Windows Update success codes

0x240001 WU_S_SERVICE_STOP WindowsUpdate Windows Update Agent was stopped successfully
0x00240002 WU_S_SELFUPDATE Windows Update Agent updated itself
0x00240003 WU_S_UPDATE_ERROR Operation completed successfully but there were errors applying the updates
0x00240004 WU_S_MARKED_FOR_DISCONNECT A callback was marked to be disconnected later because the request to disconnect the operation came while a callback was executing
0x00240005 WU_S_REBOOT_REQUIRED The system must be restarted to complete installation of the update
0x00240006 WU_S_ALREADY_INSTALLED The update to be installed is already installed on the system
0x00240007 WU_S_ALREADY_UNINSTALLED The update to be removed is not installed on the system
0x00240008 WU_S_ALREADY_DOWNLOADED The update to be downloaded has already been downloaded

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