Performing Advanced Customizations for Oracle Identity Manager

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Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 PS1 introduces a self-service user interface. This interface is
based on the Application Development Framework (ADF) and a UI customization framework,
which is based on Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies, including Web Composer, Metadata
Services (MDS), and ADF Business Components (ADF BC). This user interface is completely
customizable and configurable.
For this tutorial, you are to customize the Create User form of the Identity Self Service Console
for your company (Example Corp). For this scenario, when creating a user, the Oracle Identity
Manager administrator is to select a user type for the user. If the user type is Contractor,
additional contractor-related fields are available for the administrator to populate. If the
administrator selects a different user type (for example, Full-Time Employee), these fields do
not appear for the administrator.
In these topics, you will:
 Add user-defined fields (UDFs) to the User entity in Oracle Identity Manager
 Prepare your JDeveloper environment to perform the customizations specified in this
 Develop the code for two Lists of Values (LOVs) used in Oracle Identity Manager: Job
Code and Responsibility. The values in the Responsibility LOV are filtered, based on
the Job Code LOV specified by the administrator when creating the user.
 Develop the managed bean that reads and sets form field values for the Job Code and
Responsibility UDFs
 Compile the code and bean you developed so that Oracle Identity Manager can use it
 Add the (UDFs) you created in the first topic to the Create User form of the Identity Self
Service Console
 You installed, configured, and launched Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 PS1.
 You completed the tutorial titled “Customizing Oracle Identity Manager.”
 You are familiar with Java, JDeveloper, and JavaServer Faces (JSF).
 You unzipped the file to the /home/oracle directory. This directory
o Libraries required for developing task flows and managed beans
o Java source files for the managed bean you are developing for this tutorial
o Sandboxes containing the initial user interface and the final user interface
o Helper Projects to help you implement common ADF use cases
o The WAR file to be used to deploy the customizations you are performing in this

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