Use of backOfficeURL in Oracle Identity Manager

Changing backOfficeURL is required only for Oracle Identity Manager deployed in front-office and back-office configuration. This change does not apply for simple clustered or non-clustered deployments. This URL is used internally by Oracle Identity Manager for accessing back-office components from the front-office components. You might change the value of this attribute during the implementation of back-office and front-office configuration, for adding additional servers to back office, and for removing servers from back-office.

Below explains the steps to change the value of the backOfficeURL attribute:

  1. Login to Enterprise Manager by using the following URL when the WebLogic Administrative Server and Oracle Identity Manager managed servers, at least one of the servers in case of a clustered deployment, are running:


  2. Navigate to Identity and Access, and then oim.
  3. Right-click oim, and navigate to System MBean Browser.
  4. Under Application Defined MBeans, navigate to oracle.iam, Application:oim, XMLConfig, Config, XMLConfig.DiscoveryConfig, Discovery.
  5. Enter a new value for the BackOfficeURL attribute, and click Apply to save the changes. Example values can be:



Note : The value of the BackOfficeURL attribute must be empty for Oracle Identity Manager nonclustered and clustered deployments.

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