Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Installation

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High Level Installation Steps for IDAM 11gR2 (

Installation steps for IDAM 11gR2(11.1.2) are same as 11gR1 ( with additional step to configureDatabase Security Store (

1. Install Database for Oracle Identity & Access Management(IDAM) schemas

2. Create IDAM schemas in database using RCU

3. Install JDK/JRockit 1.6 (for IBM Aix or HP Unix install vendor specific JDK).

4. Install WebLogic 10.3.6  (This step will create Middleware Home MW_HOME)

5. Install Identity & Access Management software in Middleware Home (MW_HOME created in previous step)

6. Install SOA Suite software in Middleware Home (MW_HOME created in step 4) (SOA is required only for OIM, If you are not configuring OIM then there is no need to install SOA Suite)

7. Apply patches listed in Release Notes here (Required for OIM only)

8. Create Weblogic Domain (more here) and select IDAM components by running from $MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin (Do not start WebLogic Server yet, create Database Security Store first as mentioned in next step)

9. Create Database Security Store using WLST – <IAM_ HOME>/common/tools/ (Ignore this step if you are creating WebLogic domain with just one domain template i.e. “Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social“)

10. Start WebLogic Admin Server

11. Configure OIM Server ($IAM_ORACLE_HOME/bin/ – Ignore this step if you do not want OIM server

12. Start WebLogic Managed Servers created during WebLogic domain creation



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