unManagedinvalidbinaryfield The platform cannot handle binary fields. IDS_INVALID_BINARY_FIELD
800404db unManagedinvaludidispatchfield The platform cannot handle idispatch fields. IDS_INVALID_IDISPATCH_FIELD
800404da unManagedinvaliddbdatefield The platform cannot handle dbdate fields. IDS_INVALID_DBDATE_FIELD
800404d9 unManagedinvalddbtimefield The platform cannot handle dbtime fields. IDS_INVALID_DBTIME_FIELD
800404d8 unManagedinvalidfieldtype The platform cannot handle the specified field type. IDS_INVALID_FIELD_TYPE
800404d7 unManagedinvalidstreamfield The platform cannot handle stream fields. IDS_INVALID_STREAM_FIELD
800404d6 unManagedinvalidparametertypeforparameterizedquery A parameterized query is not supported for the supplied parameter type. IDS_INVALID_PARAMETER_TYPE
800404d5 unManagedinvaliddynamicparameteraccessor SetParam failed processing the DynamicParameterAccessor parameter. IDS_FAILED_SETPARAM
800404d4 unManagedunablegetsessiontokennotrx Unable to retrieve the session token as there are no pending transactions. IDS_UNABLE_GET_SESSION_TOKEN_NO_TRX
800404d3 unManagedunablegetsessiontoken Unable to retrieve the session token. IDS_UNABLE_GET_SESSION_TOKEN
800404d2 unManagedinvalidsecurityprincipal The security principal is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRINCIPAL
800404d0 unManagedmissingpreviousownertype Unable to determine the previous owner’s type. IDS_INVALID_PREV_OWNER_TYPE
800404ce unManagedinvalidprivilegeid The privilege id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRIVILEGEID
800404cd unManagedinvalidprivilegeusergroup The privilege user group id is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PRIVILEGEUSERGROUPID
800404cc unManagedunexpectedpropertytype Unexpected type for the property. IDS_UNEXPECTED_PROPERTY_TYPE
800404cb unManagedmissingaddressentity The address entity could not be found. IDS_MISSING_ADDRESS
800404ca unManagederroraddingfiltertoqueryplan An error occurred adding a filter to the query plan. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_ERROR
800404c9 unManagedmissingreferencesfromrelationship Unable to access a relationship in an entity’s ReferencesFrom collection. IDS_UNEXPECTED_REL_ARRAY_ACCESS
800404c8 unManagedmissingreferencingattribute The relationship’s ReferencingAttribute is missing or invalid. IDS_MISSING_REFERENCING_ATTR
800404c7 unManagedinvalidoperator The operator provided is not valid. IDS_INVALID_OPERATOR
800404c6 unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplanfilter Unable to access a filter in the query plan. IDS_ERROR_FILTER_ACCESS
800404c5 unManagedmissingattributefortag An expected attribute was not found for the tag specified. IDS_MISSING_ATTRIBUTE_FOR_TAG
800404c4 unManagederrorprocessingfilternodes An unexpected error occurred processing the filter nodes. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_PROCESSING
800404c3 unManagedunabletolocateconditionfilter Unexpected error locating the filter for the condition. IDS_UNEXPECTED_FILTER_CONDITION
800404c2 unManagedinvalidpagevalue The page value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_PAGE
800404c1 unManagedinvalidcountvalue The count value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_COUNT
800404c0 unManagedinvalidversionvalue The version value is invalid or missing. IDS_INVALID_VERSION
800404bf unManagedinvalidvaluettagoutsideconditiontag A invalid value tag was found outside of it’s condition tag. IDS_INVALID_VALUE_CONDITION
800404be unManagedinvalidorganizationid The organizationid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_ORG_ID
800404bd unManagedinvalidowninguser The owninguser is mising or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNING_USER
800404bc unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunitorbusinessunitid The owningbusinessunit or businessunitid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNING_OR_BUSUNITID
