Orace Database – Most important new 11g processes

virtual keeper of time Provides reference time for other processes.
VKTM acts as a time publisher for an Oracle instance. VKTM publishes two sets of time: a wall clock time (just like a real clock)
VKTM using a seconds interval, and a higher resolution time.
Flashback data The flashback data archiver writes old row-versions of tables with ‘flashback archive’ enabled into flashback data archives on commit.
archiver process (FBDA)
diagnosibility process(DIAG) The diagnosibility process (DIAG) runs oradebug commands and triggers diagnostic dumps as part of the new ADR
(automatic diagnostic repository)  feature, which is a replacement (and major enhancement) for the much-reviled RDA.
Note: RDA (Remote Diagnostics Agent) is a utility that can be downloaded from Metalink to collect diagnostics info.
Space Manager process The space management coordinator (SMC) and slaves (Wnnn) perform space allocation and reclamation.
SMCn / Wnnn
DB resource manager The Database Resource Manager process takes care of setting up resource manager related tasks and resource plans.

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