Testing PeopleSoft Reconciliation – Oracle Identity Manager 11g

To run the testing utility for PeopleSoft  reconciliation in OIM 11g:

  1. Open and edit the test/config/reconConfig.properties file as follows:

    i) Enter the PeopleSoftOIMListener servlet URL as the value of ListenerURL in following syntax:


    For example:


    ii) Enter the absolute XML message file path as the value of XMLFilePath as shown in the following example:



    Ensure that there is no blank or white-space character in the directory path and file name that you specify.

    iii) Enter a value for the MessageType. For a ping message, specify Ping, None, or otherwise as shown in the following example:


    iv) Enter a value for ITResourceName. This value must match the active IT resource in Oracle Identity Manager.

    For example:

    ITResourceName=PSFT User

    v) Enter the name of the message for which you are run the testing utility.

    For example:

  2. Open a command window, and navigate to the scripts directory.

    You must run the testing utility from the OIM_HOME/server/ConnectorDefaultDirectory/CONN_HOME/test/scripts directory, where CONN_HOME is the connector directory.

    For example:


  3. Run the following script:

    For Microsoft Windows:


    For UNIX:


After the testing utility completes the run, it creates a reconciliation event. Verify that the reconciliation event is created in Oracle Identity Manager and that the event contains the data specified in the message-specific XML file.

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