Windows NT Error Codes Part 01

Code  Name                                  Description
-8    LZERROR_UNKNOWNALG                    Compression algorithm not
-7    LZERROR_BADVALUE                      Input parameter out of
acceptable range.
-6    LZERROR_GLOBLOCK                      Bad global handle.
-5    LZERROR_GLOBALLOC                     Insufficient memory for LZFile
-4    LZERROR_WRITE                         Out of space for output file.
-3    LZERROR_READ                          Corrupt compressed file
-2    LZERROR_BADOUTHANDLE                  Invalid output handle.
-1    LZERROR_BADINHANDLE                   Invalid input handle.
0L    NO_ERROR                              No error.
0L    ERROR_SUCCESS                         The operation was successfully
1L    ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION                The function is incorrect.
2L    ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND                  The system cannot find the
file specified.
3L    ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND                  The system cannot find the
specified path.
4L    ERROR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES             The system cannot open the
5L    ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED                   Access is denied.
6L    ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE                  The internal file identifier
is incorrect.
7L    ERROR_ARENA_TRASHED                   The storage control blocks
were destroyed.
8L    ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY               Not enough storage is
available to process this
9L    ERROR_INVALID_BLOCK                   The storage control block
address is invalid.
10L   ERROR_BAD_ENVIRONMENT                 The environment is incorrect.
11L   ERROR_BAD_FORMAT                      An attempt was made to load a
program with an incorrect
12L   ERROR_INVALID_ACCESS                  The access code is invalid.
13L   ERROR_INVALID_DATA                    The data is invalid.
14L   ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY                     Not enough storage is
available to complete this
15L   ERROR_INVALID_DRIVE                   The system cannot find the
specified drive.
16L   ERROR_CURRENT_DIRECTORY               The directory cannot be
17L   ERROR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE                 The system cannot move the
file to a different disk
18L   ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES                   There are no more files.
19L   ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT                   The media is write protected.
20L   ERROR_BAD_UNIT                        The system cannot find the
specified device.
21L   ERROR_NOT_READY                       The drive is not ready.
22L   ERROR_BAD_COMMAND                     The device does not recognize
the command.
23L   ERROR_CRC                             Data error (cyclic redundancy
24L   ERROR_BAD_LENGTH                      The program issued a command
but the command length is
25L   ERROR_SEEK                            The drive cannot locate a
specific area or track on the
26L   ERROR_NOT_DOS_DISK                    The specified disk cannot be
27L   ERROR_SECTOR_NOT_FOUND                The drive cannot find the
requested sector.
28L   ERROR_OUT_OF_PAPER                    The printer is out of paper.
29L   ERROR_WRITE_FAULT                     The system cannot write to the
specified device.
30L   ERROR_READ_FAULT                      The system cannot read from
the specified device.
31L   ERROR_GEN_FAILURE                     A device attached to the
system is not functioning.
32L   ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION               The process cannot access the
file because it is being used
by another process.
33L   ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION                  The process cannot access the
file because another process
has locked a portion of the
34L   ERROR_WRONG_DISK                      The wrong disk is in the
drive. Insert %2 (Volume
Serial Number: %3) into drive
36L   ERROR_SHARING_BUFFER_EXCEEDED         Too many files opened for
38L   ERROR_HANDLE_EOF                      Reached End Of File.
39L   ERROR_HANDLE_DISK_FULL                The disk is full.
50L   ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED                   The network request is not
51L   ERROR_REM_NOT_LIST                    The remote computer is not
52L   ERROR_DUP_NAME                        A duplicate name exists on the
53L   ERROR_BAD_NETPATH                     The network path was not
54L   ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY                    The network is busy.
55L   ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST                   The specified network resource
is no longer available.
56L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_CMDS                   The network BIOS command limit
has been reached.
57L   ERROR_ADAP_HDW_ERR                    A network adapter hardware
error occurred.
58L   ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP                    The specified server cannot
perform the requested
59L   ERROR_UNEXP_NET_ERR                   An unexpected network error
60L   ERROR_BAD_REM_ADAP                    The remote adapter is not
61L   ERROR_PRINTQ_FULL                     The printer queue is full.
62L   ERROR_NO_SPOOL_SPACE                  Space to store the file
waiting to be printed is not
available on the server.
63L   ERROR_PRINT_CANCELLED                 File waiting to be printed was
64L   ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED                 The specified network name is
no longer available.
65L   ERROR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED           Network access is denied.
66L   ERROR_BAD_DEV_TYPE                    The network resource type is
67L   ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME                    The network name cannot be
68L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_NAMES                  The name limit for the local
computer network adapter card
69L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_SESS                   The network BIOS session limit
70L   ERROR_SHARING_PAUSED                  The remote server is paused or
is in the process of being
71L   ERROR_REQ_NOT_ACCEP                   The network request was not
72L   ERROR_REDIR_PAUSED                    The specified printer or disk
device has been paused.
80L   ERROR_FILE_EXISTS                     The file exists.
82L   ERROR_CANNOT_MAKE                     The directory or file cannot
be created.
83L   ERROR_FAIL_I24                        Fail on INT 24.
84L   ERROR_OUT_OF_STRUCTURES               Storage to process this
request is not available.
85L   ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED                The local device name is
already in use.
86L   ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORD                The specified network password
is incorrect.
87L   ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER               The parameter is incorrect.
88L   ERROR_NET_WRITE_FAULT                 A write fault occurred on the
89L   ERROR_NO_PROC_SLOTS                   The system cannot start
another process at this time.
100L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEMAPHORES             Cannot create another system
101L  ERROR_EXCL_SEM_ALREADY_OWNED          The exclusive semaphore is
owned by another process.
102L  ERROR_SEM_IS_SET                      The semaphore is set and
cannot be closed.
103L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEM_REQUESTS           The semaphore cannot be set
104L  ERROR_INVALID_AT_INTERRUPT_TIME       Cannot request exclusive
semaphores at interrupt time.
105L  ERROR_SEM_OWNER_DIED                  The previous ownership of this
semaphore has ended.
106L  ERROR_SEM_USER_LIMIT                  Insert the disk for drive 1.
107L  ERROR_DISK_CHANGE                     Program stopped because
alternate disk was not
108L  ERROR_DRIVE_LOCKED                    The disk is in use or locked
by another process.
109L  ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE                     The pipe was ended.
110L  ERROR_OPEN_FAILED                     The system cannot open the
specified device or file.
111L  ERROR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW                 The file name is too long.
112L  ERROR_DISK_FULL                       There is not enough space on
the disk.
113L  ERROR_NO_MORE_SEARCH_HANDLES          No more internal file
identifiers available.
114L  ERROR_INVALID_TARGET_HANDLE           The target internal file
identifier is incorrect.
117L  ERROR_INVALID_CATEGORY                The IOCTL call made by the
application program is
118L  ERROR_INVALID_VERIFY_SWITCH           The verify-on-write switch
parameter value is incorrect.
119L  ERROR_BAD_DRIVER_LEVEL                The system does not support
the requested command.
120L  ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED            The Application Program

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