Microsoft Dynamics CRM – WSDL SOAP Fault Codes – Part 8

ErrorId ManagedErrorName ErrorMessage UnManagedErrorName
8004F017 CannotUpdateRestrictedPublisher Restricted publisher ({0}) cannot be updated.
8004F018 CannotAddSolutionComponentWithoutRoots This item is not a valid solution component. For more information about solution components, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK documentation.
8004F019 ComponentDefinitionDoesNotExists No component definition exists for the component type {0}.
8004F01A DependencyAlreadyExists A {0} dependency already exists between {1}({2}) and {3}({4}). Cannot also create {5} dependency.
8004F01B DependencyTableNotEmpty The dependency table must be empty for initialization to complete successfully.
8004F01C InvalidPublisherUniqueName Publisher uniquename is required.
8004F01D CannotUninstallWithDependencies Solution dependencies exist, cannot uninstall.
8004F01E InvalidSolutionVersion An invalid solution version was specified.
8004F01F CannotDeleteInUseComponent The {0}({1}) component cannot be deleted because it is referenced by {2} other components. For a list of referenced components, use the RetrieveDependenciesForDeleteRequest.
8004F020 CannotUninstallReferencedProtectedSolution This solution cannot be uninstalled because the ‘{0}’ with id ‘{1}’ is required by the ‘{2}’ solution. Uninstall the {2} solution and try again.
8004F021 CannotRemoveComponentFromSolution Cannot find solution component {0} {1} in solution {2}.
8004F022 RestrictedSolutionName The solution unique name ‘{0}’ is restricted and can only be used by internal solutions.
8004F023 SolutionUniqueNameViolation The solution unique name ‘{0}’ is already being used and cannot be used again.
8004F024 CannotUpdateManagedSolution Cannot update solution ‘{0}’ because it is a managed solution.
8004F025 DependencyTrackingClosed Invalid attempt to process a dependency after the current transaction context has been closed.
8004F026 GenericManagedPropertyFailure The evaluation of the current component(name={0}, id={1}) in the current operation ({2}) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: {3}
8004F027 CombinedManagedPropertyFailure The evaluation of the current component(name={0}, id={1}) in the current operation ({2}) failed during at least one managed property evaluations: {3}
8004F028 ReportImportCategoryOptionNotFound A category option for the reports was not found.
8004F029 RequiredChildReportHasOtherParent A category option for the reports was not found.
8004F030 InvalidManagedPropertyException Managed property {0} does not contain enough information to be created. Please provide (assembly, class), or (entity, attribute) or set the managed property to custom.
8004F031 OnlyOwnerCanSetManagedProperties Cannot import component {0}: {1}. The publisher of the solution that is being imported does not match the publisher of the solution that installed this component.
8004F032 CannotDeleteMetadata The ‘{2}’ operation on the current component(name='{0}’, id='{1}’) failed during managed property evaluation of condition: ‘{3}’
8004F033 CannotUpdateReadOnlyPublisher Attempting to update a readonly publisher.
8004F034 CannotSelectReadOnlyPublisher Attempting to select a readonly publisher for solution.
8004F035 CannotRemoveComponentFromSystemSolution A Solution Component cannot be removed from the System Solution.
8004F036 InvalidDependency The {2} component {1} (Id={0}) does not exist. Failure trying to associate it with {3} (Id={4}) as a dependency. Missing dependency lookup type = {5}.
8004F037 InvalidDependencyFetchXml The FetchXml ({2}) is invalid. Failure while calculating dependencies for {1} (Id={0}).
8004F038 CannotModifyReportOutsideSolutionIfManaged Managed solution cannot update reports which are not present in solution package.
8004F0F1 SharePointUnableToAddUserToGroup Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot add this user {0} to the group {1} in SharePoint. Verify that the information for this user and group are correct and that the group exists in SharePoint, and then try again.
8004F0F2 SharePointUnableToRemoveUserFromGroup Unable to remove user {0} from group {1} in SharePoint.
8004F0F3 SharePointSiteNotPresentInSharePoint Site {0} does not exists in SharePoint.
8004F0F4 SharePointUnableToRetrieveGroup Unable to retrieve the group {0} from SharePoint.