800404bb unManagedinvalidprivilegeedepth Invalid privilege depth for user. IDS_INVALID_PRIV_DEPTH
800404ba unManagedinvalidlinkobjects Invalid link entity, link to attribute, or link from attribute. IDS_INVALID_LINK_OBJECTS
800404b8 unManagedpartylistattributenotsupported Attributes of type partylist are not supported. IDS_INVALID_ATTR_PARTYLIST
800404b7 unManagedinvalidargumentsforcondition An invalid number of arguments was supplied to a condition. IDS_INVALID_CONDITION_ARGS
800404b6 unManagedunknownaggregateoperation An unknown aggregate operation was supplied. IDS_INVALID_AGGREGATE_OP
800404b5 unManagedmissingparentattributeonentity The parent attribute was not found on the expected entity. IDS_MISSING_PARENT_ATTR_ON_ENTITY
800404b4 unManagedinvalidprocesschildofcondition ProcessChildOfCondition was called with non-child-of condition. IDS_INVALID_CHILDOF_COND
800404b3 unManagedunexpectedrimarykey Primary key attribute was not as expected. IDS_UNEXPECTED_PK
800404b2 unManagedmissinglinkentity Unexpected error locating link entity. IDS_UNEXPECTED_LINK_ENTITY
800404b1 unManagedinvalidprocessliternalcondition ProcessLiteralCondition is only valid for use with Rollup queries. IDS_INVALID_ROLLUP_COND
800404b0 unManagedemptyprocessliteralcondition No data specified for ProcessLiteralCondition. IDS_INVALID_PROCESSLITERALCOND
800404af unManagedunusablevariantdata Variant supplied contains data in an unusable format. IDS_INVALID_VARIANTDATA
800404ae unManagedfieldnotvalidatedbyplatform A field was not validated by the platform. IDS_NOT_VALIDATED
800404ad unManagedmissingfilterattribute Missing filter attribute. IDS_MISSING_FILTER_ATTR
800404ac unManagedinvalidequalityoperand Only QB_LITERAL is supported for equality operand. IDS_INVALID_EQ_OP_LITERAL
800404ab unManagedfilterindexoutofrange The filter index is out of range. IDS_FILTER_INDEX_RANGE
800404aa unManagedentityisnotintersect The entity is not an intersect entity. IDS_NOT_INTERSECT_ENTITY
800404a9 unManagedcihldofconditionforoffilefilters Child-of condition is only allowed on offline filters. IDS_INVALID_CHILDOF_COND_OFFLINE
800404a8 unManagedinvalidowningbusinessunit The owningbusinessunit is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_OWNINGBUSUNITID
800404a7 unManagedinvalidbusinessunitid The businessunitid is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_BUSUNITID
800404a6 unManagedmorethanonesortattribute More than one sort attributes were defined. IDS_INVALID_SORT_ATTRIBUTE
800404a5 unManagedunabletoaccessqueryplan Unable to access the query plan. IDS_UNABLE_ACCESS_QUERYPLAN
800404a4 unManagedparentattributenotfound The parent attribute was not found for the child attribute. IDS_MISSING_PARENT_ATTR
800404a2 unManagedinvalidtlsmananger Failed to retrieve TLS Manager. IDS_INVALID_TLSMNGR
800404a1 unManagedinvalidescapedxml Escaped xml size not as expected. IDS_INVALID_ESCAPED_XML
800404a0 unManagedunabletoretrieveprivileges Failed to retrieve privileges. IDS_FAILED_RETRIEVE_PRIV
8004049f unManagedproxycreationfailed Cannot create an instance of managed proxy. IDS_FAILED_CREATE_MANAGED_PROXY
8004049e unManagedinvalidprincipal The principal id is missing or invalid. IDS_INVALID_PRINCIPALID
80044152 RestrictInheritedRole Inherited roles cannot be modified. IDS_ROLES_RESTRICT_INHERITED
80044153 unManagedidsfetchbetweentext between, not-between, in, and not-in operators are not allowed on attributes of type text or ntext. IDS_FETCHXML_BETWEEN_NOTEXT
80044154 unManagedidscantdisable The user cannot be disabled because they have workflow rules running under their context. IDS_BIZMGMT_CANT_DISABLE
80044155 CascadeInvalidLinkTypeTransition Invalid link type for system entity cascading actions.
80044156 InvalidOrgOwnedCascadeLinkType Cascade User-Owned is not a valid cascade link type for org-owned entity relationships.
