OIM 11g R2 – Resource Protection and Credential Collection Flow

OAAM-OAM flows

Initial steps that pertain to all three cases are listed as follows:

  1. A user tries to access a resource protected by Access Manager via TAPscheme configured with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.
  2. The Oracle Access Management WebGate intercepts the unauthenticated request and forwards the request to the OAAM Server with the encrypted TAP token.

    Access Manager is forwarding the request to OAAM based on the challenge URL defined in the TAPScheme.

  3. The OAAM Server checks for the current authentication status of the user from the TAP token. The TAP token contains the current authentication level. Depending on the value of the current authentication level, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager can determine whether the user is authenticated or not. Accordingly, the user is taken through one of the flows described in this section.

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