Windows NT Error Codes – Part 04

1200L ERROR_BAD_DEVICE                      The specified device name is
1201L ERROR_CONNECTION_UNAVAIL              The device is not currently
connected but is a remembered
1202L ERROR_DEVICE_ALREADY_REMEMBERED       An attempt was made to
remember a device that was
previously remembered.
1203L ERROR_NO_NET_OR_BAD_PATH              No network provider accepted
the given network path.
1204L ERROR_BAD_PROVIDER                    The specified network provider
name is invalid.
1205L ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_PROFILE             Unable to open the network
connection profile.
1206L ERROR_BAD_PROFILE                     The network connection profile
is damaged.
1207L ERROR_NOT_CONTAINER                   Cannot enumerate a non-
1208L ERROR_EXTENDED_ERROR                  An extended error has
1209L ERROR_INVALID_GROUPNAME               The format of the specified
group name is invalid.
1210L ERROR_INVALID_COMPUTERNAME            The format of the specified
computer name is invalid.
1211L ERROR_INVALID_EVENTNAME               The format of the specified
event name is invalid.
1212L ERROR_INVALID_DOMAINNAME              The format of the specified
domain name is invalid.
1213L ERROR_INVALID_SERVICENAME             The format of the specified
service name is invalid.
1214L ERROR_INVALID_NETNAME                 The format of the specified
network name is invalid.
1215L ERROR_INVALID_SHARENAME               The format of the specified
share name is invalid.
1216L ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORDNAME            The format of the specified
password is invalid.
1217L ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGENAME             The format of the specified
message name is invalid.
1218L ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGEDEST             The format of the specified
message destination is
1219L ERROR_SESSION_CREDENTIAL_CONFLICT     The credentials supplied
conflict with an existing set
of credentials.
1220L ERROR_REMOTE_SESSION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED   An attempt was made to
establish a session to a LAN
Manager server, but there are
already too many sessions
established to that server.
1221L ERROR_DUP_DOMAINNAME                  The workgroup or domain name
is already in use by another
computer on the network.
1222L ERROR_NO_NETWORK                      The network is not present or
not started.
1223L ERROR_CANCELLED                       The operation was cancelled by
the user.
1224L ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE                The requested operation cannot
be performed on a file with a
user mapped section open.
1225L ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED              The remote system refused the
network connection.
1226L ERROR_GRACEFUL_DISCONNECT             The network connection was
gracefully closed.
1227L ERROR_ADDRESS_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED      The network transport endpoint
already has an address
associated with it.
1228L ERROR_ADDRESS_NOT_ASSOCIATED          An address has not yet been
associated with the network
1229L ERROR_CONNECTION_INVALID              An operation was attempted on
a non-existent network
1230L ERROR_CONNECTION_ACTIVE               An invalid operation was
attempted on an active network
1231L ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE             The remote network is not
reachable by the transport.
1232L ERROR_HOST_UNREACHABLE                The remote system is not
reachable by the transport.
1233L ERROR_PROTOCOL_UNREACHABLE            The remote system does not
support the transport
1234L ERROR_PORT_UNREACHABLE                No service is operating at the
destination network endpoint
on the remote system.
1235L ERROR_REQUEST_ABORTED                 The request was aborted.
1236L ERROR_CONNECTION_ABORTED              The network connection was
aborted by the local system.
1237L ERROR_RETRY                           The operation could not be
completed. A retry should be
1238L ERROR_CONNECTION_COUNT_LIMIT          A connection to the server
could not be made because the
limit on the number of
concurrent connections for
this account has been reached.
1239L ERROR_LOGIN_TIME_RESTRICTION          Attempting to login during an
unauthorized time of day for
this account.
1240L ERROR_LOGIN_WKSTA_RESTRICTION         The account is not authorized
to login from this station.
1241L ERROR_INCORRECT_ADDRESS               The network address could not
be used for the operation
1242L ERROR_ALREADY_REGISTERED              The service is already
1243L ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_FOUND               The specified service does not
1244L ERROR_NOT_AUTHENTICATED               The operation being requested
was not performed because the
user has not been
1245L ERROR_NOT_LOGGED_ON                   The operation being requested
was not performed because the
user has not logged on to the
1246L ERROR_CONTINUE                        Return that wants caller to
continue with work in
1247L ERROR_ALREADY_INITIALIZED             An attempt was made to perform
an initialization operation
when initialization has
already been completed.
1248L ERROR_NO_MORE_DEVICES                 No more local devices.

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