SailPoint’s IdentityNow – Key Capabilities

IdentityNow Key Capabilities :

1. Single Sign-On

2. Password Management

3. Access Certifications

4. Access Request& Provisioning


>>Single Sign-On

• Provides seamless SSO to on-premises web, SaaS, and “bring your own apps” (BYOA),
eliminating the need for users to remember and enter multiple user names and passwords

• Works on all devices that end users need to access applications: PCs, laptops, tablets,
and smartphones

• Enforces step-up authentication where needed based on risk profiles of users and access

• Captures auditable “terms of use” agreements for BYOA

• Allows users to request access to new applications via a convenient app store

• Identifies unused or unauthorized accounts and reports them back to the appropriate
business sponsor for removal and potential cost savings

>>Password Management

• Allows business users to reset or change passwords from their desktop browser or from
personal devices, such as tablets and smartphones

• Enables delegated password management

• Provides pre-defined defaults and best practices for password strength, complexity, and
expiration date that can be applied across all apps

• Automatically updates user passwords on a wide variety of on-premises and
cloud applications

>>Access Certifications

• Enables reviewers to quickly and accurately approve, modify, or revoke user access rights from their desktops and mobile devices

• Provides business context for reviewers with glossary definitions and highlights access
that may pose a security and compliance risk (e.g., privileged access)

• Offers visibility into how/when access is being used to facilitate decision-making

• Provides closed-loop validation that revoked access has been removed from
target applications

• Deploys quickly using pre-built policies, templates, and direct connectors or file uploads
from resources

• Automatically adds capacity for spikes in use, such as quarterly or annual certifications

>>Access Request& Provisioning
• Allows business users to request the access they need, reducing the burden on IT and
help desk staff

• Guides users to find the right apps, review their choices, and then submit their request forreview and approval

• Triggers automated provisioning actions based on lifecycle events (joiner, mover, leaver)

• Automatically enforces access policies during access request and provisioning actions

• Orchestrates changes to user access across disparate fulfillment mechanisms

>> Advanced Policy & Analytics

• Provides end-to-end visibility to policy conformance (e.g., separation-of-duty), effectiveness of controls and potential risks in the environment

• Includes predefined reports to prove controls effectiveness to security and audit teams

• Delivers at-a-glance charts, graphs and reports in simple-to-use business formats


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