SalesForce API Calls Error Codes – Part 02

An array is too long. For example, there are too many BCC addresses, targets, or email messages.
The user is not allowed to log in from this IP address.
The user is not allowed to log in during this time period.
An invalid ID string was specified. For information about IDs, see ID Field Type.
An invalid query string was specified. For example, the query string was longer than 20,000 characters.
An invalid search string was specified. For example, the search string was longer than 20,000 characters.
A required argument is missing.
There are limits on what kinds of DML operations can be performed in the same transaction. For more information, see the Apex Code Developer’s Guide.
The describe call response has not changed since the specified date.
If an organization has the CTI feature enabled, but no softphone layout has been defined, this exception is returned if a describe call is issued. This is most often caused because no call center has been defined: during call center definition, a default softphone layout is created.
If an organization does not have the CTI feature enabled, FUNCTIONALITY_NOT_ENABLED is returned instead.
The number specified is outside the valid range for the field.
The query has returned too many results. If certain queries are run by a user without the “View All Data” permission and many records are returned, those queries would require sharing rule checking. An example of this would be queries that are run on objects, such as Task, that use a polymorphic foreign key. Such queries return this exception because the operation requires too many resources. To correct, add filters to the query to narrow the scope, or use filters such as date ranges to break the query up into a series of smaller queries.
The organization has been locked. You must contact Salesforce to unlock the organization.
The user tried to log in to the wrong server instance. Choose another server instance or log in at You can use http instead of https.
The user has exceeded the allowed number of login attempts. The user must contact his or her administrator to regain login access.
Access to the specified portal is not available.
The query has timed out. For more information, see the Salesforce SOQL and SOSL Reference Guide.
SOQL query is either selecting too many fields or there are too many filter conditions. Try reducing the number of formula fields referenced in the query.
Exceeded either the concurrent request limit or the request rate limit for your organization. For details on API request limits, see API Usage Metering.
A request has taken too long to be processed.
A server that is necessary for this call is currently unavailable. Other types of requests might still work.
The service was unavailable, and an authentication call to the organization’s specified Single Sign-On server failed.
Too many Apex requests have been issued. If this persists, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
The trial period for the organization has expired. A representative from the organization must contact Salesforce to re-enable the organization.
A method call was made that does not exist in the accessed API version, for example, trying to use upsert() (new in 8.0) against version 5.0.
This version of the client is no longer supported.

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