Setting Up the SOA Composite in JDeveloper for invoking OIM APIs from SOA Composites

To set up the SOA composite in JDeveloper for editing:

  1. Copy the file from the OIM_HOME/workflows/composites/ directory to your JDeveloper working directory. Unzip it in the same directory to create the DefaultRequestApproval directory.
  2. Start JDeveloper in the Default Role.
  3. From the File menu, select Open. The file-open dialog box is displayed. Select the DefaultRequestApproval.jpr file in the DefaultRequestApproval directory. This opens the composite in JDeveloper. Click OK or Yes while the project file is created.
  4. To successfully compile the Java code that you want to write in the composite, the oimclient.jar file must be in the JDeveloper copy of the composite. Copy the oimclient.jar file from the OIM_ORACLE_HOME/server/client/ directory to the JDEVELOPER_WORKING_DIRECTORY/DefaultRequestApproval/SCA-INF/lib/ directory. This directory is the lib/ directory of the composite that you are editing.

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