Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 7

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
8004D20F InvitationSendToSelf The invitation cannot be sent to yourself.
8004D210 InvitationCannotBeReset The invitation for the user cannot be reset.
8004D211 UserDataNotFound The user data could not be found.
8004D212 CannotInviteDisabledUser An invitation cannot be sent to a disabled user
8004D213 InvitationBillingAdminUnknown You are not a billing administrator for this organization and therefore, you cannot send invitations. You can either contact your billing administrator and ask him or her to send the invitation, or the billing administrator can visit and make you a delegate billing administrator. You can then send invitations.
8004D214 CannotResetSysAdminInvite An invitation cannot be reset for a user if they are the only user that has the System Administrator Role.
8004D215 CannotSendInviteToDuplicateWindowsLiveId An invitation cannot be sent because there are multiple users with this WLID.
8004D216 UserInviteDisabled Invitation cannot be sent because user invitations are disabled.
8004D217 InvitationOrganizationNotEnabled The organization for the invitation is not enabled.
8004D221 ClientAuthSignedOut The user signed out.
8004D223 ClientAuthSyncIssue Synchronization between processes failed.
8004D224 ClientAuthCanceled Authentication was canceled by the user. IDS_CLIENT_AUTH_CANCELED
8004D225 ClientAuthNoConnectivityOffline There is no connectivity when running in offline mode.
8004D226 ClientAuthNoConnectivity There is no connectivity.
8004D227 ClientAuthOfflineInvalidCallerId Offline SDK calls must be made in the offline user context.
8004D230 ConfigDBObjectDoesNotExist ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) does not exist in MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D231 ConfigDBDuplicateRecord Duplicate ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D232 ConfigDBCannotDeleteObjectDueState Cannot delete ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D233 ConfigDBCascadeDeleteNotAllowDelete Cannot delete ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) due to child ‘{2}’ references from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D234 MoveBothToPrimary Move operation would put both instances on the same server: Database = {0} Old Primary = {1} Old Secondary = {2} New Secondary = {3}
8004D235 MoveBothToSecondary Move operation would put both instances on the same server: Database = {0} Old Primary = {1} Old Secondary = {2} New Secondary = {3}
8004D236 MoveOrganizationFailedNotDisabled Move operation failed because organization {0} is not disabled
8004D237 ConfigDBCannotUpdateObjectDueState Cannot update ‘{0}’ with Value = ({1}) in this State = ({2}) from MSCRM_CONFIG database
8004D238 LiveAdminUnknownObject Unknown administration target {0}
8004D239 LiveAdminUnknownCommand Unknown administration command {0}
8004D23a OperationOrganizationNotFullyDisabled The {1} operation failed because organization {0} is not fully disabled yet. Use FORCE to override
8004D23B ConfigDBCannotDeleteDefaultOrganization The default {0} organization cannot be deleted from the MSCRM_CONFIG database.
80042f14 LicenseNotEnoughToActivate There are not enough licenses available for the number of users being activated. IDS_LICENSE_NOT_ENOUGH_TO_ACTIVATE
80042f09 UserNotAssignedRoles The user has not been assigned any roles. IDS_LICENSE_NO_LICENSES
80042f0a TeamNotAssignedRoles The team has not been assigned any roles.
8004D240 InvalidLicenseKey Invalid license key ({0}).
8004D241 NoLicenseInConfigDB No license exists in MSCRM_CONFIG database.
8004D242 InvalidLicensePid Invalid license. Invalid PID (Product Id) ({0}).
8004D243 InvalidLicensePidGenCannotLoad Invalid license. PidGen.dll cannot be loaded from this path {0}
8004D244 InvalidLicensePidGenOtherError Invalid license. Cannot generate PID (Product Id) from License key. PidGen error code ({0}).
8004D245 InvalidLicenseCannotReadMpcFile Invalid license. MPC code cannot be read from MPC.txt file with this path {0}.
8004D246 InvalidLicenseMpcCode Invalid license. Invalid MPC code ({0}).
8004D247 LicenseUpgradePathNotAllowed Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
8004D24A OrgsInaccessible The client access license (CAL) results were not returned because one or more organizations in the deployment cannot be accessed.
8004D24B UserNotAssignedLicense The user has not been assigned any License
8004D24C UserCannotEnableWithoutLicense Cannot enable an unlicensed user
8004D250 LicenseConfigFileInvalid The provided configuration file {0} has invalid formatting.
8004415c LicenseTrialExpired The trial installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
8004415d LicenseRegistrationExpired The registration period for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has expired.
