OIM 11g R2 – Environment Variables for IdM Configuration Tool (idmConfigTool)

Variable Description
MW_HOME This is the full path of the installation’s Middleware home. Enter the path to the Oracle Middleware Home that was created when you installed Oracle WebLogic Server on your system.

For example, if you install in /scratch/mytest, then:

MW_HOME: /scratch/mytest/mw_idm
WL_HOME: MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3

WL_HOME Not mandatory. It is set to MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3 by default, and this setting is used.

See MW_HOME for an example.

JAVA_HOME This is the full path of the JDK directory.

If running on IBM WebSphere, this variable must point to the IBM JDK. Set the value to the full path of the JDK. For example:


Important: On IBM WebSphere, do not use a JDK other than the IBM JDK.

IDM_HOME IDM_ORACLE_HOME, where Oracle Internet Directory is installed (optional)
ORACLE_HOME Set to the full path of the Oracle home. For IdM integrations, set to IAM_ORACLE_HOME.
APPSERVER_TYPE Required on IBM WebSphere. Set to was.
WAS_HOME Required on IBM WebSphere. Set the value to the full path of the WebSphere application server home directory. For example:


WAS_DMGR_PROFILE_HOME Required on IBM WebSphere. Specifies the deployment manager profile home directory.The deployment manager deploys applications to a cell of application servers which it manages. A profile defines the runtime environment and includes all the configurable files that the server processes in the run-time environment.

Set to an absolute path, for example:


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