Passing Additional Audit Information – Oracle Fusion Middleware

The WebLogic Security providers implement the appropriate AuditEvent interfaces and post those events to the Audit provider. The audit events that also implement the AuditContext interface can provide more information via a ContextHandler.

Below lists theĀ subinterfaces that extend the AuditEvent SSPI, and indicates which subinterfaces implement the AuditContext interface.

Table 10-1 Audit Events

Audit Event Name Interface Class Audit Event Audit Context
Application Version Event Yes No
Authentication Audit Event Yes No
Authentication Audit Event V2 Yes Yes
Authorization Audit Event Yes Yes
CertPathBuilder Audit Event Yes Yes
CertPathValidator Audit Event Yes Yes
Configuration Audit Event Yes Yes
Credential Mapping Audit Event Yes Yes
Life Cycle Event Yes No
Audit Management Event Yes No
Policy Audit Event Yes No
Policy Consumer Audit Event AuditPolicyEvent No
Provider Audit Record Yes Yes
Role Consumer Audit Event AuditRoleEvent Yes
Role Deployment Audit Event Yes No
Role Mapping Audit Event Yes Yes

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