80044161 CallerCannotChangeOwnDomainName The caller cannot change their own domain name IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_CANNOT_CHANGE_OWN_DOMAIN_NAME
80044162 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChange The target state could not be set because the state transition is not valid.
80044163 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeUnexpected The target state could not be set because the state was changed by another process.
80044164 AsyncOperationMissingId The AsyncOperationId is required to do the update.
80044165 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToComplete The target state could not be set to complete because the state transition is not valid.
80044166 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToReady The target state could not be set to ready because the state transition is not valid.
80044167 AsyncOperationInvalidStateChangeToSuspended The target state could not be set to suspended because the state transition is not valid.
80044168 AsyncOperationCannotUpdateNonrecurring Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job that is not recurring.
80044169 AsyncOperationCannotUpdateRecurring Cannot update recurrence pattern for a job type that is not supported.
8004416a AsyncOperationCannotDeleteUnlessCompleted Cannot delete async operation unless it is in Completed state.
8004416b SdkInvalidMessagePropertyName Message property name ‘{0}’ is not valid on message {1}.
8004416c PluginAssemblyMustHavePublicKeyToken Public assembly must have public key token.
8004416d SdkMessageInvalidImageTypeRegistration Message {0} does not support this image type.
8004416e SdkMessageDoesNotSupportPostImageRegistration PreEvent step registration does not support Post Image.
8004416f CannotDeserializeRequest The SDK request could not be deserialized.
80044170 InvalidPluginRegistrationConfiguration The plug-in assembly registration configuration is invalid.
80044171 SandboxClientPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Client.
80044172 SandboxHostPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Host.
80044173 SandboxWorkerPluginTimeout The plug-in execution failed because the operation has timed-out at the Sandbox Worker.
80044174 SandboxSdkListenerStartFailed The plug-in execution failed because the Sandbox Client encountered an error during initialization.
80044175 ServiceBusPostFailed The service bus post failed.
80044176 ServiceBusIssuerNotFound Cannot find service integration issuer information.
80044177 ServiceBusIssuerCertificateError Service integration issuer certificate error.
80044178 ServiceBusExtendedTokenFailed Failed to retrieve the additional token for service bus post.
80044179 ServiceBusPostPostponed Service bus post is being postponed.
8004417A ServiceBusPostDisabled Service bus post is disabled for the organization.
80044180 SdkMessageNotSupportedOnServer The message requested is not supported on the server.
80044181 SdkMessageNotSupportedOnClient The message requested is not supported on the client.
80044182 SdkCorrelationTokenDepthTooHigh This workflow job was canceled because the workflow that started it included an infinite loop. Correct the workflow logic and try again. For information about workflow logic, see Help.
80044184 OnlyStepInPredefinedStagesCanBeModified Invalid plug-in registration stage. Steps can only be modified in stages BeforeMainOperationOutsideTransaction, BeforeMainOperationInsideTransaction, AfterMainOperationInsideTransaction and AfterMainOperationOutsideTransaction.
80044185 OnlyStepInServerOnlyCanHaveSecureConfiguration Only SdkMessageProcessingStep with ServerOnly supported deployment can have secure configuration.
80044186 OnlyStepOutsideTransactionCanCreateCrmService Only SdkMessageProcessingStep in parent pipeline and in stages outside transaction can create CrmService to prevent deadlock.
80044187 SdkCustomProcessingStepIsNotAllowed Custom SdkMessageProcessingStep is not allowed on the specified message and entity.
80044188 SdkEntityOfflineQueuePlaybackIsNotAllowed Entity ‘{0}’ is not allowed in offline queue playback.
80044189 SdkMessageDoesNotSupportImageRegistration Message ‘{0}’ does not support image registration.
8004418a RequestLengthTooLarge Request message length is too large.
8004418d SandboxWorkerNotAvailable The plug-in execution failed because no Sandbox Worker processes are currently available. Please try again.
8004418e SandboxHostNotAvailable The plug-in execution failed because no Sandbox Hosts are currently available. Please check that you have a Sandbox server configured and that it is running.
8004418f PluginAssemblyContentSizeExceeded “The assembly content size ‘{0} bytes’ has exceeded the maximum value allowed for isolated plug-ins ‘{1} bytes’.”
