OIM 11g R2 PS3- Errors When Applying One-off Patches During Oracle Identity and Access Management Installation

During the Oracle Identity and Access Management 11g Release 2 (11.1.2) installation, you may see Opatch errors when the installer applies one-off patches. The following errors are displayed in the logs:


 OPatch failed with error code 39 
stderr=[[ Error during Prerequisite for apply Phase]. Detail: OPatch 
failed during prerequisite checks: Prerequisite check 
"CheckPatchApplicableOnCurrentPlatform" failed. 
Prerequisite check "CheckApplicable" failed. 

Description and Workaround:

These are warning messages which can be ignored.


OPatch failed with error code 25 
stderr=[[ Error during Oracle Home discovery Phase]. Detail: OPatch 
failed: ApplySession failed to prepare the system. 
To run in silent mode, OPatch requires a response file for Oracle 
Configuration Manager (OCM). 
Please run "/scratch/FMW_OAM/Oracle_OAM/OPatch/ocm/bin/emocmrsp" to generate 
an OCM response file. The generated response file 
can be reused on different platforms and in multiple OPatch silent installs. 
To regenerate an OCM response file, Please rerun 

Description and Workaround:

This issue occurs if the OPatch version in the MW_HOME is The workaround for this issue is to revert back to OPatch version before applying one-off patches.

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