OIM 11g R2 PS3 – JPS Keystore Service Initialization Failure in Join Domain Scenario for Oracle Access Management Domain


  • Before starting the Administration server, copy the key store file from Oracle Identity Manager domain to Oracle Access Management domain’s key store location.

    For example: Copy the default keystore (.jks) file from <OIM domain>/config/fmwconfig to <OAM domain>/config/fmwconfig.


    This step should be performed after you have configured the Oracle Access Management domain using config.sh but before you start the Administration Server.

  • In Oracle Identity Manager domain, look for default context in jps-config.xml.
  • Under this locate keystore service and keystore file location.
  • Copy this keystore (.jks) file to the location defined in Oracle Access Management domain key store location under Oracle Platform Security Services (jps-config.xml) configuration.

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