8004F0F5 SharePointUnableToAclSiteWithPrivilege Unable to ACL site {0} with privilege {1} in SharePoint.
8004F0F6 SharePointUnableToAclSite Unable to ACL site {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F7 SharePointUnableToCreateSiteGroup Unable to create site group {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F8 SharePointSiteCreationFailure Failed to create the site {0} in SharePoint.
8004F0F9 SharePointTeamProvisionJobAlreadyExists A system job to provision the selected team is pending. Any changes made to the team record before this system job starts will be applied to this system job.
8004F0FA SharePointRoleProvisionJobAlreadyExists A system job to provision the selected security role is pending. Any changes made to the security role record before this system job starts will be applied to this system job.
8004F0FB SharePointSiteWideProvisioningJobFailed SharePoint provisioning job has failed.
8004F0FC DataTypeMismatchForLinkedAttribute Data type mismatch found for linked attribute.
8004F0FD InvalidEntityForLinkedAttribute Not a valid entity for linked attribute.
8004F0FE AlreadyLinkedToAnotherAttribute Given linked attribute is alreadly linked to other attribute.
8004F0FF DocumentManagementDisabled Document Management has been disabled for this organization.
8004F100 DefaultSiteCollectionUrlChanged Default site collection url has been changed this organization after this operation was created.
8004F101 RibbonImportHidingBasicHomeTab The definition of the ribbon being imported will remove the Microsoft Dynamics CRM home tab. Include a home tab definition, or a ribbon will not be displayed in areas of the application that display the home tab.
8004F102 RibbonImportInvalidPrivilegeName The RibbonDiffXml in this solution contains a reference to an invalid privilege: {0}. Update the RibbonDiffXml to reference a valid privilege and try importing again.
8004F103 RibbonImportEntityNotSupported The solution cannot be imported because the {0} entity contains a Ribbon definition, which is not supported for that entity. Remove the RibbonDiffXml node from the entity definition and try to import again.
8004F104 RibbonImportDependencyMissingEntity The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on entity {1}.
8004F105 RibbonImportDependencyMissingRibbonElement The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on <{1} Id=”{2}” />.
8004F106 RibbonImportDependencyMissingWebResource The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on Web resource id='{1}’.
8004F107 RibbonImportDependencyMissingRibbonControl The ribbon item ‘{0}’ is dependent on ribbon control id='{1}’.
8004F108 RibbonImportModifyingTopLevelNode Ribbon customizations cannot be made to the following top-level ribbon nodes: <Ribbon>, <ContextualGroups>, and <Tabs>.
8004F109 RibbonImportLocationAndIdDoNotMatch CustomAction Id ‘{0}’ cannot override ‘{1}’ because ‘{2}’ does not match the CustomAction Location value.
8004F10A RibbonImportHidingJewel Ribbon customizations cannot hide the <Jewel> node. Any ribbon customization that hides this node is ignored during import and will not be exported.
8004F10B RibbonImportDuplicateElementId The ribbon element with the Id:{0} cannot be imported because an existing ribbon element with the same Id already exists.
8004F111 WebResourceInvalidType Invalid web resource type specified.
8004F112 WebResourceEmptySilverlightVersion Silverlight version cannot be empty for silverlight web resources.
8004F113 WebResourceInvalidSilverlightVersion Silverlight version can only be of the format xx.xx[.xx.xx].
8004F114 WebResourceContentSizeExceeded Webresource content size is too big.
8004F115 WebResourceDuplicateName A webresource with the same name already exists. Use a different name.
8004F116 WebResourceEmptyName Webresource name cannot be null or empty.
8004F117 WebResourceNameInvalidCharacters Web resource names may only include letters, numbers, periods, and nonconsecutive forward slash characters.
8004F118 WebResourceNameInvalidPrefix Webresource name does not contain a valid prefix.
8004F119 WebResourceNameInvalidFileExtension A Web resource cannot have the following file extensions: .aspx, .ascx, .asmx or .ashx.
8004F11A WebResourceImportMissingFile The file for this Web resource does not exist in the solution file.
8004F11B WebResourceImportError An error occurred while importing a Web resource. Try importing this solution again. For further assistance, contact Microsoft Dynamics CRM technical support.
8004F120 InvalidActivityOwnershipTypeMask A custom entity defined as an activity must be user or team owned.
