OKTA Error Codes

Error Code Description HTTP Return Code
E0000001 API validation failed. 400
E0000002 The request was not valid. 400
E0000003 The request body was not well-formed. 400
E0000004 Authentication failed. 401
E0000005 Invalid session. 403
E0000006 You do not have permission to perform the requested action. 403
E0000007 Not found. 404
E0000008 The requested path was not found. 404
E0000009 Internal Server Error. 500
E0000010 Service is in read-only mode. 503
E0000011 Invalid token provided. 401
E0000012 Unsupported media type. 404
E0000013 Invalid client app ID. 403
E0000014 Update of credentials failed. 403
E0000015 You do not have permission to access the feature you are requesting. 401
E0000016 Activation failed because the user is already active. 403
E0000017 Password reset failed. 403
E0000018 Bad request. Accept and/or Content-Type headers are likely not set. 400
E0000019 Bad request. Accept and/or Content-Type headers likely do not match supported values. 400
E0000020 Bad request. 400
E0000021 Bad request. Accept and/or Content-Type headers likely do not match supported values. 400
E0000022 The endpoint does not support the provided HTTP method. 404
E0000023 Operation failed because user profile is mastered under another system. 403
E0000024 Bad request. This operation on app metadata is not yet supported. 400
E0000025 App version assignment failed. 400
E0000026 This endpoint has been deprecated. 404
E0000027 Bad group push request. 400
E0000028 The request is missing a required parameter. 400
E0000029 Invalid paging request. 400
E0000030 Bad request. Invalid date. Dates must be of the form yyyy-MM-dd’‘T’‘HH:mm:ss.SSSZZ, e.g. 2013-01-01T12:00:00.000-07:00. 400
E0000031 Bad request. Invalid filter parameter. 400
E0000032 Unlock is not allowed for this user. 403
E0000033 Bad request. Can’t specify a search query and filter in the same request. 400
E0000034 Forgot password not allowed on specified user. 403
E0000035 Change password not allowed on specified user. 403
E0000036 Change recovery question not allowed on specified user. 403
E0000037 Type mismatch exception. 400
E0000038 This operation is not allowed in the user’s current status. 403
E0000039 Operation on application settings failed. 403
E0000040 Application label must not be the same as an existing application label. 400
E0000041 Credentials should not be set on this resource based on the scheme. 400
E0000042 Setting the error page redirect URL failed. 403
E0000043 Self-service application assignment is not enabled. 403
E0000044 Self-service application assignment is not supported. 403
E0000045 Field mapping bad request. 400
E0000046 Deactivate application for user forbidden. 403
E0000047 API call exceeded rate limit due to too many requests. 429
E0000048 Entity not found exception. 404
E0000049 Invalid SCIM data from SCIM implementation. 500
E0000050 Invalid SCIM data from client. 400
E0000051 No response from SCIM implementation. 500
E0000052 Endpoint not implemented. 501
E0000053 Invalid SCIM filter. 400
E0000054 Invalid pagination properties. 400
E0000055 Duplicate group. 409
E0000056 Delete application forbidden. 403
E0000057 Access to this application is denied due to a policy. 403
E0000058 Access to this application requires MFA. 403
E0000059 The connector configuration could not be tested. Make sure that the URL and Authentication Parameters are correct, and that there is an implementation available at the URL provided. 500
E0000060 Unsupported operation. 404
E0000061 Tab error. 403
E0000063 Invalid combination of parameters specified. 400
E0000064 Password is expired and must be changed. 401
E0000069 User Locked. 403
E0000081 Cannot modify the test attribute because it is a reserved attribute for this application. 400

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