Windows NT Error Codes- Part 05

1300L ERROR_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED                Indicates not all privileges
referenced are assigned to the
caller. This allows, for
example, all privileges to be
disabled without having to
know exactly which privileges
are assigned.
1301L ERROR_SOME_NOT_MAPPED                 Some of the information to be
mapped has not been
1302L ERROR_NO_QUOTAS_FOR_ACCOUNT           No system quota limits are
specifically set for this
1303L ERROR_LOCAL_USER_SESSION_KEY          A user session key was
requested for a local RPC
connection. The session key
returned is a constant value
and not unique to this
1304L ERROR_NULL_LM_PASSWORD                The Windows NT password is too
complex to be converted to a
Windows-networking password.
The Windows-networking
password returned is a NULL
1305L ERROR_UNKNOWN_REVISION                Indicates an encountered or
specified revision number is
not one known by the service.
The service may not be aware
of a more recent revision.
1306L ERROR_REVISION_MISMATCH               Indicates two revision levels
are incompatible.
1307L ERROR_INVALID_OWNER                   Indicates a particular
Security ID cannot be assigned
as the owner of an object.
1308L ERROR_INVALID_PRIMARY_GROUP           Indicates a particular
Security ID cannot be assigned
as the primary group of an
1309L ERROR_NO_IMPERSONATION_TOKEN          An attempt was made to operate
on an impersonation token by a
thread was not currently
impersonating a client.
1310L ERROR_CANT_DISABLE_MANDATORY          A mandatory group cannot be
1311L ERROR_NO_LOGON_SERVERS                There are currently no logon
servers available to service
the logon request.
1312L ERROR_NO_SUCH_LOGON_SESSION           A specified logon session does
not exist. It may already have
been terminated.
1313L ERROR_NO_SUCH_PRIVILEGE               A specified privilege does not
1314L ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD              A required privilege is not
held by the client.
1315L ERROR_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NAME            The name provided is not a
properly formed account name.
1316L ERROR_USER_EXISTS                     The specified user already
1317L ERROR_NO_SUCH_USER                    The specified user does not
1318L ERROR_GROUP_EXISTS                    The specified group already
1319L ERROR_NO_SUCH_GROUP                   The specified group does not
1320L ERROR_MEMBER_IN_GROUP                 The specified user account is
already in the specified group
account. Also used to indicate
a group can not be deleted
because it contains a member.
1321L ERROR_MEMBER_NOT_IN_GROUP             The specified user account is
not a member of the specified
group account.
1322L ERROR_LAST_ADMIN                      Indicates the requested
operation would disable or
delete the last remaining
administration account. This
is not allowed to prevent
creating a situation where the
system will not be
1323L ERROR_WRONG_PASSWORD                  When trying to update a
password, this return status
indicates the value provided
as the current password is
1324L ERROR_ILL_FORMED_PASSWORD             When trying to update a
password, this return status
indicates the value provided
for the new password contains
values not allowed in
1325L ERROR_PASSWORD_RESTRICTION            When trying to update a
password, this status
indicates that some password
update rule was violated. For
example, the password may not
meet length criteria.
1326L ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE                   The attempted logon is
invalid. This is due to either
a bad user name or
authentication information.
1327L ERROR_ACCOUNT_RESTRICTION             Indicates a referenced user
name and authentication
information are valid, but
some user account restriction
has prevented successful
authentication (such as time-
of-day restrictions).
1328L ERROR_INVALID_LOGON_HOURS             The user account has time
restrictions and cannot be
logged onto at this time.
1329L ERROR_INVALID_WORKSTATION             The user account is restricted
and cannot be used to log on
from the source workstation.
1330L ERROR_PASSWORD_EXPIRED                The user account's password
has expired.
1331L ERROR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED                The referenced account is
currently disabled and cannot
be logged on to.
1332L ERROR_NONE_MAPPED                     None of the information to be
mapped has been translated.
1333L ERROR_TOO_MANY_LUIDS_REQUESTED        The number of LUID requested
cannot be allocated with a
single allocation.
1334L ERROR_LUIDS_EXHAUSTED                 Indicates there are no more
LUID to allocate.
1335L ERROR_INVALID_SUB_AUTHORITY           Indicates the sub-authority
value is invalid for the
particular use.
1336L ERROR_INVALID_ACL                     Indicates the ACL structure is
not valid.
1337L ERROR_INVALID_SID                     Indicates the SID structure is
1338L ERROR_INVALID_SECURITY_DESCR          Indicates the
is invalid.
1340L ERROR_BAD_INHERITANCE_ACL             Indicates that an attempt to
build either an inherited ACL
or ACE did not succeed. One of
the more probable causes is
the replacement of a CreatorId
with an SID that didn't fit
into the ACE or ACL.
1341L ERROR_SERVER_DISABLED                 The GUID allocation server is
already disabled at the
1342L ERROR_SERVER_NOT_DISABLED             The GUID allocation server is
already enabled at the moment.
1343L ERROR_INVALID_ID_AUTHORITY            The value provided is an
invalid value for an
identifier authority.