8004415f LicenseTampered The licensing for this installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been tampered with. The system is unusable. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
80044160 NonInteractiveUserCannotAccessUI Non-interactive users cannot access the web user interface. Contact your organization system administrator.
8004D251 InvalidOrganizationUniqueName Invalid organization unique name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
8004D252 InvalidOrganizationFriendlyName Invalid organization friendly name ({0}). Reason: ({1})
8004D253 OrganizationNotConfigured Organization is not configured yet
8004D254 InvalidDeviceToConfigureOrganization Mobile device cannot be used to configured organization
8004D255 InvalidBrowserToConfigureOrganization Browser not compatible to configure organization
8004D260 DeploymentServiceNotAllowSetToThisState Deployment Service for {0} allows the state Enabled or Disabled. Cannot set state to {1}.
8004D261 DeploymentServiceNotAllowOperation Deployment Service for {0} does not allow {1} operation.
8004D262 DeploymentServiceCannotChangeStateForDeploymentService You cannot change the state of this server because it contains the Deployment Service server role.
8004D263 DeploymentServiceRequestValidationFailure The Deployment Service cannot process the request because one or more validation checks failed.
8004D264 DeploymentServiceOperationIdentifierNotFound The Deployment Service could not find a deferred operation having the specified identifier.
8004D265 DeploymentServiceCannotDeleteOperationInProgress The Deployment Service cannot delete the specified operation because it is currently in progress.
8004D266 ConfigureClaimsBeforeIfd You must configure claims-based authentication before you can configure an Internet-facing deployment.
8004D291 EndUserNotificationTypeNotValidForEmail Cannot send Email for EndUserNotification Type: {0}.
8004D2A0 InvalidRecurrenceRuleForBulkDeleteAndDuplicateDetection Bulk Delete and Duplicate Detection recurrence must be specified as daily.
8004D2A1 InvalidRecurrenceInterval To set recurrence, you must specify an interval that is between 1 and 365.
8004D2B0 QueriesForDifferentEntities The Inner and Outer Queries must be for the same entity.
8004D2B1 AggregateInnerQuery The Inner Query must not be an aggregate query.
8004E000 InvalidDataDescription The data description for the visualization is invalid.
8004E001 NonPrimaryEntityDataDescriptionFound The data description for the visualization is invalid .The data description for the visualization can only have attributes either from the primary entity of the view or the linked entities.
8004E002 InvalidPresentationDescription The presentation description is invalid.
8004E003 SeriesMeasureCollectionMismatch Number of series for chart area and number of measure collections for category should be same.
8004E004 YValuesPerPointMeasureMismatch Number of YValuesPerPoint for series and number of measures for measure collection for category should be same.
8004E005 ChartAreaCategoryMismatch Number of chart areas and number of categories should be same.
8004E006 MultipleSubcategoriesFound The data XML for the visualization cannot contain more than two Group By clauses.
8004E007 MultipleMeasuresFound More than one measure is not supported for charts with subcategory i.e. comparison charts
8004E008 MultipleChartAreasFound Multiple Chart Areas are not supported.
8004E009 InvalidCategory Category is invalid. All the measures in the category either do not have same primary group by or are a mix of aggregate and non-aggregate data.
8004E00A InvalidMeasureCollection Measure collection is invalid. Not all the measures in the measure collection have the same group bys.
8004E00B DuplicateAliasFound Data Description is invalid. Duplicate alias found.
8004E00C EntityNotEnabledForCharts Charts are not enabled on the specified primary entity type code: {0}.
8004E00D InvalidPageResponse Invalid Page Response generated.
8004E00E VisualizationRenderingError An error occurred while the chart was rendering
8004E00F InvalidGroupByAlias Data Description is invalid. Same group by alias cannot be used for different attributes.
8004E010 MeasureDataTypeInvalid The Data Description for the visualization is invalid. The attribute type for one of the non aggregate measures is invalid. Correct the Data Description.
8004E011 NoDataForVisualization There is no data to create this visualization.
8004E012 VisualizationModuleNotFound No visualization module found with the given name.
8004E013 ImportVisualizationDeletedError A saved query visualization with id {0} is marked for deletion in the system. Please publish the customized entity first and then import again.
8004E014 ImportVisualizationExistingError A saved query visualization with id {0} already exists in the system, and cannot be resused by a new custom entity.
8004E015 VisualizationOtcNotFoundError Object type code is not specified for the visualization.
8004E016 InvalidDundasPresentationDescription The presentation description is not valid for dundas chart.