8004F121 ActivityCannotHaveRelatedActivities A custom entity defined as an activity must not have a relationship with Activities.
8004F122 CustomActivityMustHaveOfflineAvailability A custom entity defined as an activity must have Offline Availability.
8004F123 ActivityMustHaveRelatedNotes A custom entity defined as an activity must have a relationship to Notes by default.
8004F124 CustomActivityCannotBeMailMergeEnabled A custom entity defined as an activity already cannot have MailMerge enabled.
8004F125 InvalidCustomActivityType A custom entity defined as an activity must be of communicaton activity type.
8004F126 ActivityMetadataUpdate The metadata specified for activity is invalid.
8004F127 InvalidPrimaryFieldForActivity A custom entity defined as an activity cannot have primary attribute other than subject.
8004F200 CannotDeleteNonLeafNode Only a leaf statement can be deleted. This statement is parenting some other statement.
8004F201 DuplicateUIStatementRootsFound There can be only one root statement for a given uiscript.
8004F202 ErrorUpdateStatementTextIsReferenced You cannot update this UI script statement text because it is being referred to by one or more published ui scripts.
8004F203 ErrorDeleteStatementTextIsReferenced You cannot delete the UI script statement text because it is being referred by one or more ui script statements.
8004F204 ErrorScriptSessionCannotCreateForDraftScript You cannot create a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F205 ErrorScriptSessionCannotUpdateForDraftScript You cannot update a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F206 ErrorScriptLanguageNotInstalled The language specified is not supported in your CRM install. Please check with your system administrator on the list of “enabled” languages.
8004F207 ErrorScriptInitialStatementNotInScript The initial statement for this script does not belong to this script.
8004F208 ErrorScriptInitialStatementNotRoot The initial statement should the root statement and cannot have a previous statement set.
8004F209 ErrorScriptCannotDeletePublishedScript You cannot delete a UI script that is published. You must unpublish it first.
8004F20A ErrorScriptPublishMissingInitialStatement The selected UI script cannot be published. Provide a value for “First statement number” and try to publish again.
8004F20B ErrorScriptPublishMalformedScript The selected UI script cannot be published. The UI script contains one or more paths which do not end in an end-script or next-script action node. Correct the paths and try to publish again.
8004F20C ErrorScriptUnpublishActiveScript This script is in use and has active sessions (status-reason=incomplete). Please terminate the active sessions (i.e. status-reason=cancelled) and try to unpublish again.
8004F20D ErrorScriptSessionCannotSetStateForDraftScript You cannot set the state of a UI script session for a UI script which is not published.
8004F20E ErrorScriptStatementResponseTypeOnlyForPrompt You cannot associate the response control type for a statement which is not a prompt.
8004F20F ErrorStatementOnlyForDraftScript You cannot create a UI script statement for a UI script which is not draft.
8004F210 ErrorStatementDeleteOnlyForDraftScript You cannot delete a UI script statement for a UI script which is not draft.
8004F211 ErrorInvalidUIScriptImportFile File type is not supported. Select an xml file for import.
8004F212 ErrorScriptFileParse Error occurred while parsing the XML file.
8004F213 ErrorScriptCannotUpdatePublishedScript You cannot update a UI script that is published. You must unpublish it first.
8004F214 ErrorInvalidFileNameChars The Microsoft Excel file name cannot contain the following characters: * \ : > < | ? ” /. Rename the file using valid characters, and try again.
8004F215 ErrorMimeTypeNullOrEmpty The MimeType property value of the UploadFromBase64DataUIScriptRequest method is null or empty. Specify a valid property value, and try again.
8004F216 ErrorImportInvalidForPublishedScript You cannot save data to a published UI script. Unpublish the UI script, and try again.
8004F217 UIScriptIdentifierDuplicate A variable or input argument with the same name already exists. Choose a different name, and try again.
8004F218 UIScriptIdentifierInvalid The variable or input argument name is invalid. The name can only contain ‘_’, numerical, and alphabetical characters. Choose a different name, and try again.
8004F219 UIScriptIdentifierInvalidLength The variable or input argument name is too long. Choose a smaller name, and try again.
