Use of OimFrontEndURL in Oracle Identity Manager

The OimFrontEndURL is the URL used to access the Oracle Identity Manager UI. This can be a load balancer URL or Web server URL depending on the application server is fronted with load balancer or Web server, or single application server URL. This is used by Oracle Identity Manager in the notification e-mails as well as the callback URL for SOA calls.

When there is a change in Web server hostname or port for Oracle Identity Manager deployment in a clustered environment, or WebLogic managed server hostname or port changes for Oracle Identity Manager deployment in a nonclustered environment, this URL needs to be changed accordingly.

To change the OimFronEndURL in Oracle Identity Manager configuration:

  1. Login to Enterprise Manager by using the following URL when the WebLogic Administrative Server and Oracle Identity Manager managed servers, at least one of the servers in case of a clustered deployment, are running:


  2. Navigate to Identity and Access, oim.
  3. Right-click oim, and navigate to System MBean Browser.
  4. Under Application Defined MBeans, navigate to oracle.iam, Application:oim, XMLConfig, Config, XMLConfig.DiscoveryConfig, and then Discovery.
  5. Enter new value for the OimFrontEndURL attribute, and click Apply to save the changes. Example values can be:

Note : The SPML clients store Oracle Identity Manager URL for invoking SPML and sending callback response. So, changes are required corresponding to OimFrontEndURL. In addition, if Oracle Identity Manager is integrated with OAM, OAAM, or Oracle Identity Navigator (OIN), there may be corresponding changes necessary.

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