Scientific Data Exchange File Formats

  • FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) – standard data format for astronomy (.fits)
  • Silo – a storage format for visualization developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • SPC – spectroscopic data
  • EAS3 – binary file format for structured data
  • OST (Open Spatio-Temporal) – extensible, mainly images with related data, or just pure data; meant as an open alternative for microscope images
  • CCP4 – X-ray crystallography voxels (electron density)
  • MRC – voxels in cryo-electron microscopy
  • HITRAN – spectroscopic data with one optical/infrared transition per line in the ASCII file (.hit)
  • Simple Data Format (SDF) – a platform-independent, precision-preserving binary data I/O format capable of handling large, multi-dimensional arrays.

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