8004F220 ErrorNoQueryData An error has occurred. Either the data does not exist or you do not have sufficient privileges to view the data. Contact your system administrator for help.
8004F221 ErrorUIScriptPromptMissing The dialog that is being activated has no prompt/response.
8004F301 SharePointUrlHostValidator The URL cannot be resolved into an IP.
8004F302 SharePointCrmDomainValidator The SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Servers are on different domains. Please ensure a trust relationship between the two domains.
8004F303 SharePointServerDiscoveryValidator The URL is incorrect or the site is not running.
8004F304 SharePointServerVersionValidator The SharePoint Site Collection must be running a supported version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. Please refer the implementation guide.
8004F305 SharePointSiteCollectionIsAccessibleValidator The URL is incorrect or the site is not running.
8004F306 SharePointUrlIsRootWebValidator The URL is not valid. The URL must be a valid site collection and cannot include a subsite. The URL must be in a valid form, such as http://SharePointServer/sites/CrmSite.
8004F307 SharePointSitePermissionsValidator The current user does not have the appropriate privileges. You must be a SharePoint site administrator on the SharePoint site.
8004F308 SharePointServerLanguageValidator Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server must have the same base language.
8004F309 SharePointCrmGridIsInstalledValidator The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grid component must be installed on the SharePoint server. This component is required for SharePoint integration to work correctly.
8004F310 SharePointErrorRetrieveAbsoluteUrl An error occurred while retrieving the absolute and site collection url for a SharePoint object.
8004F311 SharePointInvalidEntityForValidation Entity Does not support SharePoint Url Validation.
8004F312 DocumentManagementIsDisabled Document Management is not enabled for this Organization.
8004F313 DocumentManagementNotEnabledNoPrimaryField Document management could not be enabled because a primary field is not defined for this entity.
8004F314 SharePointErrorAbsoluteUrlClipped The URL exceeds the maximum number of 256 characters. Use shorter names for sites and folders, and try again.
8004F401 SiteMapXsdValidationError Sitemap xml failed XSD validation with the following error: ‘{0}’ at line {1} position {2}.
8004F500 LinkedAttributeCannotBeSecured The linked attribute cannot be a secured attribute.
8004F501 CannotSecureAttribute This field is not securable
8004F502 AttributePrivilegeCreateIsMissing The user does not have create permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F503 AttributePermissionUpdateIsMissingDuringShare The user does not have update permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F504 AttributePermissionReadIsMissing The user does not have read permissions to a secured field. The requested operation could not be completed.
8004F505 CannotRemoveSysAdminProfileFromSysAdminUser The Sys Admin Profile cannot be removed from a user with a Sys Admin Role
8004F506 QueryContainedSecuredAttributeWithoutAccess The Query contained a secured attribute to which the caller does not have access
8004F507 AttributePermissionUpdateIsMissingDuringUpdate The user doesn’t have AttributePrivilegeUpdate and not granted shared access for a secured attribute during update operation
8004F508 AttributeNotSecured One or more fields are not enabled for field level security. Field level security is not enabled until you publish the customizations.
8004F509 AttributeSharingCreateShouldSetReadOrAndUpdateAccess You must set read and/or update access when you share a secured attribute. Attribute ID: {0}
8004F50A AttributeSharingUpdateInvalid Both readAccess and updateAccess are false: call Delete instead of Update.
8004F50B AttributeSharingCreateDuplicate Attribute has already been shared.
8004F50C AdminProfileCannotBeEditedOrDeleted The System Administrator field security profile cannot be modified or deleted.
8004F50D AttributePrivilegeInvalidToUnsecure You must have sufficient permissions for a secured field before you can change its field level security.
8004F600 RequireValidImportMapForUpdate The update operation cannot be completed because the import map used for the update is invalid.
8004F601 InvalidFormatForUpdateMode The file that you uploaded is invalid and cannot be used for updating records.
8004F602 MaximumCountForUpdateModeExceeded In an update operation, you can import only one file at a time.
8004F603 RecordResolutionFailed The record could not be updated because the original record no longer exists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
8004F701 InvalidOperationForDynamicList This action is not available for a dynamic marketing list.
8004F702 QueryNotValidForStaticList Query cannot be specified for a static list.
8004F703 LockStatusNotValidForDynamicList Lock Status cannot be specified for a dynamic list.