80044190 UnableToLoadPluginType Unable to load plug-in type.
80044191 UnableToLoadPluginAssembly Unable to load plug-in assembly.
8004418b InvalidPluginAssemblyContent Plug-in assembly does not contain the required types or assembly content cannot be updated.
8004418c InvalidPluginTypeImplementation Plug-in type must implement exactly one of the following classes or interfaces: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IPlugin, Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.IPlugin, System.Activities.Activity and System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity.
8004417B InvalidPluginAssemblyVersion Plug-in assembly fullnames must be unique (ignoring the version build and revision number).
8004417C PluginTypeMustBeUnique Multiple plug-in types from the same assembly and with the same typename are not allowed.
8004417D InvalidAssemblySourceType The given plugin assembly source type is not supported for isolated plugin assemblies.
8004417E InvalidAssemblyProcessorArchitecture The given plugin assembly was built with an unsupported target platform and cannot be loaded.
8004417F CyclicReferencesNotSupported The input contains a cyclic reference, which is not supported.
80044183 InvalidQuery The query specified for this operation is invalid
80044192 InvalidEmailAddressFormat Invalid e-mail address. For more information, contact your system administrator.
80044193 ContractInvalidDiscount Discount cannot be greater than total price. IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDDISCOUNT
80044195 InvalidLanguageCode The specified language code is not valid for this organization.
80044196 ConfigNullPrimaryKey Primary Key cannot be nullable.
80044197 ConfigMissingDescription Description must be specified.
80044198 AttributeDoesNotSupportLocalizedLabels The specified attribute does not support localized labels.
80044199 NoLanguageProvisioned There is no language provisioned for this organization.
80044246 CannotImportNullStringsForBaseLanguage The base language translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is null.
80044247 CannotUpdateNonCustomizableString The translation string present in worksheet {0}, row {1}, column {2} is not customizable.
80044248 InvalidOrganizationId The organization id present in the translations file does not match with the current organization id.
80044249 InvalidTranslationsFile The translations file is invalid or does not confirm to the required schema.
80044250 MetadataRecordNotDeletable The metadata record being deleted cannot be deleted by the end user
80044251 InvalidImportJobTemplateFile The ImportJobTemplate.xml file is invalid.
80044252 InvalidImportJobId The requested importjob does not exist.
80044300 MissingCrmAuthenticationToken CrmAuthenticationToken is missing.
80044301 IntegratedAuthenticationIsNotAllowed Integrated authentication is not allowed.
80044302 RequestIsNotAuthenticated Request is not authenticated.
80044303 AsyncOperationTypeIsNotRecognized The operation type of the async operation was not recognized.
80044304 FailedToDeserializeAsyncOperationData Failed to deserialize async operation data.
80044305 UserSettingsOverMaxPagingLimit Paging limit over maximum configured value.
80044306 AsyncNetworkError An error occurred while accessing the network.
80044307 AsyncCommunicationError A communication error occurred while processing the async operation.
80044308 MissingCrmAuthenticationTokenOrganizationName Organization Name must be specified in CrmAuthenticationToken.
80044309 SdkNotEnoughPrivilegeToSetCallerOriginToken Caller does not have enough privilege to set CallerOriginToken to the specified value.
8004430A OverRetrievalUpperLimitWithoutPagingCookie Over upper limit of records that can be requested without a paging cookie. A paging cookie is required when retrieving a high page number.
8004430B InvalidAllotmentsOverage Allotment overage is invalid.
8004430C TooManyConditionsInQuery Number of conditions in query exceeded maximum limit.
8004430D TooManyLinkEntitiesInQuery Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit.
8004430E TooManyConditionParametersInQuery Number of parameters in a condition exceeded maximum limit.
8004430F InvalidOneToManyRelationshipForRelatedEntitiesQuery An invalid OneToManyRelationship has been specified for RelatedEntitiesQuery. Referenced Entity {0} should be the same as primary entity {1}
80044310 PicklistValueNotUnique The picklist value already exists. Picklist values must be unique.
80044311 UnableToLogOnUserFromUserNameAndPassword The specified user name and password can not logon.
8004431A PicklistValueOutOfRange The picklist value is out of the range.
