SSO Error Codes – cisco

Error Reason EC (Error Code)
SSO protocol error 1
No user name found in SAML assertion 2
No user account found in the system 3
No X.509 certificate found in the system 4
Only POST request is supported 5
Incorrect SAML SSO POST data 6
The site is not allowed to use SSO 7
Incorrect X.509 certificate to validate SAML assertion 8
Loading configuration error 9
The value of NameQualifier does not match site URL 10
Unable to reach Assertion Party 11
Failed to resolve SAML Artifact 12
Invalid SAML assertion 13
Recipient does not match 14
X.509 certificate has expired 15
User account is locked 16
User account is expired 17
User account has been deactivated 18
SAML assertion is expired 19
SAML assertion is unsigned 20
User role is not allowed to login 21
Invalid RequestedSecurityToken 22
Invalid digital signature 23
Untrusted Issuer 24
Name Identifier format is incorrect 25
Unable to generate AuthnRequest 26
Unable to generate Logout Request 27
InResponseTo does not match the request ID 28
Invalid Response message 29
Invalid Request message 30
Auto Account Creation failed 31

3 thoughts on “SSO Error Codes – cisco

  • January 19, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    I’m having some issues about the error code 18 – User account has been deactivated, some users were using Cisco Jabber Communicator and suddenly they went out of their sessions, when they try to login again they get the error code 18, the accounts are linked to the AD accounts and those are still working perfectly. I tried to login on a different PC where other user was working without problems but still getting the error code, Can you help me or give me some guidance/assistance on this? Thanks a lot.

  • September 10, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Error code — 2

    When I was on the Dignity Health Network I had a different Webex account under my DH email. Once I switched over to the UHG network I requested a new Webex account as I did not have one. Now when I go to reschedule or cancel the meetings set up under my old account I receive the SSO Protocol error listed below. I have logged onto my old Webex account and it tells me I need to cancel or modify the meeting by using the Microsoft productivity Tool. I do have this installed but it is currently attached to my new webex account.

  • December 28, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Error Code 1
    When using an Auto-Login computer AND Inter Explorer, users are getting that error message. Google Chrome does not have that error on the Auto-Login computers


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