8004F704 CannotCopyStaticList This action is valid only for dynamic list.
8004F652 CannotDeleteSystemForm System forms cannot be deleted.
8004F653 CannotUpdateSystemEntityIcons System entity icons cannot be updated.
8004F654 FallbackFormDeletion You cannot delete this form because it is the only fallback form of type {0} for the {1} entity. Each entity must have at least one fallback form for each form type.
8004F655 SystemFormImportMissingRoles The unmanaged solution you are importing has displaycondition XML attributes that refer to security roles that are missing from the target system. Any displaycondition attributes that refer to these security roles will be removed.
8004F656 SystemFormCopyUnmatchedEntity The entity for the Target and the SourceId must match.
8004F657 SystemFormCopyUnmatchedFormType The form type of the SourceId is not valid for the Target entity.
8004F658 SystemFormCreateWithExistingLabel The label ‘{0}’, id: ‘{1}’ already exists. Supply unique labelid values.
8004F671 RuntimeRibbonXmlValidation The most recent customized ribbon for a tab on this page cannot be generated. The out-of-box version of the ribbon is displayed instead.
8004F800 InitializeErrorNoReadOnSource The operation could not be completed because you donot have read access on some of the fields in source record.
8004F681 NoRollupAttributesDefined For rollup to succeed atleast one rollup attribute needs to be associated with the goal metric
8004F682 GoalPercentageAchievedValueOutOfRange The percentage achieved value has been set to 0 because the calculated value is not in the allowed range.
8004F683 InvalidRollupQueryAttributeSet A Rollup Query cannot be set for a Rollup Field that is not defined in the Goal Metric.
8004F684 InvalidGoalManager The manager of a goal can only be a user and not a team.
8004F685 InactiveRollupQuerySetOnGoal An inactive rollup query cannot be set on a goal.
8004F686 InactiveMetricSetOnGoal An inactive metric cannot be set on a goal.
8004F687 MetricEntityOrFieldDeleted The entity or field that is referenced in the goal metric is not valid
8004F6A0 ExceededNumberOfRecordsCanFollow You have exceeded the number of records you can follow. Please unfollow some records to start following again.
8004F6A1 EntityIsNotEnabledForFollowUser This entity is not enabled to be followed.
8004F6A2 EntityIsNotEnabledForFollow This entity is not enabled to be followed.
8004F6A3 CannotFollowInactiveEntity Can’t follow inactive record.
8004F6A4 MustContainAtLeastACharInMention The display name must contain atleast one non-whitespace character.
8004F710 LanguageProvisioningSrsDataConnectorNotInstalled The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions must be installed before the language can be provisioned for this organization.
8005E000 BidsInvalidConnectionString Input connection string is invalid. Usage: ServerUrl[;OrganizationName][;HomeRealmUrl]
8005E001 BidsInvalidUrl Input url {0} is invalid.
8005E002 BidsServerConnectionFailed Failed to connect to server {0}.
8005E003 BidsAuthenticationError An error occured while authenticating with server {0}.
8005E004 BidsNoOrganizationsFound No organizations found for the user.
8005E005 BidsOrganizationNotFound Organization {0} cannot be found for the user.
8005E006 BidsAuthenticationFailed Authentication failed when trying to connect to server {0}. The username or password is incorrect.
8005E007 TransactionNotSupported The operation that you are trying to perform does not support transactions.
8005E008 IndexOutOfRange The index {0} is out of range for {1}. Number of elements present are {2}.
8005E009 InvalidAttribute Attribute {0} cannot be found for entity {1}.
8005E00A MultiValueParameterFound Fetch xml parameter {0} cannot obtain multiple values. Change report parameter {0} to single value parameter and try again.
8005E00B QueryParameterNotUnique Query parameter {0} must be defined only once within the data set.
8005E00C InvalidEntity Entity {0} cannot be found.
8005E00D UnsupportedAttributeType Attribute type {0} is not supported. Remove attribute {1} from the query and try again.
8005E00E FetchDataSetQueryTimeout The fetch data set query timed out after {0} seconds. Increase the query timeout, and try again.
8005E100 InvalidCommand Invalid command.
8005E101 InvalidDataXml Invalid data xml.

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