8004E017 InvalidWebResourceForVisualization The web resource type {0} is not supported for visualizations.
8004E018 ChartTypeNotSupportedForComparisonChart This chart type is not supported for comparison charts.
8004E019 InvalidFetchCollection The fetch collection for the visualization is invalid.
8004E01A CategoryDataTypeInvalid The Data Description for the visualization is invalid. The attribute type for the group by of one of the categories is invalid. Correct the Data Description.
8004E01B DuplicateGroupByFound Data Description is invalid. Same attribute cannot be used as a group by more than once.
8004E01C MultipleMeasureCollectionsFound More than one measure collection is not supported for charts with subcategory i.e. comparison charts
8004E01D InvalidGroupByColumn Group by not allowed on the attribute.
8004E01E InvalidFilterCriteriaForVisualization The visualization cannot be rendered for the given filter criteria.
8004E01F CountSpecifiedWithoutOrder The Data Description for the visualization is invalid as it does not specify an order node for the count attribute.
8004E020 NoPreviewForCustomWebResource This chart uses a custom Web resource. You cannot preview this chart.
8004E021 ChartTypeNotSupportedForMultipleSeriesChart Series of chart type {0} is not supported for multi-series charts.
8004E022 InsufficientColumnsInSubQuery One or more columns required by the outer query are not available from the sub-query.
8004E023 AggregateQueryRecordLimitExceeded AggregateQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation.
8004E024 QuickFindQueryRecordLimitExceeded QuickFindQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation.
8004Ed43 CannotAddOrActonBehalfAnotherUserPrivilege Act on Behalf of Another User privilege cannot be added or removed.
8004Ed44 HipNoSettingError No Hip application configuration setting [{0}] was found.
8004Ed45 HipInvalidCertificate Invalid Certificate for using HIP.
8004Ed46 NoSettingError No configdb configuration setting [{0}] was found.
8004Ed47 AppLockTimeout Timeout expired before applock could be acquired.
8004E100 InvalidRecurrencePattern Invalid recurrence pattern.
8004E101 CreateRecurrenceRuleFailed Cannot create the recurrence rule.
8004E102 PartialExpansionSettingLoadError Failed to retrieve partial expansion settings from the configuration database.
8004E103 InvalidCrmDateTime Invalid CrmDateTime.
8004E104 InvalidAppointmentInstance Invalid appointment entity instance.
8004E105 InvalidSeriesId SeriesId is null or invalid.
8004E106 AppointmentDeleted The appointment entity instance is already deleted.
8004E107 InvalidInstanceTypeCode Invalid instance type code.
8004E108 OverlappingInstances Two instances of the series cannot overlap.
8004E109 InvalidSeriesIdOriginalStart Invalid seriesid or original start date.
8004E10A ValidateNotSupported Validate method is not supported for recurring appointment master.
8004E10B RecurringSeriesCompleted The series has invalid ExpansionStateCode.
8004E10C ExpansionRequestIsOutsideExpansionWindow The series is already expanded for CutOffWindow.
8004E10D InvalidInstanceEntityName Invalid instance entity name.
8004E10E BookFirstInstanceFailed Failed to book first instance.
8004E10F InvalidSeriesStatus Invalid series status.
8004E110 RecurrenceRuleUpdateFailure Cannot update a rule that is attached to an existing rule master. Update the rule by using the parent entity.
8004E111 RecurrenceRuleDeleteFailure Cannot delete a rule that is attached to an existing rule master. Delete the rule by using the parent entity.
8004E112 EntityNotRule The collection name is not a recurrence rule.
8004E113 RecurringSeriesMasterIsLocked The recurring series master record is locked by some other process.
8004E114 UpdateRecurrenceRuleFailed Failed to update the recurrence rule. A corresponding recurrence rule cannot be found.
8004E115 InstanceOutsideEffectiveRange Cannot perform the operation. An instance is outside of series effective expansion range.
8004E116 RecurrenceCalendarTypeNotSupported The calendar type is not supported.
8004E117 RecurrenceHasNoOccurrence The recurrence pattern has no occurrences.
8004E118 RecurrenceStartDateTooSmall The recurrence pattern start date is invalid.
8004E119 RecurrenceEndDateTooBig The recurrence pattern end date is invalid.
8004E120 OccurrenceCrossingBoundary Two occurrences cannot overlap.
8004E121 OccurrenceTimeSpanTooBig Cannot perform the operation. An instance is outside of series effective expansion range.
8004E122 OccurrenceSkipsOverForward Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment if it skips over a later occurrence of the same appointment.
