Oracle Fusion Middleware – MBeanType (Root) Element Attributes

Attribute JMX Specification/Oracle Extension Allowed Values Description
Abstract Oracle Extension true/false A true value specifies that the MBean type cannot be instantiated (like any abstract Java class), though other MBean types can inherit its attributes and operations. If you specify true, you must create other non-abstract MBean types for carrying out management tasks. If you do not specify a value for this attribute, the assumed value is false.
Deprecated Oracle Extension true/false Indicates that the MBean type is deprecated. This information appears in the generated Java source, and is also placed in the ModelMBeanInfo object for possible use by a management application. If you do not specify this attribute, the assumed value is false.
Description JMX Specification String An arbitrary string associated with the MBean type that appears in various locations, such as the Javadoc for generated classes. There is no default or assumed value.

Note: To specify a description that is visible in a user interface, use the DisplayName attribute.

DisplayName JMX Specification String The name that a user interface displays to identify instances of MBean types. For an instance of type X, the default DisplayNameis “instance of type X.” This value is typically overridden when instances are created.
Extends Oracle Extension Pathname A fully qualified MBean type name that this MBean type extends.
Implements Oracle Extension Comma-

separated list

A comma-separated list of fully qualified MBean type names that this MBean type implements.

See also Extends.

Name JMX Specification String Mandatory attribute that specifies the internal, programmatic name of the MBean type.
Package Oracle Extension String Specifies the package name of the MBean type and determines the location of the class files that the WebLogic MBeanMaker creates. If you do not specify this attribute, the MBean type is placed in the Java default package.

Note: MBean type names can be the same as long as the package name varies.

PersistPolicy JMX Specification /OnUpdate Specifies how persistence will occur:

OnUpdate. The attribute is stored every time the attribute is updated.

Note: When specified in the MBeanType element, this value overrides any setting within an individual MBeanAttribute subelement.

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