8004431B WrongNumberOfBooleanOptions Boolean attributes must have exactly two option values.
8004431C BooleanOptionOutOfRange Boolean attribute options must have a value of either 0 or 1.
8004431D CannotAddNewBooleanValue You cannot add an option to a Boolean attribute.
8004431E CannotAddNewStateValue You cannot add state options to a State attribute.
8004431F NoMoreCustomOptionValuesExist All available custom option values have been used.
80044320 InsertOptionValueInvalidType You can add option values only to picklist and status attributes.
80044321 NewStatusRequiresAssociatedState The new status option must have an associated state value.
80044322 NewStatusHasInvalidState The state value that was provided for this new status option does not exist.
80044323 CannotDeleteEnumOptionsFromAttributeType You can delete options only from picklist and status attributes.
80044324 OptionReorderArrayIncorrectLength The array of option values that were provided for reordering does not match the number of options for the attribute.
80044325 ValueMissingInOptionOrderArray The options array is missing a value.
80044327 NavPaneOrderValueNotAllowed The provided nav pane order value is not allowed
80044328 EntityRelationshipRoleCustomLabelsMissing Custom labels must be provided if an entity relationship role has a display option of UseCustomLabels
80044329 NavPaneNotCustomizable The nav pane properties for this relationship are not customizable
8004432A EntityRelationshipSchemaNameRequired Entity relationships require a name
8004432B EntityRelationshipSchemaNameNotUnique A relationship with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
8004432C CustomReflexiveRelationshipNotAllowedForEntity This entity is not valid for a custom reflexive relationship
8004432D EntityCannotBeChildInCustomRelationship This entity is either not valid as a child in a custom parental relationship or is already a child in a parental relationship
8004432E ReferencedEntityHasLogicalPrimaryNameField This entity has a primary field that is logical and therefore cannot be the referenced entity in a one-to-many relationship
8004432F IntegerValueOutOfRange A validation error occurred. An integer provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
80044330 DecimalValueOutOfRange A validation error occurred. A decimal value provided is outside of the allowed values for this attribute.
80044331 StringLengthTooLong A validation error occurred. A string value provided is too long.
80044332 EntityCannotParticipateInEntityAssociation This entity cannot participate in an entity association
80044333 DataMigrationManagerUnknownProblem The Data Migration Manager encountered an unknown problem and cannot continue. To try again, restart the Data Migration Manager.
80044334 ImportOperationChildFailure One or more of the Import Child Jobs Failed
80044335 AttributeDeprecated “Attribute ‘{0}’ on entity ‘{1}’ is deprecated.”
80044336 DataMigrationManagerMandatoryUpdatesNotInstalled First-time configuration of the Data Migration Manager has been canceled. You will not be able to use the Data Migration Manager until configuration is completed.
80044337 ReferencedEntityMustHaveLookupView Referenced entities of a relationship must have a lookup view
80044338 ReferencingEntityMustHaveAssociationView Referencing entities of a relationship must have an association view
80044339 CouldNotObtainLockOnResource Database resource lock could not be obtained
80044340 SourceAttributeHeaderTooBig Column headers must be 160 or fewer characters. Fix the column headers, and then run Data Migration Manager again.
80044341 CannotDeleteDefaultStatusOption Default Status options cannot be deleted.
80044342 CannotFindDomainAccount Invalid domain account
80044343 CannotUpdateAppDefaultValueForStateAttribute The default value for a status (statecode) attribute cannot be updated.
80044344 CannotUpdateAppDefaultValueForStatusAttribute The default value for a status reason (statuscode) attribute is not used. The default status reason is set in the associated status (statecode) attribute option.
80044345 InvalidOptionSetSchemaName An OptionSet with the specified name already exists. Please specify a unique name.
80044350 ReferencingEntityCannotBeSolutionAware Referencing entities in a relationship cannot be a component in a solution.
80044351 ErrorInFieldWidthIncrease An error occurred while increasing the field width.
80044352 ExpiredVersionStamp Version stamp associated with the client has expired. Please perform a full sync.
80044F00 AsyncOperationCannotCancel This system job cannot be canceled.
