OIM Google Cloud Connector Simple Provisioning Demo Part 2


Oracle Identity Manager automates access rights management, security, and
provisioning of IT resources. Oracle Identity Manager connectors are used to integrate
Oracle Identity Manager with external, identity-aware applications. This guide
discusses the connector that enables you to use Google Apps as a managed (target)
resource of Oracle Identity Manager.
In the account management (target resource) mode of the connector, data about users
created or modified directly on the target system can be reconciled into Oracle Identity
Manager. This data is used to provision (allocate) new resources or update resources
already assigned to OIM Users. In addition, you can use Oracle Identity Manager to
provision or update Google Apps resources (that is, accounts) assigned to OIM Users.
These provisioning operations performed on Oracle Identity Manager translate into
the creation of or updates to target system accounts.
This chapter contains the following sections:
■ Section 1.1, “Certified Components”
■ Section 1.2, “Certified Languages”
■ Section 1.3, “Connector Architecture”
■ Section 1.4, “Features of the Connector”
■ Section 1.5, “Lookup Definitions Used During Connector Operations”
■ Section 1.6, “Connector Objects Used During Provisioning and Reconciliation”
■ Section 1.7, “Roadmap for Deploying and Using the Connector”

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