OIM 11g R2 – Entries in the Lookup.ActiveDirectory.UM.ReconAttrMap.Trusted Lookup Definition

OIM User Form Field Target System Field Description

E Mail


Email address

Employee Type

OIM Employee Type

Employee type of the OIM User

First Name

This is a mandatory field.


This is a mandatory field.

First name

Last Name

This is a mandatory field.


This is a mandatory field.

Last name

For a record fetched during trusted source reconciliation, if there is no value in this attribute, then the value from the Common Name attribute is populated in the Last Name field on the process form.

Manager ID

Manager Id

Manager name

Middle Name


Middle name



Object GUID of each user on the target system


This is a mandatory field.


This is the name of the organization to which users belong if you set the value of the MaintainHierarchy entry of the Lookup.Configuration.ActiveDirectory.Trusted lookup definition to yes. See Section, “Lookup.Configuration.ActiveDirectory.Trusted” for more information.

If Maintain Hierarchy is set to no, then the default organization in Oracle Identity Manager, Xellerate Users, is used.



This field stores the status of the user account.

User Id

This is a mandatory field.


User’s logon name

User Type

OIM User Type

Type of the OIM User

Values can be one of the following:

  • Full-Time Employee

  • Contractor

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