Operations, Administration and Management of JBoss AS7

JBoss Application Server v7’s new architecture is focused on making the day-to-day management of a cluster (or single node) of JBoss servers vastly easier, more centralized, more scriptable (automation) and more secure. In this presentation, Brian Stansberry will cover the core concepts behind the new configuration model — profiles, servers, server groups, hosts, and domains. Then Brian will demonstrate how easy it is to set up and manage a domain of multiple JBoss Application Server instances. He’ll show you how to manage your domain both through the managment console that ships with the application server, and via the JBoss Application Server command line interface. Brian Stansberry is a principal software engineer at Red Hat, working as a core engineer on JBoss Application Server. He is currently leading the development of the new administration and management capabilities in JBoss Application Server 7 and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Previously he was the technical lead for the application server’s high availability clustering features.

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