80044F01 AsyncOperationCannotPause This system job cannot be paused.
80045001 WorkflowCompileFailure An error has occurred during compilation of the workflow.
80045002 UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinition Cannot update a published workflow definition.
80045003 UpdateWorkflowActivation Cannot update a workflow activation.
80045004 DeleteWorkflowActivation Cannot delete a workflow activation.
80045005 DeleteWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot delete a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
80045006 DeletePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot delete a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
80045007 UpdateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot update a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
80045008 UpdatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot update a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
80045009 CreateWorkflowActivationWorkflowDependency Cannot create a workflow dependency associated with a workflow activation.
8004500A CreatePublishedWorkflowDefinitionWorkflowDependency Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow definition.
8004500B WorkflowPublishedByNonOwner The workflow cannot be published or unpublished by someone who is not its owner.
8004500C PublishedWorkflowOwnershipChange A published workflow can only be assigned to the caller.
8004500D OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBePublished Only workflow definition or draft workflow template can be published.
8004500E OnlyWorkflowDefinitionOrTemplateCanBeUnpublished Only workflow definition or workflow template can be unpublished.
8004500F DeleteWorkflowActiveDefinition Cannot delete an active workflow definition.
80045010 WorkflowConditionIncorrectUnaryOperatorFormation Incorrect formation of unary operator.
80045011 WorkflowConditionIncorrectBinaryOperatorFormation Incorrect formation of binary operator.
80045012 WorkflowConditionOperatorNotSupported Condition operator not supported for specified type.
80045013 WorkflowConditionTypeNotSupport Invalid type specified on condition.
80045014 WorkflowValidationFailure Validation failed on the specified workflow.
80045015 PublishedWorkflowLimitForSkuReached This workflow cannot be published because your organization has reached its limit for the number of workflows that can be published at the same time. (There is no limit on the number of draft workflows.) You can publish this workflow by unpublishing a different workflow, or by upgrading your license to a license that supports more workflows.
80045016 NoPrivilegeToPublishWorkflow User does not have sufficient privileges to publish workflows.
80045017 WorkflowSystemPaused Workflow should be paused by system.
80045018 WorkflowPublishNoActivationParameters Automatic workflow cannot be published if no activation parameters have been specified.
80045019 CreateWorkflowDependencyForPublishedTemplate Cannot create a workflow dependency for a published workflow template.
8004501A DeleteActiveWorkflowTemplateDependency Cannot delete workflow dependency from a published workflow template .
8004501B UpdatePublishedWorkflowTemplate Cannot update a published workflow template.
8004501C DeleteWorkflowActiveTemplate Cannot delete an active workflow template.
8004501D CustomActivityInvalid Invalid custom activity.
8004501E PrimaryEntityInvalid Invalid primary entity.
8004501F CannotDeserializeWorkflowInstance Workflow instance cannot be deserialized. A possible reason for this failure is a workflow referencing a custom activity that has been unregistered.
80045020 CannotDeserializeXamlWorkflow Xaml representing workflow cannot be deserialized into a DynamicActivity.
8004502C CannotDeleteCustomEntityUsedInWorkflow Cannot delete entity because it is used in a workflow.
8004502D BulkMailOperationFailed The bulk e-mail job completed with {0} failures. The failures might be caused by missing e-mail addresses or because you do not have permission to send e-mail. To find records with missing e-mail addresses, use Advanced Find. If you need increased e-mail permissions, contact your system administrator.
8004502E WorkflowExpressionOperatorNotSupported Expression operator not supported for specified type.
8004502F ChildWorkflowNotFound This workflow cannot run because one or more child workflows it uses have not been published or have been deleted. Please check the child workflows and try running this workflow again.
80045030 CannotDeleteAttributeUsedInWorkflow This attribute cannot be deleted because it is used in one or more workflows. Cancel any system jobs for workflows that use this attribute, then delete or modify any workflows that use the attribute, and then try to delete the attribute again.
80045031 CannotLocateRecordForWorkflowActivity A record required by this workflow job could not be found.
80045032 PublishWorkflowWhileActingOnBehalfOfAnotherUserError Publishing Workflows while acting on behalf of another user is not allowed.

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