1344L ERROR_ALLOTTED_SPACE_EXCEEDED         When a block of memory is
allotted for future updates,
such as the memory allocated
to hold discretionary access
control and primary group
information, successive
updates may exceed the amount
of memory originally allotted.
Since quota may already have
been charged to several
processes that have handles of
the object, it is not
reasonable to alter the size
of the allocated memory.
Instead, a request that
requires more memory than has
been allotted must fail and
error returned.
1345L ERROR_INVALID_GROUP_ATTRIBUTES        The specified attributes are
invalid, or incompatible with
the attributes for the group
as a whole.
1346L ERROR_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL         A specified impersonation
level is invalid. Also used to
indicate a required
impersonation level was not
1347L ERROR_CANT_OPEN_ANONYMOUS             An attempt was made to open an
anonymous level token.
Anonymous tokens cannot be
1348L ERROR_BAD_VALIDATION_CLASS            The requested validation
information class is invalid.
1349L ERROR_BAD_TOKEN_TYPE                  The type of token object is
inappropriate for its
attempted use.
1350L ERROR_NO_SECURITY_ON_OBJECT           Indicates an attempt was made
to operate on the security of
an object that does not have
security associated with it.
1351L ERROR_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO         Indicates a domain controller
could not be contacted or that
objects within the domain are
protected and necessary
information could not be
1352L ERROR_INVALID_SERVER_STATE            Indicates the Sam Server was
in the wrong state to perform
the desired operation.
1353L ERROR_INVALID_DOMAIN_STATE            Indicates the domain is in the
wrong state to perform the
desired operation.
1354L ERROR_INVALID_DOMAIN_ROLE             Indicates the requested
operation cannot be completed
with the domain in its present
1355L ERROR_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN                  The specified domain does not
1356L ERROR_DOMAIN_EXISTS                   The specified domain already
1357L ERROR_DOMAIN_LIMIT_EXCEEDED           An attempt to exceed the limit
on the number of domains per
server for this release.
1358L ERROR_INTERNAL_DB_CORRUPTION          This error indicates the
requested operation cannot be
completed due to a
catastrophic media failure or
on-disk data structure
1359L ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR                  This error indicates the SAM
server has encounterred an
internal consistency error in
its database. This
catastrophic failure prevents
further operation of SAM.
1360L ERROR_GENERIC_NOT_MAPPED              Indicates generic access types
were contained in an access
mask that should already be
mapped to non-generic access
1361L ERROR_BAD_DESCRIPTOR_FORMAT           Indicates a security
descriptor is not in the
required format (absolute or
1362L ERROR_NOT_LOGON_PROCESS               The requested action is
restricted for use by logon
processes only. The calling
process has not registered as
a logon process.
1363L ERROR_LOGON_SESSION_EXISTS            An attempt was made to start a
new session manager or LSA
logon session with an ID
already in use.
1364L ERROR_NO_SUCH_PACKAGE                 A specified authentication
package is unknown.
1365L ERROR_BAD_LOGON_SESSION_STATE         The logon session is not in a
state consistent with the
requested operation.
1366L ERROR_LOGON_SESSION_COLLISION         The logon session ID is
already in use.
1367L ERROR_INVALID_LOGON_TYPE              Indicates an invalid value has
been provided for LogonType
has been requested.
1368L ERROR_CANNOT_IMPERSONATE              Indicates that an attempt was
made to impersonate via a
named pipe was not yet read
1369L ERROR_RXACT_INVALID_STATE             Indicates that the transaction
state of a registry sub-tree
is incompatible with the
requested operation. For
example, a request has been
made to start a new
transaction with one already
in progress, or a request to
apply a transaction when one
is not currently in progress.
This status value is returned
by the runtime library (RTL)
registry transaction package
1370L ERROR_RXACT_COMMIT_FAILURE            Indicates an error occurred
during a registry transaction
commit. The database has been
left in an unknown state. The
state of the registry
transaction is left as
COMMITTING. This status value
is returned by the runtime
library (RTL) registry
transaction package (RXact).
1371L ERROR_SPECIAL_ACCOUNT                 Indicates an operation was
attempted on a built-in
(special) SAM account that is
incompatible with built-in
accounts. For example, built-
in accounts cannot be renamed
or deleted.
1372L ERROR_SPECIAL_GROUP                   The requested operation cannot
be performed on the specified
group because it is a built-in
special group.
1373L ERROR_SPECIAL_USER                    The requested operation cannot
be performed on the specified
user because it is a built-in
special user.
1374L ERROR_MEMBERS_PRIMARY_GROUP           Indicates a member cannot be
removed from a group because
the group is currently the
member's primary group.
1375L ERROR_TOKEN_ALREADY_IN_USE            An attempt was made to
establish a token for use as a
primary token but the token is
already in use. A token can
only be the primary token of
one process at a time.
1376L ERROR_NO_SUCH_ALIAS                   The specified alias does not
1377L ERROR_MEMBER_NOT_IN_ALIAS             The specified account name is
not a member of the alias.
1378L ERROR_MEMBER_IN_ALIAS                 The specified account name is
not a member of the alias.
1379L ERROR_ALIAS_EXISTS                    The specified alias already

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