Oracle Security Token Service Architecture

When a WSC makes a call to the WSP, it gets the WS-Security policy that will indicate that a security token issued by Oracle STS should be presented. The policy will contain the location of Oracle STS, and the WSC will use that location to contact Oracle STS, and get the token expected by the WSP (Alternately, the WSP could register its acceptable security mechanisms with the Security Token Service and, before validating the incoming SOAP request, could check with the Security Token Service to determine its security mechanisms). When an authenticated WSC (carrying credentials that confirm either the identity of the end user or the application) requests a token for access to a WSP, the Security Token Service verifies the credentials and, in response, issues a security token that provides proof that the WSC has been authenticated. The WSC presents the security token to the WSP which verifies that the token was issued by a trusted Security Token Service.

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