8004E123 OccurrenceSkipsOverBackward Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment if it skips over an earlier occurrence of the same appointment.
8004E124 InvalidDaysInFebruary February 29 can occur only when pattern start date is in a leap year.
8004E125 InvalidOccurrenceNumber The effective end date of the series cannot be earlier than today. Select a valid occurrence number.
8004E200 InvalidNumberOfPartitions You cannot delete audit data in the partitions that are currently in use, or delete the partitions that are created for storing future audit data.
8004E300 InvalidElementFound A dashboard Form XML cannot contain element: {0}.
8004E301 MaximumControlsLimitExceeded The dashboard Form XML contains more than the maximum allowed number of control elements: {0}.
8004E302 UserViewsOrVisualizationsFound A system dashboard cannot contain user views and visualizations.
8004E303 InvalidAttributeFound A dashboard Form XML cannot contain attribute: {0}.
8004E304 MultipleFormElementsFound A dashboard Form XML can contain only one form element.
8004E305 NullDashboardName The name of a dashboard cannot be null.
8004E306 InvalidFormType The type of the form must be set to {0} in the Form XML.
8004E307 InvalidControlClass The dashboard Form XML cannot contain controls elements with class id: {0}.
8004E308 ImportDashboardDeletedError A dashboard with the same id is marked as deleted in the system. Please first publish the system form entity and import again.
8004E309 PersonalReportFound A system dashboard cannot contain personal reports.
8004E30A ObjectAlreadyExists An object with id {0} already exists. Please change the id and try again.
8004E30B EntityTypeSpecifiedForDashboard An entity type cannot be specified for a dashboard.
8004E30C UnrestrictedIFrameInUserDashboard A user dashboard Form XML cannot have Security = false.
8004E30D MultipleLabelsInUserDashboard A user dashboard can have at most one label for a form element.
8004E30E UnsupportedDashboardInEditor The dashboard could not be opened.
8004E30F InvalidUrlProtocol The specified URL is invalid.
8004F000 CannotRemoveComponentFromDefaultSolution A Solution Component cannot be removed from the Default Solution.
8004F002 InvalidSolutionUniqueName Invalid character specified for solution unique name. Only characters within the ranges [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9] or _ are allowed. The first character may only be in the ranges [A-Z], [a-z] or _.
8004F003 CannotUndeleteLabel Attempting to undelete a label that is not marked as delete.
8004F004 ErrorReactivatingComponentInstance After undeleting a label, there is no underlying label to reactivate.
8004F005 CannotDeleteRestrictedSolution Attempting to delete a restricted solution.
8004F006 CannotDeleteRestrictedPublisher Attempting to delete a restricted publisher.
8004F007 ImportRestrictedSolutionError Solution ID provided is restricted and cannot be imported.
8004F008 CannotSetSolutionSystemAttributes System attributes ({0}) cannot be set outside of installation or upgrade.
8004F009 CannotUpdateDefaultSolution Default solution attribute{0} {1} can only be set on installation or upgrade. The value{0} cannot be modified.
8004F00A CannotUpdateRestrictedSolution Restricted solution ({0}) cannot be updated.
8004F00C CannotAddWorkflowActivationToSolution Cannot add Workflow Activation to solution
8004F00D CannotQueryBaseTableWithAggregates Invalid query on base table. Aggregates cannot be included in base table query.
8004F00E InvalidStateTransition The {0} (Id={1}) entity or component has attempted to transition from an invalid state: {2}.
8004F00F CannotUpdateUnpublishedDeleteInstance The component that you are trying to update has been deleted.
8004F010 UnsupportedComponentOperation {0} is not recognized as a supported operation.
8004F011 InvalidCreateOnProtectedComponent You cannot create {0} {1}. Creation cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F012 InvalidUpdateOnProtectedComponent You cannot update {0} {1}. Updates cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F013 InvalidDeleteOnProtectedComponent You cannot delete {0} {1}. Deletion cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F014 InvalidPublishOnProtectedComponent You cannot publish {0} {1}. Publish cannot be performed when {0} is managed.
8004F015 CannotAddNonCustomizableComponent The component {0} {1} cannot be added to the solution because it is not customizable
8004F016 CannotOverwriteActiveComponent A managed solution cannot overwrite the {0} component with Id={1} which has an unmanaged base instance. The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged {0} component on the target system, and now a managed solution from the same publisher is trying to install that same {0} component as managed. This will cause an invalid layering of solutions on the target system and is not allowed.

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